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Linus Torvalds Encourages Kernel Developers & Everyone To Get Vaccinated

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  • Originally posted by sdack View Post
    I am not saying they deserve it. It is the remorse they feel that amuses me. Have you never laughed at anyone for making a mistake and how they immediately regretted it?
    No. Why in the frack would remorse of all things amuse anyone that doesn't have a mental condition?


    • I'll just leave this here......


      • Linux and open source software have a disclaimer that it may not work and the makers won't be held liable.
        The vaccine makers admit that their vaccines don't always work and they got Congress to pass a law so that they can't be held liable for the negative effects.
        You can't just remove a bad patch to the human body like we do with the Linux kernel and the irony of all this is lost on Torvalds.
        The vaccine is still experimental and waiting is a logical choice for healthy low risk people and the fact that Torvalds can't accept that nuance and must resort to emotional pleas and ad hominem attacks shows that the value of his opinion on the topic is zero.


        • Originally posted by staggerlee View Post
          I'll just leave this here......
          I would be careful here. The study that text was based on was published at medRxiv, a preprint service. That's not worth a lot since it isn't peer reviewed at all. I mean, sure, it could still be correct, but I wouldn't bet on it. A meta-analysis of existing studies showed no effect of HCQ/CQ/AZM treatments.

          But even if the study is indeed correct, Mr. Trump still acted irresponsible. He completely ignored the current scientific consensus AND gave medical advice.


          • Originally posted by GMAHN View Post
            The vaccine is still experimental and waiting is a logical choice for healthy low risk people
            That's simply not true. Every medicine has to be tested in trials and evaluated later on. But for such high profile medicines like a covid or a possible treatment, the scrutiny is far higher. There is hardly a medicine out there that was tested more carefully and where the effects of the treatment are better monitored (if there any). "Everybody" is looking at these vaccines and the amount of research is staggering.


            • What are you even bickering about?

              Birdie is pro-vaccination.

              That pretty much settles what is what.


              • Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
                blackiwid Where have you proven me wrong? If you're going to froth at the mouth in disagreement, at least actually have a counter-argument. You just went on a tirade about speculations and what-ifs. The comment you replied to stated the purpose of the vaccine. Whether or not it actually will do that isn't certain, but y'know what is certain? More problems happening by people refusing to take it.
                Not a hard concept to grasp.
                Nice moving the goal post... and yes I see that this here is now a tribal thing, I show a source for the common knowledge between virologists that such vaccines accelerate mutations. With a source that should not be controversial for pro vaccinates (npr) with a known concept that is called evolutionary pressure. Especially the in many country promoted consequence to delay the 2nd vaccine in favor of vaccinating faster more people is very dangerous.


                Even if there is no clear proof that this negative effects will happen, it's at least a strong thesis, but respected scientists, you don't have to ask a flat earther to get that answers.

                But yet you make the statement that vaccinations reduce mutations, when science say that it's at least as likely if not more likely that it helps to create mutations. I can proof my statement with sources, of scientists saying that, you base your statements on nothing or "gut feeling" or a feeling, yet you get likes for fake news... and I get none... so... don't complain if people want to believe what they want to believe and are not open for good arguments, if you all are exactly the same.

                Your whole identity is to be a vaccinator and to hate anti-vaccinators it's a sports club for you, but that is not how science work...


                • Originally posted by sdack View Post
                  This is exactly what you are doing however.

                  The more viruses you have in your body, the more the viruses replicate and the more replications there are the more mutations can occur. It is a simple causality.
                  I cited experts from a respected media source, do you have a doctor in this field or what is your reputation or source? I don't give a shit about your kitchen sink logic opinion I listen to science... when I state arguments here I give you sources, and as long as you cite not better sources that say something else then I win the argument. Science gives a shit about your feelings and intuitions.


                  • Originally posted by blackiwid View Post
                    I listen to science... when I state arguments here I give you sources, and as long as you cite not better sources that say something else then I win the argument. Science gives a shit about your feelings and intuitions.
                    Ah science.

                    That mostly mathematical understanding of things, using that math that is a subset of logic.

                    I dare say logic takes precedence to funding and job security obsessed scientists.


                    • We have an old saying in my country. It does not translate into English directly, but sounds something like this: "you got so smart, where the borderline of stupidity was crossed". I think it captures one half of this 23 page thread comments very well. Anti-vax ones, of course. Actually, seeing how much of IT competent people (which you'd thing should be rational) take this position, and furthermore, have absolutely zero solid arguments for it - makes me loose a faith in humanity. It really does.

                      So aside conspiracy and other bullshit, which cannot be backed by empirical evidence (and hence no point to argue), we have one somewhat valid argument from anti-vax folks. It's a "vaccine is not 100% safe, so people should either don't use it or at least decide for themselves". This statement was repeated in this thread again and again in one form/logical structure or another. Yes, it is backed by statistics. Vaccines are not 100% safe. However, this statement is absolutely pointless and here is why:

                      a) Nothing in life is 100% safe. It's not how physical reality works. No drug, no therapy is 100% save - they all have side affects, small percentage of them being severe. Have you ever fucking read any drug instructions before covid19 situation? Apparently not. Even water is not 100% safe for those with certain conditions. It not about being not 100% safe, its about weighting the risk of using the drug/vaccine/therapy against not using it. Up until now I have not heard any good reasoning why not using COVID19 vaccines is better way to go further from a global and statistical point of view. Almost all discourse regarding it is strawmaning, piviting and whataboutism. Yes, there will be victims by vaccine itself. It was always the case. Yes, the risk of using current vaccines may be a bit higher than using hypothetical "better more developed future vaccines", but right now we live in extraordinary situation and it's still the right call to use current ones now.

                      b) People are free to decide for themselves. No one is holding a gun and forcing to take vaccines (at least in western countries). In my country people with certain conditions are even strongly discouraged from taking vaccines. And yes, of course, there will be some circumstantial consequences for those who won't, like limiting some services or whatever. Like with many other decisions in life.

                      "Early adoptions are automatically bad, ergo, vaccination bad" - shit argument.
                      "Corporations profit from it, ergo, vaccination bad" - shit argument.
                      "Governments are incompetent and mishandled covid situation, ergo, vaccination bad" - shit argument.
                      "I had a bad experience regarding vaccines, ergo, vaccination bad" - shit argument.
                      "something something not backed by empirical evidence/statistics OR personal OR isolated events OR implied by bogus logic " - shit argument.

                      These above are like 99% of "anti-vax smart talk" and it's very very sad. All I have to say - it's sad to read this bullshit thread in Phoronix forums.

                      BTW, feel free to reply, but I won't be responding. Sorry, I'm not engaging into discussions about obvious things. I won't argue that earth is not flat, I won't argue that electromagnetic waves exist and I won't argue that COVID19 vaccines work (though not theoretical perfectly, like everything else) and using them is far better way (from a lot of contexts) than not using them. It was one-shot opinion comment. I do not care about your psychiatric condition(s) influenced antivax conspiratorial paranoia world view. You can skip my comment too
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