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Wine 7.0 Linux & Open-Source News

Wine 8.0 Released With PE Conversion Complete, Progress On WoW64 Support   WINE   2023-01-24
Wine 8.0-rc5 Released With Just Nine Bugs Fixed   WINE   2023-01-20
Wine 7.10 Brings 56 Fixes, Proton 7.0-3 RC Prepared With Support For More Games   WINE   2022-06-04
Proton 7.0 Released With More Games Running On Linux, EAC Support, Many Other Updates   Valve   2022-02-16
Wine 7.1 Released With Vulkan 1.3 Support, Theming Fixes   WINE   2022-01-28
Wine 7.0 Released With Improved Theming, New WoW64 & Much More   WINE   2022-01-18
Wine 7.0-rc6 Released With Another 47 Fixes   WINE   2022-01-14
Wine 7.0-rc5 Released With Another 30 Bugs Fixed   WINE   2022-01-07
Wine 7.0's Many Features From Better Theming To Improved HiDPI To New Joystick Driver   WINE   2022-01-07
New Patches Help WineD3D Performance - Doubled FPS In Some Micro-Benchmarks   WINE   2022-01-04
Wine 7.0-rc4 Released With Another 38 Fixes   WINE   2022-01-02
Wine 7.0-rc3 Released With 22 More Fixes   WINE   2021-12-26
Wine 7.0-rc2 Released With 34 Fixes This Week   WINE   2021-12-17
Wine 7.0-rc1 Released With Last Minute Changes   WINE   2021-12-10
Wine's Wayland Driver Continues Maturing, Aims To Go Through Wine-Staging   WINE   2021-12-10
Wine 6.23 Released With More PE Work, Wine 7.0-rc1 Up Next   WINE   2021-12-03
Wine 7.0 Code Freeze To Begin In Early December   WINE   2021-11-20
Wine 6.22 Released With Mono 7.0, Joystick Improvements   WINE   2021-11-19
Wine 6.20 Released With More Modules Switching To The PE Format   WINE   2021-10-22
Wine 6.19 Continues Work On HID Joystick, PE Conversion   WINE   2021-10-08
Wine 6.17 Released With Better HiDPI Support For Built-In Apps   WINE   2021-09-10
Experimental Wayland Driver For Wine Now Supports Vulkan, Other Features   WINE   2021-06-07
Wine 6.6 Released With Better Plug & Play Driver Support   WINE   2021-04-09
Experimental Wayland Support For Wine Now Sees More Functionality Working   Wayland   2021-02-19
Wine-Staging 6.2 Drops Down To 669 Patches   WINE   2021-02-13
Wine PPC64 Revived Again For Running Windows Programs On POWER CPUs   WINE   2021-02-01
Wine 6.1 Brings VKD3D 1.2 Support, Improvement For Apple M1 Macs With Rosetta   WINE   2021-01-29
Celebrate The Christmas Season With Some Wine: Wine 6.0-RC4 Released   WINE   2020-12-26