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copy_file_range Linux & Open-Source News

CephFS Completes Multi-Year Effort Adding FSCRYPT Support   Linux Storage   2023-09-06
GNU Coreutils 9.2 - Now Avoids cp/mv Allocating Too Much Memory   GNU   2023-03-20
GNU Coreutils 9.1 Released With Efficiency Enhancements   GNU   2022-04-16
GNU Coreutils 9.0: cp Now Enables CoW By Default + Copy Offload, wc Now Uses AVX2   GNU   2021-09-24
FUSE With Linux 5.15 Now Allows Mounting An Active FUSE Device   Linux Kernel   2021-09-07
FreeBSD 13.0-RC5 Released Due To Lingering Bugs   BSD   2021-04-03
FreeBSD 13.0-RC4 Released With POWER Fixes, Other Bugs Addressed   BSD   2021-03-29
FreeBSD 13.0-RC3 Released With The WireGuard Driver Removed   BSD   2021-03-20
FUSE Is Fusing More Performance Improvements In Linux 5.1   Linux Storage   2019-03-12
The Faster FUSE Has Been Fused Into Linux 4.20   Linux Storage   2018-11-01
FUSE File-Systems Pick Up Another Performance Boost With Symlink Caching   Linux Storage   2018-10-15
FUSE Getting Another Performance Boost In Linux 4.20~5.0   Linux Storage   2018-09-27
FUSE Picking Up Copy-File-Range Support For Efficient Copy Operations   Linux Storage   2018-09-07
Glibc 2.27 Released With Many Optimizations, Support For Static PIE Executables   GNU   2018-02-02