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General Discussion
Anything off-topic.
Topics: 2,400 Posts: 65,144
2,400 65,144
Latest Phoronix Articles
Discussions about Phoronix articles posted in the past few minutes and articles.
Topics: 39,228 Posts: 39,568
39,228 39,568
Site Discussion
Provide feedback on features and changes you would like to see.
Topics: 1,240 Posts: 12,567
1,240 12,567
Phoronix Test Suite
Discussion & collaboration on the Phoronix Test Suite software and specification.
Topics: 2,037 Posts: 9,004
2,037 9,004
Linux Graphics Drivers
Radeon Linux Drivers
Technical support and discussion of the various AMD/Radeon Linux graphics drivers components.
Topics: 7,641 Posts: 130,408
7,641 130,408
Both NVIDIA's closed-source and open-source drivers can be discussed here.
Topics: 1,386 Posts: 20,400
1,386 20,400
Open-Source NVIDIA Linux / Nouveau
Technical support and discussion of the open-source NVIDIA, Tegra, and Nouveau drivers.
Topics: 884 Posts: 13,816
884 13,816
Intel Linux
Technical support and discussion of the open-source xf86-video-intel driver and other Intel Linux software projects.
Topics: 3,216 Posts: 30,846
3,216 30,846
OpenGL, Mesa & Gallium3D
Discussion of Mesa / Gallium3D components for Linux and other operating systems. This includes open-source 3D hardware drivers, state trackers, OpenCL and OpenGL support.
Topics: 2,619 Posts: 36,290
2,619 36,290
Discussion of Vulkan and SPIR-V for Linux and other operating systems
Topics: 881 Posts: 11,548
881 11,548
X.Org & DRM
Discussion of the X Server and related X.Org components, including X Input, Multi-Pointer X, and Multi-Touch. The Linux Kernel DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) can also be discussed.
Topics: 2,398 Posts: 26,838
2,398 26,838
Discussion of Wayland along with the Weston reference compositor and other Wayland-related projects, including the Mir display server.
Topics: 1,579 Posts: 34,737
1,579 34,737
Linux Gaming
Gaming on Linux with both open and closed-source games.
Topics: 3,705 Posts: 77,082
3,705 77,082
Linux Distributions
Linux distribution specific discussions.
Topics: 4,004 Posts: 68,886
4,004 68,886
Desktop Linux
Discussion of Linux on the desktop.
Topics: 5,941 Posts: 112,919
5,941 112,919
Mobile Linux
Discussion of Linux on mobile and embedded devices.
Topics: 1,415 Posts: 23,466
1,415 23,466
General Linux & Open-Source
Discuss anything Linux related that doesn't fit into any of the other areas.
Topics: 7,180 Posts: 93,037
7,180 93,037
Programming & Compilers
Discuss anything related to open-source and Linux compilers and programming languages.
Topics: 2,809 Posts: 35,640
2,809 35,640
Oracle / Solaris
Discussion of Solaris-based operating systems including OpenSolaris, Oracle Solaris, Nexenta, and BeleniX.
Topics: 364 Posts: 3,519
364 3,519
BSD, Apple macOS, Hurd & Others
Discussion of *BSD operating systems and software, including but not limited to FreeBSD, DragonflyBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD. Apple macOS, Haiku OS, GNU Hurd, and other alternative operating systems can also be discussed.
Topics: 1,497 Posts: 24,381
1,497 24,381
Graphics Cards
Discuss the latest and greatest in graphics cards, as well as the Linux compatibility and performance.
Topics: 1,452 Posts: 25,842
1,452 25,842
Processors & Memory
Discuss both AMD and Intel processors (CPUs) and system memory. Cooling products for processors and overclocking can also be discussed.
Topics: 3,240 Posts: 55,074
3,240 55,074
Motherboards & Chipsets
Discuss everything from sever to mini-ITX motherboards and chipsets.
Topics: 1,213 Posts: 13,800
1,213 13,800
General Hardware
Discuss anything and everything else here, including mobile devices.
Topics: 2,045 Posts: 20,986
2,045 20,986