SteelPad 5L

Written by Michael Larabel in Peripherals on 22 June 2006 at 01:00 PM EDT. Page 1 of 3. Add A Comment.

Up on the review block today we have the SteelPad 5L. The last time we had looked at a SteelPad product was back in late 2004 when we had tried out their QcK+ mouse pad creation, and to say the least it had fared quite well in our tests. However, that is to keep in mind we have not seen any SteelPad products in over a year. Will this most recent 5L creation be a make or break for SteelPad? For those not familiar with the unique characteristics of the 5L, it is composed of five distinct layers to synthesize the hardness of plastic with the softness of cloth. The five layers consist of a plastic coating, cloth, soft polyisoprene, hard plastic, and rubber elements.


· Combines the strength of plastic with the softness of cloth
· Suitable for all mouse sensitivities
· Compatible with optical, laser and ball mice
· Dimensions 380 x 280 mm (14.9 x 11 in)


Unlike the SteelPad QcK+ that came rolled up in a cardboard container, due to it being a cloth pad, the SteelPad 5L shipped in a plastic casing. There was some SteelPad information on the front of the packaging, as well as on the rear with listing all of the SteelSeries benefits. Removing the mouse pad was the sole content in the container. Unlike some manufacturers that include new mouse feet, carrying case, or other little items, the SteelPad 5L has no such accessories.

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