Enermax Marathon Enlobal Fan
Written by Andros Lee in Peripherals on 10 July 2006. Page 7 of 7. Add A Comment


Overall, the fan was exactly what Enermax promised, silent, easy to clean, and long lasting (we foresee this to be true but cannot completely guarantee this to be true due to our lack of psychic abilities). When compared to a regular fan, it did move air half as fast, but it was operating silent and was using less power (so to an extent, one would assume it wouldn't move as much air). It was incredibly easier to clean and we simply love it for this fact (I am typing this as I give my old fan a proper send off, dousing it gasoline, and sending it to the great beyond). While not powerful this would be great for a HTPC where silence is crucial and you do not need a Hover strapped on the side of a case to help cool. On top of all of that, we had no problems running the Enermax Marathon while it was completely submerged in water. Now we leave you with a final quote from our beloved Doctor whom familiarized us all with the joys of flux capacitance in Back To The Future... "Better that I devote myself to studying the other great mystery of the universe . . . women."

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