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OpenSuSE 11.0 Alpha 2   Operating Systems   2008-02-10

Trolltech Linux & Open-Source News

Lars Knoll Announces His Successor For Qt Chief Maintainer   Qt   2022-06-17
Lars Knoll Leaving The Qt Company, Starting New Chapter Outside Qt   Qt   2022-05-18
What Build System Should Qt 6 Use?   Qt   2018-07-21
Qt Turns 20 Years Old, KDE Celebrates   Qt   2015-05-20
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Daydreaming About Qt6 & Qt7   Qt   2014-08-10
Qt Brisbane Developers Bid Farewell   Free Software   2012-08-30
Qt's Lars Knoll: "It's Really Sad To See This Happen"   Qt   2012-08-02
Nokia Reportedly Selling Off Qt   Free Software   2012-08-01
That Was Quick: Nokia Sells Qt Commercial To Digia   Free Software   2011-03-07
Moblin & Maemo Make Love: Out Comes MeeGo   Intel   2010-02-15
Qt Publishes Roadmap, Opens Up Git Repository   Free Software   2009-05-11
Qt 4.5 Released, Qt Extended Discontinued   Free Software   2009-03-03
Nokia To Stop Developing Qt Jambi   Free Software   2009-02-20
Qt 4.5+ To Be Relicensed Under LGPL   Free Software   2009-01-14
Trolltech Is No More, Hello Qt Software   Free Software   2008-09-30
The Installer For OpenSUSE 11.0   SUSE   2008-05-30
KDE 4.1 Alpha 1 Released   KDE   2008-04-29
Nokia's Buying Out Trolltech ASA   KDE   2008-01-28
Trolltech Qt To Be Licensed Under GPLv3   Qt   2008-01-18
Android vs. OpenMoko: Who Will Win?   Google   2007-11-13
Qt 4.3.0 Released   Qt   2007-05-30
Trolltech Qt 4.2 Released   Qt   2006-10-04