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Landlock Linux & Open-Source News

XZ 5.6 Released: Sandboxing Improvements, Prefers -O2 Instead Of -O3   Free Software   2024-02-24
Landlock Access Controls Extended To Networking With Linux 6.7   Linux Networking   2023-11-03
Landlock Security Module Adds File Truncation Support With Linux 6.2   Linux Security   2022-12-18
Hypocrite Commits, Rust RFC & FUTEX2 Were Among Popular Kernel Topics In 2021   Linux Kernel   2022-01-01
Intel Crocus, Linux 5.13, Other Vendor Happenings Made For An Exciting June   Phoronix   2021-06-30
Linux 5.13 Released With Apple M1 Bringup, Landlock, FreeSync HDMI + Much More   Linux Kernel   2021-06-27
The 13 Most Interesting Changes Of Linux 5.13 From Apple M1 To Security Enhancements   Linux Kernel   2021-06-25
"Landlock" Lands In Linux 5.13 For Unprivileged Application Sandboxing   Linux Security   2021-05-02
Google's Kernel Runtime Security Instrumentation (KRSI) Is Something To Look Forward To In 2020   Linux Security   2019-12-31
Landlock Revved An 11th Time For Unprivileged Yet Powerful Security Sandboxes   Linux Security   2019-10-30
Still In Development, Landlock Aims To Yield Powerful Security Sandboxes For Linux   Linux Security   2017-08-21
Landlock LSM Still Tackling Unprivileged Sandboxing For Linux   Linux Kernel   2016-09-14