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pNFS Linux News

FreeBSD 12.0 Now Available In Beta Form   BSD   20 Oct 2018
FreeBSD Lands Support For pNFS   BSD   13 Jun 2018
XFS In Linux 4.16 Continues With "Great Scads Of...   Linux Storage   31 Jan 2018
NFS Client Sees Some Performance Improvements With...   Linux Kernel   31 Jul 2016
The Big Features Of The Linux 4.0 Kernel   Linux Kernel   29 Mar 2015
Linux 4.0-RC1 Tagged, Linux 4.0 Will Bring Many...   Linux Kernel   22 Feb 2015
pNFS Block Server Support Is Coming To Linux 4.0...   Linux Kernel   22 Feb 2015
XFS File-System Changes For Linux 3.20 Are Quite...   Linux Storage   10 Feb 2015
CentOS 6.4 Gets Released   Red Hat   09 Mar 2013
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 Released   Red Hat   21 Feb 2013
RHEL 6.4 Beta Improves Microsoft Support   Microsoft   05 Dec 2012