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WiMAX Linux & Open-Source News

Intel's IWD 2.0 Released For Modern Linux Wireless Daemon   Linux Networking   2022-11-20
Features Expected For Linux 5.13 From Apple M1 To FreeSync HDMI To AMD Aldebaran   Linux Kernel   2021-04-17
Months After Being Deprecated, Linux Ready To Say Goodbye To WiMAX   Linux Networking   2021-03-21
Intel's Laptop Hinge Sensor Driver Sent In For Linux 5.12, Other Staging/IIO Work   Hardware   2021-02-22
GNU Linux-libre 5.11 Released With Many Peripheral Drivers Needing To Be De-Blobbed   GNU   2021-02-15
The 11 Most Interesting Features For Linux 5.11 - Lots For AMD + Intel This Cycle   Linux Kernel   2021-02-12
WiMAX Support Officially Demoted In Linux 5.11   Hardware   2020-12-17
AMD, Kernel Advancements & Tiger Lake Captivated Linux Readers In October   Phoronix   2020-11-01
The Linux Kernel Looks To Eventually Drop Support For WiMAX   Linux Networking   2020-10-28
NetworkManager 1.22 Released With Experimental Cloud Setup Utility, New Logo   Linux Networking   2019-12-17
NetworkManager 1.21.3 Is Another Step Towards NM 1.22   Linux Networking   2019-11-03
KDE Frameworks 5.11 Released   KDE   2015-06-13
NetworkManager Drops WiMAX Support   Linux Networking   2015-04-17
GNU Linux-libre 3.19 Kernel Deblobs More Drivers   GNU   2015-02-09
Staging Driver Changes For Linux 3.19: Android Binder Code Leaves Staging   Linux Kernel   2014-12-15
What's Coming Up For Ubuntu 11.10 & The Summit   Ubuntu   2011-04-29
Linux 2.6.29 Kernel Released; Hello KMS and Btrfs!   Linux Storage   2009-03-23
Linux 2.6.29-rc5 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2009-02-14
Intel's Centrino 2, With Linux Support?   Intel   2008-07-15
VIA Announces The OpenBook   Hardware   2008-05-27
Ubuntu Mobile For MIDs Announced   Ubuntu   2008-02-26