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Glibc 2.27 Linux & Open-Source News

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Glibc 2.27 Released With Many Optimizations, Support For Static PIE Executables   GNU   2018-02-02
Glibc 2.27 Is Being Released Soon With Numerous Performance Optimizations   GNU   2018-01-26
Fedora 28 Toolchain: GCC 8, Binutils 2.29.1, Glibc 2.27   Fedora   2018-01-09
Glibc 2.27 Lands Yet More Performance Optimizations   GNU   2017-12-17
Intel Continues Tuning Glibc's Performance: More FMA'ing   GNU   2017-12-08
Glibc Rolls Out Support For Memory Protection Keys   Intel   2017-12-05
Glibc 2.27 Will Premiere With Many Optimizations   GNU   2017-10-25
Glibc Picks Up Some More FMA Performance Optimizations   GNU   2017-10-22
Intel Adds AVX2/FMA Optimized Math Functions To Glibc 2.27   Intel   2017-08-19
Fedora 27 Will See 32-bit UEFI, Glibc 2.27, Bay/Cherry Trail Improvements   Fedora   2017-07-16