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KHR_no_error Linux News

AMD's RadeonSI Driver Finally Enables OpenGL 4.6 But...   Radeon   27 Nov 2019
The Feature Differences Now Between AMD's Two OpenGL...   Radeon   12 Dec 2017
Valve's Mesa Developers Continue Tuning KHR_no_error...   Mesa   01 Jun 2017
NVIDIA Releases 381.26.11 Linux Driver With OpenGL 4.6...   NVIDIA   31 Jul 2017
Initial Work Towards ARB_bindless_texture Support...   Mesa   07 May 2017
Mesa Patches For Two Of The Fairly Trivial OpenGL 4.6...   Mesa   08 Aug 2017
Only SPIR-V & KHR_no_error Are Left Blocking...   Mesa   25 Aug 2017
Vulkan vs. OpenGL With The Radeon RX 470 On An Intel...   Vulkan   23 Jun 2017
GNOME's 2018 Performance Hackfest Wraps Up In...   GNOME   16 May 2018
Mesa's OpenGL KHR_no_error Support Is Now...   Mesa   25 Oct 2017
SDL Lands Initial Support For OpenGL KHR_no_error   Free Software   25 Aug 2017
KHR_no_error Improvements Hit Mesa Ahead Of Dawn of...   Mesa   07 Jun 2017
KHR_no_error Patches Posted For Mesa In Quest To...   Mesa   13 Apr 2017
Trying Out MESA_NO_ERROR / KHR_no_error Support On...   Mesa   23 May 2017
OpenGL 4.6 Didn't Make It For Mesa 17.3, But It's...   Mesa   24 Oct 2017
RadeonSI Driver Switches To NIR, Thereby Enabling...   Mesa   10 Dec 2019
RadeonSI Lands Another OpenGL 4.6 Extension, SISCHED...   Mesa   02 Aug 2017
KHR_no_error Support Merged In Mesa For Potentially...   Mesa   19 Apr 2017
Arceri Is Still Working To Improve GLSL Compile Times...   Mesa   07 Aug 2017
Some Fresh Tests With Mesa's Continuing KHR_no_error...   Mesa   23 Jun 2017
ARB_gl_spirv Is The Main Obstacle For Mesa Drivers...   Mesa   31 Jul 2017
Mesa 19.2 Is Just Six Patches Away From Seeing OpenGL...   Mesa   17 Jul 2019
100+ More KHR_no_error Patches, Might Help Some Games   Mesa   21 Jul 2017
GLX_ARB_create_context_no_error Support Lands In Mesa...   Mesa   13 Mar 2019
Trying Out Mesa's KHR_no_error With An Intel Pentium +...   Mesa   12 Jul 2017
Pitoiset Continues Optimizing Mesa's KHR_no_error For...   Linux Gaming   27 Jun 2017