What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 3]
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 19 November 2011. Page 9 of 10. 76 Comments

2801: more configuration options, better file picker (current one is still very primitive), good support for two monitor configuration.

Stop this 3.x madness. One mad Shuttleworth is enough.

2802: Provide an extensive and integrated configuration tool (not some separate config tool like gnome-tweak). Simple basic options might be good for the general use case, but most users will one time or another need a way to further configure their desktop; this should be provided and accounted for in the general config section.

Do not make a desktop environment that will only interest the computer-illiterate and/or morons or soon, only morons will be there to code and further design your desktop env.

2803: 1. Don't sacrifice customization for a more cohesive look and feel.



Sorry guys, I appreciate what you do but I just do not like GNOME 3 at all. I have never used a desktop manager where I felt more hamstrung and constrained in how I could use it.

2804: 1. Increase the polish of the software (UX, stability, feature-completeness)
2. Higher graphical/video performance
3. Decrease number of application choices for given task while increasing development effort on remaining choices.

Stop changing subsystems/applications/codebases that never reach maturity. Concentrate on increasing the quality of the existing software: UX, stability, UI, performance.

2805: I'd reverse the decision to turn the desktop into a stupid cellphone style interface with it's less useful full-screen apps which reduce productivity and multiple screens full of frigging tiles which are harder then hell to dig through.

The desktop paradigm wasn't broke. There wasn't any need for radical change.

You've put me in the crappy position of having several apps which I rely on to get my work done that you broke by changing all the underlying libraries. These apps will never be fixed because the authors have moved on to other things.

I changed from Windows to Linux to get from this "change for changes sake" crap. And what happens? Instead of working on bugs and changes that would actually increase productivity, you've thrown out a perfectly working paradigm and replaced it with a less useful paradigm that was designed for devices with tiny screens and underpowered cpus which reduces productivity.

You've wrecked an entire ecosphere of GTK apps and for what? So that your desktop will look like your friggin' iPhone? What a waste.

2806: More configurability, less eye-candy

I love 3.0. Keep up the good work!

2807: Bring back the old GNOME dual bar (upper, lower); and allow more customization.

I always thought that the old GNOME had it right as a simple and functional interface. I'm getting used to 3.0, but it seems less customizable then the old.

2808: Lennart Poettering has too much influence; his creations have been and still are problematic, such as pulseaudio, and now the controversies with Gnome 3.0 and systemd.

Configuration beyond basics is obscure.

I do not like the Gnome 3.0 experience, at all, in any shape. It is "gimmicky".

I will not move to 3.0 in any form unless it fundamentally changes, and will actively seek out other Linux opportunities.

Certain Gnome, Redhat, Fedora fans, that are hard-core Gnome 3.x supporters on the Fedora lists, and certain developers, are abrasive and inflexible.

2809: It ought to work more like awesome. Not have big fancy icons. More focused on allowing the user handle tons of terminals in a tiled manner. Better configurable short keys and scriptability. Good shortkeys for moving focus and windows between two or more monitors.

You've done some nice UI cleanups. Now it's time to open the platform up for power users again.

2810: More themability and configuration options for Gnome 3. (I know, it's still new.)

2811: Make the weather panel applet work correctly for all locations.
Make Gnome more crash-proof.
Spend more time fixing bugs, rather than adding features.

Resist the urge to dumb it down. Unity is already dumbed down enough for morons.

2812: Really miss the ability to expand window only horizontally or vertically on Shift-click/Alt-click.

After support for Fedora 14 ends in couple of months, I'll have to switch to another environment because I find GNOME 3 very inconvenient; even though I honestly tried to get used to it.

2813: 1. Make it easier to change the color scheme in GNOME 3
2. Make it easier to change the icons
3. Make it easier to add to the menu bar, such as weather apps.

2814: Bring back the old gnome-panel (plugins) and the options that got removed with GNOME 3.

GNOME 3 customizability is practically nonexistant, gtk3/gtk2 Application coexistence is awful.

2815: Often it seems that the presence of GNOME utilities on a system complicate the process of changing settings through the console. Specifically, the gnome network applet.

2816: Go back to Ver. 2
Keep Ver. 2
Make ver. 2 the default and allow the candy seekers to have the option to use candy if they so desire.

I don't know why all the younger folks like eye candy. It steals CPU cycles and does nothing to improve efficiency, if anything it slows people down. There is an old adage that is still valid today, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

I know that things must advance, but let's try to keep a simple and plain user interface available. No, aaah geee that looks neat stuff, just get the job done.


CIRCULAR DESKTOPS!!!! (workspaces, whatever you want to call them, it is a must have, c'mon...)

2818: smaller, simpler, faster
nobody needs another OS X or Windows 7 if some do - well they will buy them anyhow.

Keep up the great work and don't forget that at the end KISS _always_ wins ...

2819: 1. Better support for multiple monitors
2. Better support for multiple monitors
3. Better support for multiple monitors

See 22. :) Oh, and my desktop is not a tablet. Keep Gnome 3 and Gnome 2 separate.

2820: More configurability!!!

2821: More customization options allowing the user to revert to more standard styles then GNOME3

2822: - I would use a time machine to go back and make sure GNOME3 was never even thought of

- ability to select multiple items in a folder by dragging a rectangle around them - without using Compact view (like it works in Windows when set to Detail view)!

- SAMBA shares would actually work everytime, not just sometimes, and maybe even give meaningful messages instead of the "could not retrieve share list from server" which can mean basically everything

Only one, and that is to re-think the whole GNOME3 concept and realize that most of the people who use GNOME really don't like it, especially after waiting many years for GNOME 2 to finally become good. If people want a netbook-optimized (read not optimized for any screen larger than 10") they could just use Unity. Instead you are now spending a lot of resources developing something that 1) most people don't want and 2) somebody already develops (Unity)

2823: Make it customizable again.
Get rid of the big black bar at the top.
Provide some kind of launcher/doc, a ls GNOME 2

Customizability is one of linux's strengths. Removing it, even for the sake of a smoother user experience, is always a mistake. Even if you radically change the look, the user should still be able to do anything they want to their desktop.

2824: Add a typeable diectory text area to the file browser. -like a url bar. Also, right click to open a terminal here.

Linux is always going to be a nerdy os used by nerds. Stop making things too simple to use.

2825: Listen to what users want, don't assume the Gnome team knows what's best, allow users the option to customise things if they want (e.g. shutdown button)

2826: Documentation
Task Switcher

Having way more documentation for the latest versions would be great, or if there is more than just a few lines of it, making it easier to find.

2827: More preferences
don't aim for the lowest common denominator
get rid of that weird registry thing

Bring GNOME 2 back!

2828: 1. It's focus has shifted to try to help blathering idiots, with the result that it's impossible to do anything on the desktop --- this needs to be reversed.

2. The shell is too much of a clone of Mac OS X. Yes, it's hard to be original, but stealing from OS X just makes it frustrating to do anything. That should change...

3. It's impossible to have a panel with all the open windows, great so I can either read a pdf or take notes on it...but I cannot take notes as I read. Brilliant!

As Torvalds eloquently put it, "The developers [of GNOME] have apparently decided that it's 'too complicated' to actually do real work on your desktop, and have decided to make it really annoying to do."

Whatever you did, you made it detrimental to my academic productivity. Now I switched over to XFCE just so I can type up my work with Emacs...something that GNOME 3 completely borked.

2829: 1. Allow greater control over the desktop for power users
2. Stop trying to sync the mobile and desktop UI

Give power users the ability to tweak their desktops, it's really frustrating to be forced into a specific pattern of interacting with my OS (especially by an open-source project).

You've degraded the desktop experience to match the mobile experience, it defies logic to do this.

I've since reverted back to Gnome 2 on Linux Mint, I honestly gave Gnome 3 two good attempts, I really wanted to like it. It's not so much the changes but the fact that we can't tweak our way around them, that's the really offensive aspect, this is a move you'd expect from MS, not from the open-source community.

2830: - Mandatory key bindings (e.g. Ctrl+Q for "quit") for all applications (it's irritating to minimize rhythmbox only, instead of closing it. Sound-juicer does nothing.).

- GNOME-Shell. Really nice, on the right track, but took some things too far. I don't think its mature enough yet but will follow it closely.

Please keep up your good work and backward-compatibility, thanks for all of your commitment.

2831: 1. better support and usability on dual/multiscreen
2. no gnome shell for getting your programs run
3. cant use openbox to replace "metacity"

what happened to you guys… never see you again…

2832: Revert to the Gnome 2 type environment.

Please keep the Gnome 2 project alive. I believe it is the best desktop interface available. I tried Gnome 3 but the Gnome Shell environment is clunky and hinders day-to-day efficiency. The methodology of a small screen type interface is no good for intensive use. Gnome 2 was just about spot on so I have reverted to that but without continued support for Gnome 2 I fear I will have to abandon Gnome entirely.

2833: Keep up the good work!

2834: 1. Better localization support. I would like to use US english as UI language but european time and metrics settings ie. monday as first day of week etc. With current 3.0 this is quite hard, or impossible?

2. More customization options for panels.

3. UI for enabling/disabling Gnome shell extensions and themes.

2835: And user preferences to evince. It still doesn't consistently display the way I want: large window, sidebar open, non-continuous, best fit. Improved multihead support, including more polished gnome3 fallback, and better support for laptop that is sometimes docked and other times not. Waste less vertical space. I've got more horizonatl than I need, but vertical is still a premium.

Simple is good, but there's a point where it crosses into contempt.

2836: 1. For desktop users, replace gnome-shell with a fully functional gnome-panel (features identical with gnome-panel 2.x) based on gtk3

2. Stop removing/hiding what should be obvious and accessible configuration options.

3. Scale back on the NIHism. Stop reinventing the wheel.

Be more accommodating to external contributors. Try not to be such arrogant pr***s, core-devs.

2837: 1) Taskbar, alt tabing with synergy running is a headache.
2) The systray in gnome3 isn't intuitive, and a pain to get to
3) I prefer the old notifications coming from the top right of the screen, instead of the bottom middle

I've only just installed gnome 3 2 weeks ago. I'm going to give it a full month to see if I can get the hang of navigating windows / workspaces. There are a lot of things I really like about gnome3, but due to other window managers, I'm in a position where it's hard to undo old habits.

2838: 1. Dragging volumes to the trash unmounts them instead of giving an unhelpful error message.
2. More themes available for GNOME 3 and configuration to mix and match like in GNOME 2.
3. Minimize, maximize, and close buttons available on all windows in GNOME 3.

As a fairly advanced user, it would be nice if advanced settings were available through the GUI instead of making me search through gconf/dconf to find them. GNOME 3 is missing all sorts of font settings and other appearance settings.

2839: Add more configuration options
Include a better dock
Stop aping tablets

2840: tiling, keep the panel. what bluetile does.

don't do away with the panel. add tiling

2841: 1. The direction Gnome is heading. I would hope someone would fork Gnome 2.x, since I'll move to that over Gnome3, KDE, or Unity in a heartbeat. (using Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid Lynx until the end of LTS w/ G2.)

2. I hate the gnome logo in gnometris. Didn't use to be there. Lose it, please.

3. echo #1: if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

I don't have a cell phone, I never would need a tablet. I don't want or need a UI that covers those bases. I like my desktop and the ability to customize it to my heart's desire. I'm annoyed at the attitude of developers who want to cram their one-size-fits-all delusion down our throats. /rant

Be creative as you wish. Just don't deprecate what many folks are comfortable with because you think you know better than us what we want.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart for Gnome 2.x!

2842: Bring back the proxy manager. I can't have custom proxy settings for all the sites I visit.

I applaud your design, like unity it is a refreshing change from all the other GUIs out there. There needs to be better terminology though. The new Ubuntu has unity build on gnome 3 now instead of gnome 2. But saying gnome 3 seems to mean the new gnome shell. I think there should be framework terminology and shell terminology.

For example things changed in Ubuntu 11.10 and I eventually figured out it was a gnome 3 chage. But that is a hard thing to find info on.

2843: I would like the ability to access virtual desktops without going to that crap at the top of the screen.

The new layout in general.

Why can't I maximize/resotre things anymore?

So long, and thanks for all the clicks.

2844: Don't try to make a one-solution-fits-all desktop, tablets and computers are functionally different, with different input methods and need different window manager setups.

Stop removing options, stop trying to reinvent the wheel.

2845: - Memory footprint, considering XFCE

2846: Pretend Gnome 3.x doesn't exist
Pretend the Gnome 3.x developers don't consider me stupid
Easier menu modification

Please stop destroying Gnome with the Gnome 3.x. There are some good ideas in Gnome 3.x, specifically in some of the intergrations, but they are complete over shadowed by the garbage that is Gnome 3.x's UI. It is a very clear step backwards. It may be a surprise to the Gnome developers, but desktop computers are not tablet computers. Stop pretending a tablet and desktop are the same thing and stop pretending extremely valid complaints about how bad gnome 3 is for desktop users are invalid or that they just don't get it.

2847: 1) OK, Apply, and Cancel buttons on dialogs.
2) Switching apps with Ctrl+Shift+Tab does something slightly unexpected. I'd fix that.
3) Regarding new windows: they always appear in the foreground, unless they're native GNOME apps (using some API I would guess?). This should be more intelligent. And: I can see the window decoration first, and then the window contents one or two frames later, except when using Compiz. This is ugly.

2848: 1. Make it lighter/faster
2. Provide native tiled window management
3. Make it more configurable

2849: get ubuntu back to supporting gnome as default.

2850: Faster 3D support (especially in fullscreen), less bloat enabled by default, better first-time user info/training

If there was a way to start a new installation with "simple" mode, where it introduces one aspect or feature at a time, bringing you up to the basic format within a short time, it would improve new user adoption problems. Most people just get confused when they see a bunch of icons they are unfamiliar with, arranged in a way they cannot comprehend. At the end of the guided desktop introduction you could have a window pop up that shows a few simple options for basic configuration, and allows access to the advanced options as well. In short, make it easy to get to know GNOME!

2851: task bar, please!
clear notifications

please don't forget the advanced users

2852: Task Manager.
Easy to change font configuration.
Easily configurable theme and layout.

2853: More options. 90% of the recent controversial changes could be mitigated by fairly minor configuration options. Set defaults designed for drooling idiots if you need to, but don't alienate competent users by removing useful features.

Stop ripping out features for the sake of "simplicity"

2854: Keep it just the way it is, and pretend GNOME 3 never existed.

Ditch GNOME 3 or bring back the classic panel interface (correctly, not the current "fallback" abomination that screws up the arrangement and clicking)

2855: mostly, i'd go back to the 2.x style of doing things. 3.x appears to be for only complete newbies. it appears that gnome has rejected all use by anyone with experience or who needs to be productive in a number of ways.

no. i think they completely ignore what their user community wants and needs. it's the classic software person's attitude of 'i know best what you need', taken to the nth degree.

2856: + The first searches in overview mode are slow, and the interface gets stuck. It would make sense to prefetch some results, and definitely populate the list asynchronously.

Only obvious bugs otherwise, which I am sure will be fixed soon.

2857: 1. Remove inconsistency in ui elements
2. Performance
3. more official tested plugins including global menu and hide window decorations with global buttons on panel

Help make a separate Ubuntu flavor without Unity mess/distro of your own which works well with Proprietary drivers
I would like it to perform better using Nvidia graphics (gets stuck for 2 seconds at times).
I do not like thick window borders in adwaita. Going the tablet way is fine for tablets, not for 14 inch laptops.

2858: My only suggestion is for the team provide better support for installing from official repositories in slightly older distributions (of ubuntu in particular). But I guess it's not possible since they're volunteers and all that. But otherwise I think Gnome 3 is really great, perhaps the best desktop environment made, and I don't know why people are complaining so much about it.

2859: I've been pretty happy with GNOME.
Having a program search ability is about the only thing I can think to add off the top of my head.

If a dockbar or sidebar like Unity is implemented, do NOT remove the standard task bar and menus. Have them both available.
Working with Unity feels restrictive and slow for everyday tasks when I already know where they would be in the GNOME taskbar.

2860: I like gnome 2. I'm used to it. As always users are lazy to learn new environments. I'll avoid gnome 3 in no fallback mode as long as I can. I'm even thinking on switching to KDE or other environment.

I really thank you for your job. It's simply amazing.
I can imagine that usability is really a trend and that's why nowadays everything wants to have a tablet/smartphone like interface. If you can keep a fallback mode it will be a good idea. I want to run applications and that's my point on using computers. Nobody uses a computer just to play with gnome or KDE.
I think that browsers have evolved a lot. I like Firefox much more today than in the past. They are improving.

2861: - Give Mutter more keybindings
- Restore the options that were dropped

Listen to the users.
Don’t pretend to know better than the old users.
Have some respect towards people who think differently.

2862: Delete the 3.0 repo.

Stop working on the GNOME3 branch.

2863: shell

My biggest problem both in GNOME 2 and 3 is with the panel options, i would like to have it more customizable.

2864: Bring back stability
Desktop versions for desktops, netbook/notebook versions for them, don't combine the two it doesn't work
Stop focusing on making it pretty and just make it work again...

Listen to the users, recent changes have pushed a lot of people like myself away from gnome, and that sux after using it for so many years now!

2865: Design for shorter mouse travels and clicks for common tasks.
Not randomly move windows to other desktops.
If the top bar has no real purpose, remove it, and Enable vertical placement of clock and tray, this will accommodate 16/9 monitors better.
Make a better magnifier a la Compiz, and preferably enable compatibility with Compiz, or port it to Gnome natively like KDE.

Gnome Shell was a bold move, and it's very pretty, but for me it failed in actual use. A lot of the underlying stuff is cool. But the interface has serious drawbacks. It almost got me to drop Linux altogether. I now use E17, but have kept Gnome so I can use Nautilus, and I need the libraries anyway for many programs.

2866: Revert to gnome 2 design, stop wasting time on recreating poorly thought UI ideas which only suit novice computer users. Concentrate on stability, speed and bug fixes.

Don't be tempted to copy the market leaders, Linux is widely used by people who have a good knowledge of computers - if you dumb down the UI then you will alienate these users.

2867: Make it more customizable.
Make graphical customization utilities so I don't have to edit config files or use a terminal.
Give Banshee or Rhythmbox or whatever the music player is now better support for ReplayGain.

If I wanted OS X, I'd buy a Mac. And I don't want iOS on my desktop, either. Stop trying to turn my desktop into a tablet.

2868: 1) Faster (snappier)!!!

2) More customisable/hackable - in an easy way (scripting - like Python is to GNOME as VBA is to MS Office).

3) Make the UI natively controlled by the keyboard.

GNOME is make by geeks and should be for geeks. Make it that way in an extensible way.

Overall, thanks for the great effort!!! I really appreciate it, GNOME has been my primary non-work desktop since 1998.

2869: drop gnome shell, integrate terminator into gnome-terminal, drop evolution

gnome-shell is cool but it isn't the future that you think it is. Focus on what you do best.

2870: Support for triple monitors on gnome 3.2

It is possible with 2.32, it should be possible with 3.2

Please dont abandon multi monitor users (3+ monitors)

2871: I would list ALL open apps in a workspace at the top instead of just the selected one, have a "theme gallery" for greater customization, and have the ability to store icons on the desktop an OPTION!

Oh, one more thing: Please make the tops of windows SMALLER!

I think it is important for GNOME team members to realize that many new users are migrating from Windows. That said, we might want to put some slightly Windows-related elements like ALL open apps in a workspace displayed at the top to work. Also, how about a replacement for the Activities logo? Say, on Fedora, we could have that blue F, instead of Activities. (Activities sounds like a Gnome Foundation member was struggling to finish a deadline late at night and suddenly thought, "Fuck this, I'm going to bed, let's just call it Activities.")

Please take this as constructive criticism, as I'm a huge fan of Gnome, find it to be MUCH better than other comparable desktop environments (and also know how crappy Unity is!!!)

2872: Look and feel. Simple stuff like file dialogs are pretty loosy compared to KDE. I'm a power user, I want more options. Keep the simple stuff simple, but give me an advanced checkbox.

2873: Port all GNOME2 panel plugins to gnome-shell.
Make themes more easily configurable with a GUI (for colors...).
Stop wasting time working on useless things like suhi or Epiphany, and focus more on core functionalities.

Ask users what they think! Organize surveys, call for ideas on popular sites like reddit or (of course) Phoronix.
Release software when it works, not in alpha stage like for GNOME 3.0.

2874: better configurability
better support for power users

Don't just focus on non-tech users.
Keep up the good graphic design.

2875: New features, no more dumbing down or feature removal
Powerful configuration tools
Minimal number of mouse clicks / gestures to do stuff

2876: Please stop gnome 3.0. I have switched to xfce :(

2877: Some binding to a scripting language would be nice, lower resource usage and greater customizability

2878: An option for words and not icons
Freaking shutdown button, and hybernate, and restart!
I want my folders back!

2879: Re-establish "expert" config options,
including Sawfish support.

Don't dumb it down!

2880: Put back config settings for desktop. Many settable things disappeared and now require gconf or vi to set. This is bad!

Gnome has gotten to be too much of a pig. Please try to lighten up gnome.

more codec and video support.

2881: More terminal accessibility for regular users.
A app like task coach packaged along with it and focus on reduction in resource use

Keep up the good work. I see all this "lightweight" DE but nothing can offer the same features and ease of use. GNOME after all these years is still my goto desktop environment.

2882: Thanks for the forward thinking on Gnome 3. I've been a UNIX developer for around 15 years, and love the streamlining.

2883: 1 more options to customize appearance/behavior
2 better file manager
3 less contention in community

2884: Don't try to forge the way i work to fit your need. The way I work should dictate how I customize my work station wich is getting impossible with BOTH gnome 3 and Unity (I know this is not the subject of the survey but I still find it related somehow). Seriously i'm freaking out with current developpement of gnome 3 and unity, i feel like none of theses solutions will ever fit my needs they used to fulfill.

2885: 1-personalization capable as 2.32
2-many options as 2.32
3-better trayicon integration

keep the best from 2.32 as trayicon integration, panel plugin

2886: 1) I would like the default backup service to create human-transparent backups (i.e. folders/files visible and usable.)
2) Themes for gtk 2/3, mutter, Gnome shell, and icons included with Gnome. I use Ubuntu 11.10, and it may be that this is only an issue on that distro.
3) I'd like the menu bar to be integrated into the top status bar, as in Unity. This is not so much because of usability (which Gnome 3 has done a beautiful job of), but rather because the menu bar is a bit of an eyesore when attached to the app window.

Gnome 3 is the most beautiful, convenient, and easy-to-use desktop I've ever used, and I've tried quite a few GUIs over the years.

One suggestion I do have is to make it clearer to users that middle-clicking the tilebar in an app lowers it in the z-order. I loved the shell before, but it became even faster to use once I learned this.

Keep up the good work, and thank you guys *hugely* for creating Gnome. I've gotten a lot of joy out of it over the years.

2887: Put the 'Shutdown' menu item back on system menu (holding 'alt' doesn't count).

Listen to your users more. Don't think you always know what we want and/or need. This survey is a great first step. The fact that it had to be done independently is very telling.

2888: didnt like gnome 3 stayed with mint to keep 2

2889: shutdown button in Gnome Shell!!!!!

2890: Gnome shell needs a lot of work. It's nowhere near where I'd like it to be if I am to use it on a daily basis.

Even Unity is better (I currenty use Unity on my netbook, and I don't think I'll keep it for very long)

Build a better community.

2891: 1) Restore Minimalize, Maximalize buttons
2) Do something about notifications: closing autostart is non-intuitive, also systray need changes.
3) Alt-F2 run menu: look how KDE is done that and apply at least with prompting list with suggested apps (when I've type 'gnome-' on list I've should see all apps, which name starts with 'gnome-').

You tried hard to do something innovative, but have you thought about usability? All features sounds fine, but in long term they aren't usable or at least disturbing normal work. Not all users run 12' notebooks, vast group of users have desktops and laptops without touchscreen - don't forget about they.

2892: More customization. A lot of options were lost through the years on behalf of usability. I want more options, I don't care if they are hidden for the common user, but I want MORE options.
Better performance regarding nautilus (I've started using it completely as my File manager just a year and a half ago, before that I just used midnight commander in a terminal).
Oh, and a default media player that doesn't suck.

2893: Buttons on the desktop.
Shortcuts on my panels.
Launcher bar on the panels.

Please do not make the gnome experience like a mobile operating system for power users. I have recently attempted to switch to KDE from gnome 3 but found too many issues with it as well. I switched to xfce because of its usability. Its simple and allows me to do things the way I used to in older version of gnome. I run gnome (gnome-desktop-2.32) on my desktop for work and it is very very good.

2894: 1. Needs to be easily configurable for individual user preferences. Hiding everything as in gnome 3 is a pain in the ass.

2. Should follow real user interface guidelines, not just the whims of developers who probably grew up thinking that windows was a good ui. In particular, it needs to be habituating (see Jeff Raskin); things need to appear in the same place every time so than one can count one them instead of having to scan the screen every time.

3. Use the operating system process model. Get rid of the everything is a single big linked program garbage. It really sucks to have a terminal window, for example, lock up and to be unable to kill it without killing all terminal windows. Things that look independent should be independent.

1. You are not the users. Try listening to them. They know better than you do.

2. Different user interfaces exist for different devices. My desktop with a 30" monitor is not a cell phone and a cell phone user interface doesn't work on it. At least there's forced fallback mode.

3. Stop confusing glitz with usability. Eye candy alone does not a great user interface make.

2895: 1) put it back in Ubuntu. I'm giving Unity a good try, but I still don't like it.

2) better integration with apps installed with apt/synaptic that don't get entered on menus

2896: The notifications that appear on the bottom of the screen are sometimes annoying.

I wish Alt-Tab was window-based rather than application-based.

I wish I could pick things more easily with the keyboard after pressing the windows key to get the desktop overview.

2897: More streamlined bug reporting, maybe?

I actually really like GNOME 3, but I ended up dropping it for Unity mainly because I couldn't get empathy working as advertised. Clean re-installs of the OS, purges/re-installs of Empathy, tinkering with settings, etc - all were unsuccessful in getting Empathy to actually notify me when a chat message referenced my nick. Funny thing is - it *was* working, for the first week I had GNOME 3 installed on Fedora 15. But it just stopped one day. I poked around with the damned thing for months, still, but I really need to know when co-workers ping me in chat, and I found that I could get Unity to reliably function.

2898: stop making eye candy

2899: Please don't destroy the desktop in favour of have a me too tablet interface. Many Gnome users have a large resolution display, and need a desktop environment that can use.

2900: Ditch Gnome 3
Adopt a tiling window manager, opt-in
Put more emphasis on mouseless usage

see question 22

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