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Mesa 19.1 Articles & Reviews

Mesa 19.1's New Features From The Intel Gallium3D Driver To New Drivers & Vulkan Optimizations   Software   2019-05-28
Intel's Linux OpenGL/Vulkan Drivers Seeing Minor Performance Gains With Mesa 19.1   Display Drivers   2019-05-26
The RadeonSI/RADV Performance With Mesa 19.1   Display Drivers   2019-05-25
The New Intel Gallium3D OpenGL Driver Performance Is In Great Shape For Mesa 19.1   Display Drivers   2019-05-09
LG's 4K FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync Display For Just $219 USD   Computers   2019-05-01
AMDGPU vs. Radeon Kernel Driver Performance On Linux 5.0 For AMD GCN 1.0/1.1 GPUs   Computers   2019-03-07
Early Intel i965 vs. Iris Gallium3D OpenGL Benchmarks On UHD Graphics 620 With Mesa 19.1   Display Drivers   2019-02-21
Running The RadeonSI NIR Back-End With Mesa 19.1 Git   Display Drivers   2019-02-10

Mesa 19.1 Linux & Open-Source News

Life Is Strange 2 Released For Linux With Vulkan Rendering   Linux Gaming   2019-12-19
RADV Lands More Fixes + Performance Improvements Into Mesa 19.3   Radeon   2019-10-23
Mesa 19.1.8 Released To End Out The Series   Mesa   2019-10-22
Mesa Gets One Line Fix To Help With KDE KWin Crashing   KDE   2019-09-06
Mesa 19.1.4: Intel Vulkan Fixes For Older Generations, Max Payne 3 Issue Fixed For RADV   Mesa   2019-08-04
Mesa 19.1.3 Led By Fixes For Intel & Radeon Vulkan Drivers   Mesa   2019-07-23
Mesa 19.1.2 Released - Led By Intel & Radeon Vulkan Driver Fixes   Mesa   2019-07-09
Mageia 7 Sets Sail With Linux 5.1, KDE Plasma 5.15.4 Desktop   Operating Systems   2019-07-01
Gallium3D Panfrost Driver Can Now Handle Running The GNOME Shell Desktop   GNOME   2019-06-27
Mesa 19.1.1 Released - Led By RADV & Intel Driver Fixes   Mesa   2019-06-25
Mesa 19.0.7 Now Available As The Last Of The Series   Mesa   2019-06-25
Mesa 19.1.1 Is Coming Next Week With A Variety Of Fixes   Mesa   2019-06-22
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Continues Speeding Ahead For Open-Source Mali Graphics   Mesa   2019-06-18
AMDVLK Still Hasn't Yet Adopted FreeSync Support   Radeon   2019-06-18
Mesa 19.1 Released With Experimental Intel Gallium3D, Other New GL/VLK Drivers Too   Mesa   2019-06-11
Google's New Graphics Driver Developer Flips On UBWC For Freedreno   Hardware   2019-06-11
Mesa 19.1-RC5 Is Out With A Handful Of RADV & Intel/Iris Changes   Mesa   2019-06-05
Mesa 19.1 Now Aiming For Release Next Week With Its Many OpenGL/Vulkan Improvements   Mesa   2019-06-03
Mageia 7 Release Candidate Ships With Linux 5.1 Kernel, KDE Plasma 5.15.4, Mesa 19.1   Operating Systems   2019-06-02
Zombieload, RHEL 8.0, Linux 5.2 & GCC Happenings Dominated May   Free Software   2019-05-31
AMD's Initial Graphics Updates For Linux 5.3 Include PowerPlay Improvements, HMM Usage   Radeon   2019-05-30
Mesa 19.1-RC4 Released With More RadeonSI, Lima, Vulkan Fixes   Mesa   2019-05-29
Mesa 19.0.5 Released As The Series Approaches The End   Mesa   2019-05-21
Mesa 19.1-RC3 Brings NIR, Vulkan Driver Fixes & Other Changes   Mesa   2019-05-21
Over 100 Linux Gaming/Graphics Tests Looking At The Radeon RX 570 vs. GTX 1650   Linux Gaming   2019-05-16
Mesa 19.1-RC2 Released For Testing With The Latest Intel & Radeon Driver Fixes   Mesa   2019-05-14
Mesa 19.0.4 Released With Numerous RADV, RadeonSI & Intel Fixes   Mesa   2019-05-09
Mesa 19.1 Has Been Branched, Mesa 19.2 Is In Development   Mesa   2019-05-07
AMD Mesa Stack Getting Runtime Linker For Better LLVM Integration   Mesa   2019-05-03
The Vulkan Overlay Can Display Some Extra Information With Mesa 19.1   Mesa   2019-05-02
Gallium Nine Improvements Squeeze Into Mesa 19.1 For Better Direct3D 9 Wine Gaming   Mesa   2019-05-01
Softpipe Improvements Land In Mesa 19.1 Allowing For More OpenGL 4.x Bits   Mesa   2019-05-01
ZFS On Linux, Intel Cascadelake, Linux 5.1/5.2 Excited Phoronix Readers In April   Phoronix   2019-05-01
Mesa 19.1 Flipping On Fast Color Clears For Intel Gen 11 Graphics   Intel   2019-04-30
Linux 5.2 Will Be A Huge Release: EXT4 Case Insensitive, NVIDIA AltMode, Fieldbus + More   Linux Kernel   2019-04-29
Mesa Is About To Crack 2.7 Million Lines   Mesa   2019-04-29
An Exciting Set Of Gallium Nine Improvements Are On The Table For Mesa 19.1   Mesa   2019-04-27
AMD's Marek Has A Patch Helping To Reduce Gallium3D Input Lag   Mesa   2019-04-27
AMD's FreeSync Linux Code Continues To Be Improved Upon For Low Frame-Rate Scenarios   Radeon   2019-04-26
The Radeon "RADV" Driver Now Exposes Vulkan 1.1 On Android   Radeon   2019-04-26
Intel Aiming For Their Gallium3D Driver To Be Viable By Mesa 19.2, Default By EOY 2019   Intel   2019-04-25
Mesa 19.1 To Expose EXT_gpu_shader4 Support   Mesa   2019-04-25
It Looks Like AMD Is About To Post The Open-Source Radeon "Navi" Driver Code   Radeon   2019-04-24
Intel Iris Gallium3D Picks Up Conservative Rasterization Support   Intel   2019-04-24
RADV Vulkan Driver Lands FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync For Mesa 19.1   Radeon   2019-04-23
A Decade Later, Mesa Wiring In Support For Qualcomm/AMD's ATC Texture Compression   Mesa   2019-04-23
Intel Iris Gallium3D Picks Up More Game Performance Optimizations For Mesa 19.1   Intel   2019-04-23
Mesa 19.1 Adds Workaround For Epic Games Launcher With OpenGL   Mesa   2019-04-22
Mesa's Vulkan Drivers See More Extension Work Ahead Of The 19.1 Branching   Mesa   2019-04-19
Mesa 19.1 Likely To See Radeon "RADV" Vulkan FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync Support   Mesa   2019-04-17
Intel's New Iris Driver Gets Speed Boost From Changing The OpenGL Vendor String   Intel   2019-04-16
Mesa 19.1 Enters Feature Freeze In Two Weeks, Releasing Around 21 May   Mesa   2019-04-16
Broadcom's V3D Gallium3D Driver Nears Working Compute Shader Support   Mesa   2019-04-13
The Current RADV/RadeonSI Performance With Mesa 19.1 + Linux 5.1   Mesa   2019-04-13
The Lima DRM/KMS Driver Is Ready For Introduction With Linux 5.2   Linux Kernel   2019-04-12
Lima Driver Merged Into Mesa 19.1, Providing Open-Source OpenGL For Older Mali GPUs   Mesa   2019-04-11
Trying Out The Radeon VII On Ubuntu 19.04 As Well As Linux 5.1 + Mesa 19.1   Radeon   2019-04-10
RADV Driver Tacks On VK_AMD_gpu_shader_half_float Support In Mesa 19.1   Radeon   2019-04-10
A Bunch Of New Code Merged Into Mesa 19.1: Intel ANV, Iris, Softpipe, Virgl   Mesa   2019-04-09
FreeSync Support For RADV Vulkan Driver Blocked By Lack Of Config System   Radeon   2019-04-08
DXVK 1.1 Released With Vulkan Queries Work, Other Improvements   Vulkan   2019-04-06
AMD Lands Displayable DCC Support For Raven APUs In Mesa 19.1's RadeonSI   Mesa   2019-04-04
Intel Comet Lake Support Merged For Mesa 19.1   Mesa   2019-04-02
RadeonSI Gallium3D In Mesa 19.1 Enables Parallel Shader Compile Support   Radeon   2019-04-01
Intel's Mesa Driver Now Supports Icelake Performance Counters   Intel   2019-04-01
Stadia, Web Browsers, GNOME 3.32 & Jetson Nano Dominated Linux Interest In March   Phoronix   2019-04-01
Mesa 19.1 Now Supports Intel's Icelake-Based Elkhart Lake   Intel   2019-03-27
Intel's Iris Gallium3D Driver Working On Better GPU Recovery Handling   Intel   2019-03-25
Intel's Iris Gallium3D Driver Lands Support For Fast Color Clears   Intel   2019-03-21
Some Quick Graphics/Game Tests With GNOME 3.32 On Clear Linux   GNOME   2019-03-20
RADV Vulkan Driver Gets Patches For VK_KHR_8bit_storage   Mesa   2019-03-19
Nouveau NIR Support Lands In Mesa 19.1 Git   Nouveau   2019-03-17
Mesa 19.0 Released With Many Improvements To The Open-Source Vulkan/OpenGL Drivers   Mesa   2019-03-13
NIR Improvements Land In Mesa 19.1, Helping RadeonSI & Intel   Mesa   2019-03-13
GLX_ARB_create_context_no_error Support Lands In Mesa 19.1   Mesa   2019-03-13
TURNIP: An Open-Source Vulkan Driver For Qualcomm Adreno Hardware Now In Mesa   Mesa   2019-03-12
Nouveau NIR Support Slated To Land In Mesa 19.1 Over The Days Ahead   Nouveau   2019-03-12
Intel Vulkan Driver Now Dumps More To EXT_debug_report, Used By VKpipeline-DB   Intel   2019-03-11
Mesa's Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Can Now Work With Its New DRM Driver   Mesa   2019-03-10
Intel's New Driver Is Now Working With Gallium's Direct3D 9 State Tracker   Intel   2019-03-09
Mesa 19.1 Lands Gallium Nine Support For NIR, Opens Up Intel Iris Support   Mesa   2019-03-06
Intel ANV Vulkan Driver Adds VK_EXT_inline_uniform_block, VK_EXT_ycbcr_image_arrays   Intel   2019-03-05
Intel's i965 Mesa Driver Now Supports Threaded OpenGL   Mesa   2019-03-05
Mesa State Tracker Adds FP64/INT64 Lowering For NIR Drivers   Mesa   2019-03-03
Google Developer Contributes Universal Bandwidth Compression To Freedreno Driver   Mesa   2019-03-02
RadeonSI Driver Adding Displayable DCC For Raven Ridge   Radeon   2019-03-01
Linux 5.0, Radeon VII, Intel Iris Driver & Other Exciting Milestones In February   Phoronix   2019-02-28
The Intel-Developed Vulkan Overlay Layer Picks Up New Features, Dump FPS To File   Intel   2019-02-28
Gallium3D's OpenCL "Clover" Begins Seeing New Activity Land For Mesa 19.1   Mesa   2019-02-27
Mesa 19.0-RC6 Released With Many Intel & Radeon Fixes   Mesa   2019-02-26
AMDVLK 2019.Q1.6 Vulkan Driver Released   Radeon   2019-02-26
RadeonSI Gets Patches To Finally Tap The Parallel Shader Compile Extensions   Radeon   2019-02-25
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Now Competing With Mali's Binary Driver In Some Workloads   Mesa   2019-02-25
Intel Iris Gallium3D Driver Merged To Mainline Mesa 19.1   Intel   2019-02-21
Intel's Shiny Vulkan Overlay Layer Lands In Mesa 19.1 - Provides A HUD With Driver Stats   Intel   2019-02-21
Mesa 19.1 Panfrost Driver Gets Pantrace & Pandecode Support To Help Reverse Engineering   Mesa   2019-02-21
Intel Ready To Add Their Experimental "Iris" Gallium3D Driver To Mesa   Intel   2019-02-20
Gallium Nine With NIR Is Now Running Most D3D9 Games "Flawlessly"   Mesa   2019-02-20
Intel Wires VK_EXT_depth_clip_enable Into Their Vulkan Driver, Helping DXVK   Intel   2019-02-20
RadeonSI Gets NIR Improvements, Enabled By Default For Civilization VI   Radeon   2019-02-19
Freedreno Picks Up OpenGL Compute Support For Adreno A6xx Hardware   Mesa   2019-02-17
Improved ETC2 Texture Compression Lands For Older Haswell/Ivybridge GPUs On Linux   Intel   2019-02-16
RADV Driver Gets Big Patch Series For 8-bit & 16-bit Arithmetic, 8-bit Storage   Mesa   2019-02-16
Virgl Lands A Number Of Performance Optimizations In Mesa 19.1   Virtualization   2019-02-15
Intel's OpenGL Mesa Driver To Better Handle Recovery In Case Of GPU Hangs   Intel   2019-02-15
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Gets Mali T600/T700 Midgard Update   Mesa   2019-02-14
AMD_DEBUG Can Now Be Used In Place Of R600_DEBUG For RadeonSI Options   Radeon   2019-02-13
Starcraft 2 In Wine & Select Games Could See Nice Performance Win With RadeonSI Patches   Radeon   2019-02-07
RADV Vulkan Driver Wires In EXT_buffer_device_address Support For Mesa 19.1   Radeon   2019-02-07
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Merged Into Mesa 19.1 For Open-Source ARM Mali Graphics   Mesa   2019-02-04
Gallium3D's Mesa State Tracker Sees Shaders Ported From TGSI To NIR For Capable Drivers   Mesa   2019-02-01
Virgl Gallium3D Inching Closer To OpenGL 4.4, Crosses Off ARB_query_buffer_object   Mesa   2019-01-31
Intel's Mesa Driver Nearing OpenGL 4.6 With Final SPIR-V Additions Under Review   Intel   2019-01-30
Panfrost Mali Driver In Primitive Form Under Review For Mesa   Mesa   2019-01-30
Mesa Driver Releases For 2019 Get Plotted Out From 19.0 To 19.3   Mesa   2019-01-08