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General Discussion
Anything off-topic.
Topics: 2,230 Posts: 59,069
2,230 59,069
Latest Phoronix Articles
Discussions about Phoronix articles posted in the past few minutes and articles.
Topics: 27,910 Posts: 33,111
27,910 33,111
Site Discussion
Provide feedback on features and changes you would like to see.
Topics: 1,123 Posts: 11,742
1,123 11,742
Phoronix Test Suite
Discussion & collaboration on the Phoronix Test Suite software and specification.
Topics: 7,605 Posts: 14,367
7,605 14,367
Linux Graphics Drivers
Radeon Linux Drivers
Technical support and discussion of the various AMD/Radeon Linux graphics drivers components.
Topics: 6,997 Posts: 119,336
6,997 119,336
Both NVIDIA's closed-source and open-source drivers can be discussed here.
Topics: 1,268 Posts: 17,505
1,268 17,505
Open-Source NVIDIA Linux / Nouveau
Technical support and discussion of the open-source NVIDIA, Tegra, and Nouveau drivers.
Topics: 786 Posts: 11,123
786 11,123
Intel Linux
Technical support and discussion of the open-source xf86-video-intel driver and other Intel Linux software projects.
Topics: 2,480 Posts: 23,982
Last Post:
2,480 23,982
OpenGL, Mesa & Gallium3D
Discussion of Mesa / Gallium3D components for Linux and other operating systems. This includes open-source 3D hardware drivers, state trackers, OpenCL and OpenGL support.
Topics: 2,229 Posts: 30,652
2,229 30,652
Discussion of Vulkan and SPIR-V for Linux and other operating systems
Topics: 757 Posts: 10,303
Last Post:
757 10,303
X.Org & DRM
Discussion of the X Server and related X.Org components, including X Input, Multi-Pointer X, and Multi-Touch. The Linux Kernel DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) can also be discussed.
Topics: 2,205 Posts: 21,769
2,205 21,769
Discussion of Wayland along with the Weston reference compositor and other Wayland-related projects, including the Mir display server.
Topics: 1,438 Posts: 30,110
1,438 30,110
Linux Gaming
Gaming on Linux with both open and closed-source games.
Topics: 3,321 Posts: 68,494
3,321 68,494
Linux Distributions
Linux distribution specific discussions.
Topics: 3,325 Posts: 51,464
3,325 51,464
Desktop Linux
Discussion of Linux on the desktop.
Topics: 5,034 Posts: 88,249
5,034 88,249
Mobile Linux
Discussion of Linux on mobile and embedded devices.
Topics: 1,287 Posts: 20,897
1,287 20,897
General Linux & Open-Source
Discuss anything Linux related that doesn't fit into any of the other areas.
Topics: 5,693 Posts: 69,901
5,693 69,901
Programming & Compilers
Discuss anything related to open-source and Linux compilers and programming languages.
Topics: 2,122 Posts: 23,733
2,122 23,733
Oracle / Solaris
Discussion of Solaris-based operating systems including OpenSolaris, Oracle Solaris, Nexenta, and BeleniX.
Topics: 356 Posts: 3,384
356 3,384
BSD, Mac OS X, Hurd & Others
Discussion of *BSD operating systems and software, including but not limited to FreeBSD, DragonflyBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD. Mac OS X, GNU Hurd, and other alternative operating systems can also be discussed.
Topics: 1,336 Posts: 21,291
1,336 21,291
Graphics Cards
Discuss the latest and greatest in graphics cards, as well as the Linux compatibility and performance.
Topics: 1,370 Posts: 23,554
1,370 23,554
Processors & Memory
Discuss both AMD and Intel processors (CPUs) and system memory. Cooling products for processors and overclocking can also be discussed.
Topics: 2,318 Posts: 37,911
Last Post:
2,318 37,911
Motherboards & Chipsets
Discuss everything from sever to mini-ITX motherboards and chipsets.
Topics: 1,005 Posts: 11,081
1,005 11,081
General Hardware
Discuss anything and everything else here, including mobile devices.
Topics: 1,766 Posts: 17,230
1,766 17,230