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RadeonSI NIR Articles & Reviews

RadeonSI NIR Benchmarks Show Great Progress With Mesa...   Display Drivers   06 Dec 2019
Running The RadeonSI NIR Back-End With Mesa 19.1 Git   Display Drivers   10 Feb 2019

RadeonSI NIR Linux News

Radeon R600 Gallium3D Lands NIR Support In Mesa 20.1   Mesa   10 Feb 2020
Mesa 20.0-RC2 Brings Many Intel Vulkan + OpenGL...   Mesa   07 Feb 2020
AMD Drops TGSI Support From Their RadeonSI OpenGL...   Radeon   07 Jan 2020
RadeonSI Driver Switches To NIR, Thereby Enabling...   Mesa   10 Dec 2019
AMD's RadeonSI Driver Finally Enables OpenGL 4.6 But...   Radeon   27 Nov 2019
Mesa 19.0-RC7 Released With Freedreno, Gallium Nine...   Mesa   07 Mar 2019
Mesa 19.0-RC6 Released With Many Intel & Radeon...   Mesa   26 Feb 2019
Gallium Nine With NIR Is Now Running Most D3D9 Games...   Mesa   20 Feb 2019
RadeonSI Gets NIR Improvements, Enabled By Default For...   Radeon   19 Feb 2019
RadeonSI Gets Patches For OpenGL 4.5 Compat,...   Radeon   24 Aug 2018
More Intel OpenGL 4.6 SPIR-V Code Lands In Mesa 18.1...   Mesa   30 Mar 2018
Mesa 18.0 Officially Released With Plenty Of OpenGL...   Mesa   27 Mar 2018
Nouveau Is On The Verge Of Having Basic Compute...   Nouveau   24 Mar 2018
Mesa 18.0 Should Arrive Today With Many Vulkan/OpenGL...   Mesa   23 Mar 2018
Uniform Packing For RadeonSI NIR, Helps Reduce CPU...   Mesa   14 Mar 2018
RadeonSI NIR Support Is Getting Squared Away, A Call...   Mesa   28 Feb 2018
RadeonSI Now Offers NIR Shader Cache Support   Radeon   20 Feb 2018
Gallium3D Now Supports NIR Shader Disk Cache   Mesa   10 Feb 2018
RadeonSI NIR Gets Compute Shader Support   Radeon   02 Feb 2018
Trying Out RadeonSI NIR With Some OpenGL Linux Games...   Mesa   30 Jan 2018
RadeonSI NIR Back-End Picks Up Support For More OpenGL...   Mesa   22 Jan 2018
RadeonSI NIR Backend Now Supports GLSL 4.50   Mesa   17 Jan 2018
Tessellation Shaders Land For RadeonSI NIR Backend   Radeon   05 Jan 2018
Initial Tessellation Shader Support For RadeonSI NIR   Radeon   11 Dec 2017
Valve's Timothy Arceri Lands Gallium3D NIR...   Valve   03 Dec 2017
The Many Open-Source Radeon Linux Driver Advancements...   Radeon   30 Nov 2017
Geometry Shader Support For RadeonSI's NIR Back-End   Radeon   10 Nov 2017
RadeonSI May Eventually Switch To NIR Completely   Mesa   25 Aug 2017
AMD Lands Experimental NIR Support In RadeonSI   Mesa   31 Jul 2017