Ryzen Mobile Power/Performance With Linux 6.3's New AMD P-State EPP Driver

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Arguably most interesting from this mess of CPU frequency scaling driver / governor / EPP combinations was the strong showing of amd_pstate_epp powersave with the power EPP. Often yielding the best performance-per-Watt was the classic acpi-cpufreq driver with the powersave governor, but often coming in second place and distinctly different than the remaining ten combinations was amd_pstate_epp powersave power. With amd_pstate_epp powersave power is some power savings advantage but not with losing half the performance or so as the big performance hits seen when using acpi-cpufreq powersave. Making use of the powersave governor with the AMD P-State EPP driver new to Linux 6.3 at least with this Lenovo ThinkPad X13 Gen3 with Ryzen 7 PRO 6850U was a nice trade of raw performance and power-savings.

CPU Peak Freq (Highest CPU Core Frequency) Monitor benchmark with settings of Phoronix Test Suite System Monitoring.

When looking at the peak CPU frequency on a one second polling basis over the course of all the benchmarks run, amd_pstate powersave never broke 414MHz on its fastest core and thus the very poor raw performance. With ACPI CPUFreq powersave the Ryzen 7 PRO 6850U never clocked above 1.6GHz. Or with the amd_pstate_epp powersave configuration it was running on average at 2.97GHz compared to the other configurations with an average peak frequency of 3.2~3.5GHz. Even when in amd_pstate_epp powersave power mode, at times this configuration still could successfully boost to 4.7GHz like the other more performance-minded configurations.

CPU Power Consumption Monitor benchmark with settings of Phoronix Test Suite System Monitoring.

The CPU/SoC power consumption over the span of all the benchmarks run shows amd_pstate_epp powersave on average pulling 1~3 Watts less than the other configurations besides the slow amd_pstate/acpi-cpufreq powersave modes.

CPU Temperature Monitor benchmark with settings of Phoronix Test Suite System Monitoring.

Besides saving power consumption and extending battery life when on battery, the amd_pstate_epp powersave mode led to slightly lower CPU core operating temperatures too.

Geometric Mean Of All Test Results benchmark with settings of Result Composite, AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 6850U AMD P-State Linux 6.3. amd_pstate_epp performance performance was the fastest.

If wanting decent performance but aiming to maximize your power efficiency, with AMD Rembrant Ryzen Mobile hardware at least the amd_pstate_epp powersave mode with Linux 6.3 is being a nice fit while not as performance-crippling as the other powersave options. Yielding the best performance overall was the AMD P-State performance mode, to no real surprise.

Those wanting to see even more data can find nearly 100 benchmarks in this result file along with the associated per-test power/thermal/frequency metrics.

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