Mantle is AMD's new graphics API to compete with OpenGL and Direct3D.

Mantle Articles & Reviews

A Visual Preview of Oracle Solaris 11 Express   Operating Systems   2010-11-15

Mantle Linux & Open-Source News

GRVK 0.5 Gets Battlefield 4 Running With AMD's Mantle Over Vulkan API   Vulkan   2021-12-06
New Vulkan Extension Proposed To Help In Emulating AMD's Old Mantle API   Vulkan   2021-11-16
Ubuntu Touch Planning Path For VoLTE/4G Support   Ubuntu   2021-07-23
GRVK 0.4 Released For Running AMD's Mantle API Over Vulkan   Vulkan   2021-04-21
GRVK 0.3 Released For Continuing To Implement AMD's Deprecated Mantle API Atop Vulkan   Vulkan   2021-03-14
GRVK 0.2 Continues Advancing This AMD Mantle To Vulkan Translation Layer   Vulkan   2020-09-10
GRVK Allows AMD's Deprecated Mantle API To Run Atop Vulkan   Vulkan   2020-08-18
AMD's Vulkan Driver Will Only Work With The AMDGPU Kernel Driver   Radeon   2016-01-15
An Overview Of The Vulkan API   Vulkan   2015-08-28
What Vulkan Looks Like For A Hobbyist 3D Developer   Vulkan   2015-08-13
AMD Will Release Mantle Programming Guide, API Reference This Month   AMD   2015-03-02
Confirmed: Vulkan Is The Next-Gen Graphics API   Vulkan   2015-03-02
Not Everyone Likes The Possible "VULKAN" Name For Next-Gen OpenGL   Vulkan   2015-03-01
AMD Talks Up The Carrizo APU At ISSCC   AMD   2015-02-24
Next-Gen OpenGL To Be Shown Off Next Month   Standards   2015-02-02
Khronos Needs Your Help Naming The Next-Generation OpenGL   Standards   2015-01-16
A New High-Performance, Bindless Graphics API Comes To Rust   Free Software   2014-11-15
Former Valve/VOGL Dev: OpenGL Next Could Take 3+ Years   Valve   2014-10-09
AMD Offers Mantle For OpenGL-Next, Pushes Mantle To Workstations   AMD   2014-08-14
After OpenGL 4.5, The Mesa OpenGL 4 Support Matrix   Mesa   2014-08-12
The Khronos Group Is Developing A New Graphics API From The Ground-Up   Standards   2014-08-11
Next Week We Should Hear All About OpenGL 5.0   Standards   2014-08-10
Next-Gen OpenGL To Be Announced Next Month   Standards   2014-07-15
Intel Expresses Interest In AMD's Mantle API   Standards   2014-06-24
AMD Reportedly Plans To Bring Mantle To Linux, Calls Mantle An Open-Source API   AMD   2014-06-18
AMD Marketing Manager Mentions Linux & Mantle   AMD   2014-06-12
Apple Announces A New 3D API, OpenGL Competitor: Metal   Standards   2014-06-02
Another Developer: OpenGL Has Issues, But Potential   Linux Gaming   2014-06-01
Former AMD Developer: OpenGL Is Broken   Standards   2014-05-31
Possible Features To Find In OpenGL 5.0   Standards   2014-05-03
It Doesn't Look Like AMD Mantle Is Coming To Linux, SteamOS   Linux Gaming   2014-04-14
Recapping The Linux News From GDC 2014   Linux Gaming   2014-03-23
Other Linux Things I Learned From AMD At GDC 2014   AMD   2014-03-23
AMD Is Still Looking At The Feasibility Of Mantle On Linux   AMD   2014-03-23
It's Time To Ask Your Linux Gaming Questions For GDC   Linux Gaming   2014-03-20
Wine 1.7.14 Arrives With More Task Scheduler Support   WINE   2014-03-07
Intel, AMD, NVIDIA Working To Reduce OpenGL Overhead   Standards   2014-02-26
AMD Ends Up Releasing Catalyst 14.2 Beta For Linux   AMD   2014-02-25
AMD Press Talks Up Major Open-Source Linux Driver Features   AMD   2014-02-25
AMD's Mantle Launches, But No Linux Love Yet   AMD   2014-01-30
Another Game Studio Backs AMD's Mantle API   Linux Gaming   2013-11-25
The State Of Mesa OpenGL GL3/GL4 Updated   Mesa   2013-11-18
AMD Wants Mantle On Linux, OS X, Mobile Devices   AMD   2013-11-13
AMD Radeon R9 290 Benchmarks On Ubuntu Linux   Radeon   2013-11-13
AMD Radeon R9 290 Released At $399 Price Point   Radeon   2013-11-05
OpenMoko Might Live On With N900 Phone Base   Hardware   2013-11-02
AMD's Mantle Graphics API For Linux?   AMD   2013-09-27