SteelSeries SteelSound 5H V2 Headset

Written by Michael Larabel in Peripherals on 12 October 2006 at 01:00 PM EDT. Page 1 of 3. Add A Comment.

Throughout the 1990's computer gaming was largely perceived as a past time for couch potatoes or as a form of relaxation for teenagers, but the gaming industry has largely expanded in all directions even onto the professional playing table. Just as with any athletic sports, having the proper equipment is critical for performing well against your opponents. SteelSeries has been one of the companies to recognize this growing market, and their mission statement is to create performance enhancing gaming gear. Of the products they manufacturer at this time is mouse pads, keyboards, headsets, software security, gaming gear accessories, and gaming wear. We have looked at several SteelSeries products in the past, and today we are trying out the SteelSound 5H V2 gaming headset, which is slated to be an optimized version of the original 5H headset.


· Custom-engineered soundscape
· Full-size headphones
· Can be dismantled into 3 separate parts
· Pull-out microphone system


The SteelSound 5H V2 headphones ship in a clear plastic container to ensure that the customer can see the beauty in these headphones. On the rear of the container is product information listing many of the features and specifications. Once opening up the packaging, we were left with the actual headphones and two documents containing the product information and user guide. Coming attached to the audio cords on the SteelSound 5H V2 are extension audio cords for the microphone and audio input. This extension is ideal for those users that do not have any audio ports on the front of their chassis or for those that are positioned far away from their PCs.

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