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auto-vectorization Linux & Open-Source News

CentOS ISA SIG Experimenting With New x86-64 Baseline For Better Performance   Operating Systems   2023-08-28
GCC Compiler Adds Software Workaround To Avoid Intel Downfall Performance Hit   Intel   2023-08-16
RISC-V Auto-Vectorization Support For The GCC Compiler Started   GNU   2023-03-03
GCC 12 + Glibc 2.35 Planned For Fedora 36   Fedora   2022-01-08
GCC 12 Moves On To Fixing Bugs - Now In "Stage 3" Development   GNU   2021-11-16
GCC 12 Enables Auto-Vectorization For -O2 Optimization Level   GNU   2021-10-08
Intel Posts Big Set of Patches For AVX-512 FP16 Compiler Support For Sapphire Rapids   Intel   2021-07-01
POCL 1.5 Released With Performance Improvements, Fixes For OpenCL On CPUs   Free Software   2020-04-03
POCL 1.5-RC1 Released As The Portable OpenCL Implementation For CPUs + Other Targets   Free Software   2020-03-28
The New Compiler Features Of LLVM 10.0 / Clang 10.0   LLVM   2020-03-08
Zstd 1.4.1 Further Improves Decode Speed, Other Optimizations   Standards   2019-07-19
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Continues Speeding Ahead For Open-Source Mali Graphics   Mesa   2019-06-18
Arm SVE2 Support Aligning For GCC 10, LLVM Clang 9.0   Arm   2019-05-24
ARM64 To Finally Broadcast Its Spectre State Via Sysfs, Prep For Neoverse & SVE2   Arm   2019-05-08
NVIDIA Has Been Working On A New Fortran "f18" Compiler It Wants To Contribute To LLVM   NVIDIA   2019-03-01
A Look At The Features Coming With LLVM 7.0 & Clang 7.0   LLVM   2018-09-10
Rust 1.27 Released With SIMD Improvements   Free Software   2018-06-21
Intel Gets AVX-512 Support Going In GCC   GNU   2014-02-10
ARM Cortex-A15 GCC Compiler Tuning Performance   GNU   2012-12-04
Why LLVM/Clang Was Ported To A Super Computer   LLVM   2012-11-16
Improving OpenCL On CPUs, Building Linux   Programming   2012-06-17
Auto-Vectorizing LLVMpipe For Performance Gains   Mesa   2012-06-03
LLVM 3.1 Branched For May Feature Release   LLVM   2012-04-17
Automatic GPGPU Code Generation For LLVM   LLVM   2012-04-03
GCC 2010 Summit Presentations Now Online   GNU   2010-10-29
GNOME v2.13.92 & GCC v4.1   GNOME   2006-03-01