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Waffle Linux News

Waffle 1.6 Released As Library Allowing GL / Windowing...   Mesa   10 Jun 2019
Waffle Is Still Cooking For X11/Wayland Agnostic...   X.Org   04 Feb 2019
Firefox Developers Still Hesitant About Using EGL Over...   Mozilla   26 May 2018
FOSDEM 2018 Is This Weekend In Brussels   Linux Events   02 Feb 2018
Intel Lost Another Open-Source Driver Developer To...   Intel   27 Aug 2016
GSoC 2014 Yielded Some Improvements For Mesa/X.Org...   X.Org   02 Sep 2014
X.Org, Mesa, Wayland Have Interesting Summer Projects   Google   21 Apr 2014
BGFX Makes It Easy Targeting Multiple Rendering APIs   Free Software   16 Dec 2013
Linaro Eyes Up OpenGL ES 3.0, Mesa Improvements   Mesa   12 Mar 2013
Valve's Steam Box Will Most Likely Use An X.Org Server   Valve   05 Mar 2013
Ubuntu Wants More Games Running On OpenGL ES   Linux Gaming   31 Oct 2012
Waffle 1.1 Gets EGL + GBM, Android Toppings   Free Software   16 Oct 2012
Waffle Provides For Tasty GL, Windowing Systems   X.Org   22 Sep 2012
A New Linux OpenGL ABI Is Being Proposed   Mesa   13 Sep 2012
One Week To XDC2012 Nürnberg   SUSE   12 Sep 2012
Two Weeks To X.Org XDC2012 Nürnberg   X.Org   05 Sep 2012
Waffle: Run-Time Selecting GL, Windowing System   Free Software   05 Sep 2012