Intel Broadwell OpenCL Support Comes To Beignet
Written by Michael Larabel in Intel on 12 October 2014 at 06:17 PM EDT. 2 Comments
Intel OpenCL Linux compute support has landed for the forthcoming Broadwell processors.

Pushed this week by Yang Rong and other Intel OTC China staff was the initial Broadwell hardware enablement in Beignet, the Intel OpenCL Linux implementation. Beignet has been building up since the Ivy Bridge days and now in time for the debut of the first ultrabooks with Broadwell designs is the necessary GPGPU compute support.

Nothing too interesting right now without the hardware in hand but you can find the commits in Git. The Intel Broadwell OpenCL Linux support should be found with the prospected Beignet 1.0 release. Of course, for the Broadwell graphics side that's already been baking into the Linux kernel and Mesa for several release cycles.

The latest ID information for Intel Broadwell CPUs come down to:
#define PCI_CHIP_BROADWLL_M_GT1 0x1602 /* Intel(R) Broadwell Mobile - Halo (EDRAM) - GT1 */
#define PCI_CHIP_BROADWLL_D_GT1 0x1606 /* Intel(R) Broadwell U-Processor - GT1 */
#define PCI_CHIP_BROADWLL_S_GT1 0x160A /* Intel(R) Broadwell Server - GT1 */
#define PCI_CHIP_BROADWLL_W_GT1 0x160D /* Intel(R) Broadwell Workstation - GT1 */
#define PCI_CHIP_BROADWLL_U_GT1 0x160E /* Intel(R) Broadwell ULX - GT1 */
#define PCI_CHIP_BROADWLL_M_GT2 0x1612 /* Intel(R) Broadwell Mobile - Halo (EDRAM) - GT2 */
#define PCI_CHIP_BROADWLL_D_GT2 0x1616 /* Intel(R) Broadwell U-Processor - GT2 */
#define PCI_CHIP_BROADWLL_S_GT2 0x161A /* Intel(R) Broadwell Server - GT2 */
#define PCI_CHIP_BROADWLL_W_GT2 0x161D /* Intel(R) Broadwell Workstation - GT2 */
#define PCI_CHIP_BROADWLL_U_GT2 0x161E /* Intel(R) Broadwell ULX - GT2 */
#define PCI_CHIP_BROADWLL_M_GT3 0x1622 /* Intel(R) Broadwell Mobile - Halo (EDRAM) - GT3 */
#define PCI_CHIP_BROADWLL_D_GT3 0x1626 /* Intel(R) Broadwell U-Processor - GT3 */
#define PCI_CHIP_BROADWLL_S_GT3 0x162A /* Intel(R) Broadwell Server - GT3 */
#define PCI_CHIP_BROADWLL_W_GT3 0x162D /* Intel(R) Broadwell Workstation - GT3 */
#define PCI_CHIP_BROADWLL_U_GT3 0x162E /* Intel(R) Broadwell ULX - GT3 */
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