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XDG-App Linux & Open-Source News

Flatpak 1.4 Released With I/O Improvements, Other Updates For Sandboxed Linux Apps   Free Software   2019-05-28
Flatpak 1.2 Released For This Widely-Used Linux App Sandboxing & Distribution Tech   GNOME   2019-01-28
Flatpak Post-1.0 Will Focus On Infrastructure Work   GNOME   2018-08-21
Flatpak 1.0 Released For Delivering The Best Linux App Sandboxing   GNOME   2018-08-20
Flatpak 1.0 Nears With Today's 0.99.1 Release   Free Software   2018-06-21
Going In-Depth With Flatpak For Sandboxed Application Packaging   GNOME   2018-06-20
Flatpak's XDG-Desktop-Portal Adds Initial Support For Snaps   Ubuntu   2018-04-25
Flatpak Support Is Now "Production Ready" In KDE Discover   KDE   2018-01-13
Flatpak'ed Epiphany Browser Becomes More Useful   GNOME   2017-12-12
SteamOS 2.121 Adds Flatpak Support   Valve   2017-07-25
KDE Plasma Leaning Towards Focusing On Flatpak Over AppImage/Snaps   KDE   2017-02-08
GNOME vs. KDE: The Top Linux Desktop News Of 2016   Desktop   2016-12-28
Flatpak 0.8 Released, The Start Of An LTS Stable Branch   GNOME   2016-12-22
Flatpak 0.6.13 Released With Many Changes   Desktop   2016-10-25
Flatpak 0.6.8 Adds No-Desktop Mode   GNOME   2016-08-01
The State of Flatpak In GNOME Software   GNOME   2016-07-05
Flatpak Officially Announced For "Next Generation Linux Applications"   GNOME   2016-06-21
Clasen: Continuing To Push Modularity On The Linux Desktop   GNOME   2016-06-07
LibreOffice Is Now One Of The First Major Linux Desktop Apps With A Flatpak   LibreOffice   2016-06-01
GNOME 3.21.2 Released With More Wayland Improvements, Flatpak   GNOME   2016-05-27
GNOME's Sandboxing Tech "XDG-App" Now Renamed To "Flatpak"   GNOME   2016-05-13
PulseAudio Adds Memfd Transport Support   Linux Kernel   2016-04-27
Ubuntu Snap's Security Is Easily Circumvented Due To X11   Linux Security   2016-04-21
GNOME 3.20 Gets Ready To Shine With New Features   GNOME   2016-03-22
XDG-App Is Becoming More Feature Complete   GNOME   2016-03-17
A KDE Developer Is Experimenting With XDG-App Sandboxing   KDE   2016-02-24
Building Your Own XDG-App Packages For GNOME App Sandboxing   GNOME   2016-02-21
GNOME 3.20 Beta Now Available   GNOME   2016-02-18
GNOME Software With XDG-App Is Working On Live Updates   GNOME   2015-12-23
XDG-App Continues Maturing For GNOME App Sandboxing   GNOME   2015-12-17
GNOME's Builder IDE Is Working On Some Big Improvements   GNOME   2015-10-31
The State Of Fedora Workstation 23, Looking Ahead To Fedora 24   Fedora   2015-10-28
Xdg-App Announced For Desktop App Sandboxing   GNOME   2015-06-24