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PRIME Synchronization Linux & Open-Source News

NVIDIA 450.51 Linux Driver Beta Adds NGX Library, PRIME Improvements   NVIDIA   2020-06-24
NVIDIA 440.59 Linux Driver Brings DP MST Audio, PRIME Sync For Linux 5.4+   NVIDIA   2020-02-03
RenderDoc 1.6 Released, NVIDIA + AMD + Intel All Primed For Vulkan 1.2   Vulkan   2020-01-15
NVIDIA 415.18 Linux Driver Released: Adds HardDPMS, Fixes Wine Bug & Much More   NVIDIA   2018-11-20
GLAMOR 2D Tests On Ubuntu 17.04 With X.Org Server 1.19   Ubuntu   2017-04-13
X.Org Server 1.19 Lands In Ubuntu 17.04   Ubuntu   2017-04-05
Ubuntu 17.04 Still Hasn't Landed X.Org Server 1.19   Ubuntu   2017-03-25
X.Org Server Development Continues Trending Quite Low   X.Org   2016-12-27
X.Org Server 1.19 Officially Released With A Year's Worth Of Improvements   X.Org   2016-11-15
XDC2016 Day 1: GLVND, Tizen Wayland/Vulkan, PRIME Sync   X.Org   2016-09-21
X.Org Server 1.19 Is Ready To Freeze, Almost 600 Changes   X.Org   2016-09-17
NVIDIA 370.28 Linux Driver Has Pascal Overclocking, PRIME Sync, PixelShiftMode   NVIDIA   2016-09-08
NVIDIA 370 Beta Has Experimental PRIME Synchronization   NVIDIA   2016-08-19
PRIME Synchronization & Double Buffering Land In The X.Org Server   X.Org   2016-06-28
NVIDIA Sends Out Fifth Version Of PRIME Synchronization Patches   NVIDIA   2016-04-14
NVIDIA Sends Out Latest PRIME Synchronization Patches   NVIDIA   2016-03-04
NVIDIA Posts Latest PRIME Sync Patches On Road To Better Support   NVIDIA   2016-02-07
NVIDIA Developer Still Working On PRIME Synchronization   NVIDIA   2015-11-27
PRIME Synchronization Is Still Being Worked On To Fix Tearing   NVIDIA   2015-10-31
Radeon PRIME Import/Export Support For Libdrm   Radeon   2012-08-13