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LOCKDOWN Linux & Open-Source News

UPower Power Profiles Daemon v0.21 Automatically Adapts For Linux Laptop Battery Use   Hardware   2024-04-04
Red Hat Working On Delayed Module Signature Verification To Speed-Up Linux Boot Times   Linux Security   2023-09-15
Linux Lands Fix For A Trivial Lockdown Bypass Bug   Linux Security   2022-07-20
KDE Gets Expandable Tooltips, Larger Clipboard, More Wayland Fixes   KDE   2021-06-19
Blender 3.0 Likely Delayed 2 Months For Post-Lockdown Breather, Cycles X Might Land   Free Software   2021-06-16
GRUB 2.06 Released With BootHole Fixes, LUKS2 Encrypted Volume Support   GNU   2021-06-08
Proton 6.3-1 Released With More Windows Games Now Running On Linux / Steam Play   Valve   2021-04-01
Valve Continued Doing A Lot For Linux Gaming & Open-Source Radeon Drivers In 2020   Valve   2020-12-30
Wine 5.22 Released With Video Playback Improvements, More PE Conversion   WINE   2020-11-20
Kernel ASI Still Being Worked On For Protecting Against Hyper Threading Data Leaks   Linux Security   2020-08-26
Another Attack Vector Uncovered For Bypassing Linux Lockdown Via ACPI Tables   Linux Security   2020-06-15
Ubuntu 18.04's Heavily Patched Kernel Opens Door To Lockdown Bypass, Breaks Secure Boot   Ubuntu   2020-06-14
Kernel Advancements, Microsoft Linux News Kept Open-Source Fans Entertained In May   Phoronix   2020-06-02
AMD Sensor Fusion Hub Support Is Not Coming With Linux 5.8   AMD   2020-05-24
Valve Updates Steam Survey Data For April With A Slight Linux Increase   Valve   2020-05-02
KDE Starts May With Dolphin Improvements, Various Bug Fixes   KDE   2020-05-02
Linux Gaming, Qt Drama, New Hardware Kept Open-Source Enthusiasts Entertained This Month   Phoronix   2020-04-30
SELinux For 5.6 Kernel Sees Largest Change Set In A While   Linux Security   2020-01-27
The Exciting Linux 5.4 Changes From exFAT Support To Intel Tiger Lake Graphics   Linux Kernel   2019-11-17
Linux 5.4 Pulls In LOCKDOWN Support For Opt-In Hardware/Kernel Security Restrictions   Linux Kernel   2019-09-28
Linus Torvalds Hasn't Yet Decided On "LOCKDOWN" Functionality For Linux 5.4   Linux Kernel   2019-09-27
Linux 5.4 Cycle To Begin With exFAT Driver, EPYC Improvements & New GPU Support   Linux Kernel   2019-09-15
Kernel Lockdown Feature Will Try To Land For Linux 5.4   Linux Security   2019-09-13
Linux "Lockdown" Patches Hit Their 40th Revision   Linux Security   2019-08-20
A Look At What's On The Table For Linux 5.3 Features   Linux Kernel   2019-06-29
Linux Kernel "LOCKDOWN" Ported To Being An LSM, Still Undergoing Review   Linux Security   2019-06-23
32nd Time The Charm? Latest Linux Lockdown Patches Posted   Linux Kernel   2019-04-04
LOCKDOWN Aiming To Be In Linux 5.2 For Tightening Up Hardware/Kernel Access   Linux Kernel   2019-03-25
Purism Planning For Three Hardware Kill Switches With The Librem 5   Hardware   2019-03-15
Linux Lock-Down Kernel Patches Get Revived, Seeking Mainline Inclusion   Linux Kernel   2019-03-01
Linux 5.1 Picking Up Option To Lockdown All But Internal USB Devices   Linux Kernel   2019-02-24
The Linux Kernel In 2018 Summed Up: Spectre/Meltdown, CoC, Speck Fears, New Features   Linux Kernel   2018-12-31
Apple, Ryzen, Valve & The Evolving Linux Kernel Dominated Conversations In Q2   Free Software   2018-07-04
Linux 4.17, Ryzen, Valve & Apple Looking For Kernel Devs Topped April   Phoronix   2018-05-01
Matthew Garrett Elaborates More On Lockdown + Secure Boot Pairing   Linux Kernel   2018-04-05
Torvalds Expresses Concerns Over Current "Kernel Lockdown" Approach   Linux Kernel   2018-04-03
Linux 4.17 Will Be Another Exciting Kernel Cycle   Linux Kernel   2018-03-12
The Linux Kernel Prepares To Be Further Locked Down When Under UEFI Secure Boot   Linux Kernel   2018-03-01
The Most Exciting Linux Kernel Stories Of 2017   Linux Kernel   2017-12-07
Ryzen, Linux 4.12 & Polaris Evolved Were Exciting This Month   Phoronix   2017-05-31
The New Features So Far For The Linux 4.12 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2017-05-07
Early Patches For Kernel Lockdown Mode Set For Linux 4.12   Linux Kernel   2017-05-04
Kernel Lockdown: Tightening Up Linux Kernel Access From User-Space   Linux Kernel   2017-04-06
Kernel Lockdown Patches Published (LOCK_DOWN_KERNEL)   Linux Kernel   2016-11-17
HHVM 3.8 Brings More Performance Improvements For Hack & PHP   Programming   2015-07-13
HHVM Is Now Running Even Faster, Beating PHP7 By Wider Margins   Free Software   2015-06-09
Wine 1.7.26 Implements More Of DirectWrite, C Runtime Improvements   WINE   2014-09-05
HHVM Going On A Big Performance, Feature Push   Free Software   2013-11-09
Fedora To Look At Reviving Apache OpenOffice   Free Software   2013-01-30
LF: There's Less Concern About ARM UEFI SecureBoot   Linux Kernel   2012-11-27
GNOME v2.14 Preview   GNOME   2006-02-17