Some Early Tests Of The Eclipse OpenJ9 Java Virtual Machine

Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 18 September 2017. Page 2 of 3. 28 Comments

First up is a look at the Core i9 7900X with these quick Hotspot/OpenJ9 tests:

First up was j2dbench for some graphically-focused benchmarking. The text rendering was notably slower when using OpenJ9 while the Hotspot performance was similar in the other two rendering tests. Also not a big difference here between OpenJDK 8 and 9. J2dbench is one of the Java graphics benchmarks contributed to the Phoronix Test Suite by Sun Microsystems during their glory days.

The Java version of SciMark2 was also run for some math benchmarks

At least for now, the OpenJ9 performance was largely trailing OpenJDK 9 with Hotspot.

Hotspot was also faster with the Java-based Bork file encrypter.

JMH was seeing similar performance between the tested releases.

Hotspot was much faster with the Sunflow benchmark.

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