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Linus Torvalds Encourages Kernel Developers & Everyone To Get Vaccinated

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  • Originally posted by lyamc View Post
    From what we know about the virus, it appears to be made in a lab so what’s the difference if both are made in a lab and both change your DNA?
    There's no credible evidence the virus was "made" in a lab. The conjecture regarding any sort of genetic modification is that it could be a product of gain-of-function research, although that's still very speculative. We might never know for sure, but it's at least a natural virus in the vast majority of its genome.

    Now, even if it's true that both are "lab made", the vaccine's mRNA is far smaller, as it just encodes a couple of the viral proteins. So, assuming both are equally capable of modifying your DNA (and Med_ makes a compelling case that they're not), the vaccine seems much preferable.


    • Originally posted by ddriver View Post
      Even if it is a lab made virus, I'd rather trust my immune system to handle it, rather than embrace the cure offered by those that infected me. It kinda seems like choosing to play into their game even after becoming aware of it.

      What difference does it make really, you might as well take a huge shortcut and sell your organs in their favor and be done with it.
      Who is "they", what is "their game", and what does it have to do with organs?

      Lastly, are you aware that you're playing right into a trope about paranoid schizophrenics?


      • Originally posted by Qaridarium
        ***second wave*** of the so called covid10 plandemy was caused by false positive cases made by the PCR test the high number of tests and the high cycle rate of the PCR tests of 35-40 cycles caused a mass media panic of the high numbers of cases... one cycle of PCR has 92% accurancy and 8% false positive if you use 35-40 cycles it is like 100% garanteed that the test result positive also because there are like 1000 other harmless coronaviara that also make the test positive- and the deaths where caused by label any flu case as corona virus cases and also because they use dangerous medical threatment instead of save one for example they use "ventilators" what cause a higher risk to die by 80% compared to the people who refuse to be on ventilator...
        they used dangerous experimental medication what caused many deaths.
        Yeah, definitely this is all about the common flu. I can remember that Ecuador streets were full of dead people when I traveled there before 2020 (you know, typical of this primitive south americans that doesn't know how to handle a death ratio that happens year after year), not to mention how oxygen shortage also was a common seasonal problem in all latam countries. \s

        All this "arguments" are so retarded that I'm almost speechless.


        • they're just reporting on the same bogus statistics we debunked a few pages ago.

          Originally posted by lano1106 View Post
          and I am going to drop this here:
          The Linux Foundation Public Health is releasing the infrastructure for the first international COVID-19 passport. It's being considered for use by both the United Nations and the European Union.

          Linus has absolutely no vested interest in seeing the vaccination campaign succeed....
          I really don't see the conflict of interest. In fact, if vaccine compliance is high, then the pandemic hopefully subsides and the need for that network would fall away. So, if Linus were acting in his best financial interest, he'd just keep quiet and let more people go unvaccinated, so there'd be more widespread need for that network, and for longer.

          Finally, did you ever consider that Linus' post and his vaccination certificate network might both originate from an interest in saving lives and people's health? Is the only kind of motive you can understand a nefarious one? That sounds like a sad, lonely world you inhabit. Sometimes, people really do try to do something good.


          • the aliens did corona virus


            • Originally posted by GMAHN View Post
              Looking at the FDA website, as of 06/12/2021, the covid vaccines appear to still be under emergency use authorization and thus haven't actually passed the same standards we would expect of other vaccines.
              They issued an emergency use authorization based on balancing the risks vs. benefits, for the specific outbreak. Vaccines typically aren't developed during an outbreak of the disease they're designed to treat, since that's not generally possible before current technologies (and helped by up-front purchasing by governments to enable mass-productions while trials are still under way).

              Originally posted by GMAHN View Post
              Certainly there haven't been any medical treatments that have been more political in the modern time than the covid vaccines and it would be foolish to rush into taking a rushed vaccine if you are a low risk individual.
              It's not only a matter of individual risk. There's also risk to others and enabling society to return to normal more quickly and completely.

              Originally posted by GMAHN View Post
              I am healthy enough to wait and be certain about my decision and appeals to authority from the likes of Torvalds, or even Gates, shouldn't sway anyone
              Gates has a long history of working with accomplished immunologists and epidemiologists on diseases like polio and malaria. I trust that what he says comes from the best sources, but I can understand if you'd rather go direct to the sources than through intermediaries like him. I can't really speak about Torvalds' sources, but his message matches pretty well with what others are saying.

              So, I accept that Gates and Torvalds aren't themselves immunologists, virologists, or epidemiologists. However, I wonder if you're getting your information from such authorities, or from individuals and organizations with more murky and possibly tenuous connections to the science.


              • Originally posted by krzyzowiec View Post
                Yes we supposedly also have that many deaths. Turns out people were counting almost anything as a death from this virus. Even if you died in a car accident, as long as you tested positive for this virus, that's how your death was marked. And of course there was a financial incentive for the hospitals to do this, so I can't blame them. It didn't help that the test for the virus itself was calibrated so poorly...
                In most countries, they didn't bother testing people who died of a heart attack to see if it could've been Covid-19 related, yet we know that's one of the ways the virus can kill. So, Covid-19 deaths tend to be under-counted. There are other deaths that might've been prevented, if hospitals had capacity to handle more patients and do surgeries like tumor-removal. For these reasons, the statistics to watch for are "excess deaths". However, such statistics take a while to come to light.

                If you have any real doubt over whether it's a serious problem in your country or area, you need only look at the state of you hospitals to see the kind of impact it's having. And again, if the hospitals are full of Covid-19 patients, you'd better hope you don't have any other need for medical care!

                Here's a relevant story, from a few months ago: Covid-19: Brazil experts issue warning as hospitals 'close to collapse'

                Here's a short BBC podcast, from mid-February, on comparing Covid-19 death statistics between different countries: Covid 19 death count: Which countries are faring worst?


                • Originally posted by Duff~ View Post
                  It's funny how people can't make their own research, the always have to follow somebody,
                  It depends on what you mean by making their own research. If you mean original research, that takes time, energy, resources, and even expertise that most people simply don't have.

                  If you mean trying to find some alternate facts, then the question goes back to one of trust. Do you place more trust in data with a documented methodology that makes sense and you believe to be carried out faithfully, or do you place more trust in data from sources that better align with your ideology?

                  I don't often track down the methodology of the statistics I hear about, but I try to note where there's potentially untrustworthy data and limit how much my opinion is swayed by it. If it's something truly important, I probably will try to find a more accurate and believable source.


                  • Originally posted by coder View Post
                    There's no credible evidence the virus was "made" in a lab
                    If the virus is from an animal, we have not yet found it which is pretty incredible considering the resources spent trying to find it.

                    We know that there was experimentations on making a more infectious virus in Wuhan as a result of Dr Fauci’s emails

                    I’m not suggesting a conspiracy to infect the world, more like playing with viruses and accidentally infecting the world.


                    • Originally posted by krzyzowiec View Post
                      They were incentivized to do so by the US government. If your patient is labeled as having probably had COVID-19, either discharged or on their death certificate, you earned a substantially higher payout from Medicaid.
                      An important detail of that story is that it applies only to patients on Medicaid. Also, it's dated April 24, 2020. That's only a couple months after Covid-19 really hit the USA, when there was still a lot of confusion and panic.

                      It's dangerous to latch onto a single such detail, in order to support a broad claim about death rate reporting.

                      Originally posted by krzyzowiec View Post
                      If you really want to help people, why not give them Ivermectin? It's been shown to be very effective
                      Except that's not undisputed. In Misleading clinical evidence and systematic reviews on ivermectin for COVID-19, the authors point out that:

                      "An important controversial point to consider in any rationale is the 5 µM required concentration to reach the anti-SARS-CoV-2 action of ivermectin observed in vitro,17 which is much higher than 0.28 µM, the maximum reported plasma concentration achieved in vivo with a dose of approximately 1700 µg/kg (about nine times the FDA-approved dosification)."

                      See, it's tricky to armchair quarterback this stuff. It sounds to me like it's too early to settle on that drug as the cure.

                      Originally posted by krzyzowiec View Post
                      while also being safe and cheap, but of course it is not some patented drug that you can make a fortune on.
                      Except you forgot about hydrocortisone. That's relatively safe, cheap, off-patent, and widely-available.

                      Originally posted by krzyzowiec View Post
                      The same thing happened with HCQ, which was demonized for no good reason.
                      Statements like that make me wonder where you're getting your information and how you prioritize factual accuracy vs. ideological consistency. We already know hydrocortisone is a safer, cheaper, and more effective immunosuppressive agent. And that's what they actually gave Trump, not hydroxychloroquine.

                      Originally posted by krzyzowiec View Post
                      Where I live we are back to normal and no one even thinks about it. There are no masks or special vaccine cards or whatever, and all the stores have stopped trying to pressure people to wear them. Nobody cares, and no one is dying here. Then again I'm blessed to live in a very sunny and beautiful area.
                      There's a fairly well-established pattern, by now, that when the weather is nice, cases tend to drop. It's mostly indoors where the spread tends to happen.

                      Originally posted by krzyzowiec View Post
                      If you are young like me then your best chance is your natural immune system,
                      Vaccines are just a way to pre-train your natural immune system.

                      Not everyone has a good immune system, sometimes for reasons outside their control. Those people have difficulty fighting the virus, if they get it, and vaccines tend not to work on them, either. That's one reason we need herd immunity.
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