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Linux Graphics Drivers

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Technical support and discussion of the various AMD/Radeon Linux graphics drivers components.
Topics: 6,682 Posts: 119,095
6,682 119,095
Both NVIDIA's closed-source and open-source drivers can be discussed here.
Topics: 1,171 Posts: 15,933
1,171 15,933
Technical support and discussion of the open-source NVIDIA, Tegra, and Nouveau drivers.
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739 10,310
Technical support and discussion of the open-source xf86-video-intel driver and other Intel Linux software projects.
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2,083 20,613
Discussion of Mesa / Gallium3D components for Linux and other operating systems. This includes open-source 3D hardware drivers, state trackers, OpenCL and OpenGL support.
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1,975 27,800
Discussion of Vulkan and SPIR-V for Linux and other operating systems
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657 9,362
Discussion of the X Server and related X.Org components, including X Input, Multi-Pointer X, and Multi-Touch. The Linux Kernel DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) can also be discussed.
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2,111 19,886
Discussion of Wayland along with the Weston reference compositor and other Wayland-related projects, including the Mir display server.
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1,339 26,922