CompuLab Fitlet 2 Is A Mighty Fine, Low-Power PC Preloaded With Linux Mint
Written by Michael Larabel in Computers on 9 March 2018. Page 4 of 8. 13 Comments

The Fitlet2 was also performing well with Darktable.

The M.2 SSD works well for I/O performance on this Apollo Lake platform.

The Fitlet2 also did well when it came to the PostgreSQL database performance.

The Fitlet2's CPU temperature continued running right in the middle and during PostgreSQL peaked at a comfortable 52 degrees.

And while running PostgreSQL the AC system power consumption peaked at 11 Watts.

If looking at the performance-per-Watt, the Fitlet2 is up near the front with the other newer systems featuring Kabylake/Broadwell processors.

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