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Linus Torvalds Encourages Kernel Developers & Everyone To Get Vaccinated

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  • Originally posted by cb88 View Post
    No. Why in the frack would remorse of all things amuse anyone that doesn't have a mental condition?
    You do not want to listen to the warnings, you do not want the vaccine, instead you want empathy for when you get sick.

    Trust me, I am not the one with the mental condition here. I just keep laughing at you.


    • Originally posted by sdack View Post
      Trust me, I am not the one with the mental condition here. I just keep laughing at you.
      Some might argue that laughing at a deadly disease is in fact an indicator of mental health issues. Tragedy may be well deserved, and even ultimately a good thing, but fun? Really? Another standout pro-vaxxer, the whole place is just riddled with you. I finally know what I want to be when I grow up.

      Gotta laugh at them funnies, cus laughter cures all!

      Imagine how fun it will be, if only one of the widely deployed vaccines backfires with a severe long term side effect.

      It has happened before, google Thalidomide for example, luckily that particular medication never inflicted wide damage, but a global pandemic "voluntary" vaccination initiative is just what it takes to score jackpot.

      Imagine the fun, of say billions of children born with severe defects, forever incapacitating them from being functional human beings and a perpetual burden on society.

      Imagine the even more fun, even longer term damage that may stay hidden long enough to mix and pollute the entirety of the human genome. Oh such fun!

      Gotta laugh at them funnies!

      Fun fun fun.

      Laugh laugh laugh.
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      • Originally posted by ddriver View Post
        Oh yeah, it is totally optional, unless you want or need to:

        Get or keep a job
        Be able to shop freely
        Be able to travel freely
        Be able to visit social and cultural events
        Not be avoided, excluded and publicly humiliated by the tolerant vaccinated that so respect your personal choice... as if you are a leper.
        ... the list goes on.

        Well, at least nobody is holding a gun to your head. Yey!
        We have social norms, and not being sick and spreading disease is one of the oldest norms of society. Most shops will not even let you in when you are naked or spread a horrible stench or try to cycle through with a bike. Why would it suddenly be ok to spread and infect others with a disease that has killed nearly 4 million people so far? It is not your shop, not your event and not your plane to decide who gets in and who does not.

        You are under the illusion that all the freedom we have achieved for us came with no sacrifices at all. This is not true. We had to make many sacrifices to get here and only because we have these rules do we get to live a peaceful and healthy life.


        • I makes me sad , how many people trust there governments, and the big pharma.

          For this to be a pandemic they had to change the defention of what a pandemic is.

          In most countries they needed an emergency law, to be able to use this not so well tested as some claim, vaccine.

          Then there is the PCR test, and the Gorman Drosten papers. Those papers are the base of the measurements in all or most countries.

          I had to register again to reply, so not sure I can post links yet.

          I like to to point to the review from a group of scientist, who have a lot of criticism on how the pcr test is used.
          One of them Peter Borger, who has designed PCR test.

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          • Originally posted by Fanboy80 View Post

            Name checks out.
            Lol, really shouldn't be clowning with the name "Fanboy80"


            • Originally posted by lyamc View Post
              The silver lining in regards to antivaxxers is that the number of them is well below the herd immunity threshold
              Thanks Darwin!


              • Originally posted by piotrj3 View Post

                There is no quick and proper treatment in case of covid.

                What hospital can do only to you is :
                a) give you steroids TO PREVENT your immune system going too far rampage and killing own organism trying to fight virus,
                b) give antibiotic to prevent bacteria infection growing in your lungs,
                c) give you respiratory to make breathing easier

                There is no magical medicine that kills covid viruses, In every single case, doctor tries to make patient survive long enough until immune system can get rid of disease on its own, but it takes time. Remdesvir has severe side effects, and isn't that highly effective, some tests show that medicine is quite ineffective.
                Evidence based medicine shows that there are effective treatments, especially with repurposed drugs. Spoiler alert, those are mostly old, well tested and known, patents-free (do you see the irony on linux forum?) and cheap - so there's no incentive to promote them. They are even a threat for other, profitable enterprises. What you described is one of officially allowed procedures, but it's far from being the only one available and, what's worse, not to effective.

                Originally posted by Brane215 View Post
                Linus should stick to kernel development:
                That's long, but if you look at chapters in description, you can jump to repurposed drugs, interesting remarks about Remdesivir (02:01:42) and many systemic issues that show how we ended up here. Of course it's a high level overview, but many mentioned publications are available online and it explains why some information is disregarded and just can't get through to people.


                • Originally posted by ddriver
                  Imagine how fun it will be, if only one of the widely deployed vaccines backfires with a severe long term side effect.
                  You are just ranting a sad story now, but imagine this: the whole human race fights off a deadly pandemic, every last person gets vaccinated, and then Earth gets hit by a mega asteroid.

                  If you cannot laugh and find nothing funny anymore then chances are you are depressed and the pandemic got to you. Laughing is medicine and laughing at fools for being foolish is not a "mental condition". You want to check yourself and might want to get some help for yourself.

                  My suggestion for you is to do some sports. Get outside, play football, get grass stains on your knees, take a little risk, ride a bike down a hill, feel the rush of adrenaline, and so on. Life is more than just sitting in the basement and being afraid of the world.
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                  • Originally posted by blackiwid View Post
                    Nice moving the goal post... and yes I see that this here is now a tribal thing, I show a source for the common knowledge between virologists that such vaccines accelerate mutations. With a source that should not be controversial for pro vaccinates (npr) with a known concept that is called evolutionary pressure. Especially the in many country promoted consequence to delay the 2nd vaccine in favor of vaccinating faster more people is very dangerous.
                    In what way did I move the goalpost when it's your own lack of reading comprehension that brought you to this? You keep rambling on about things as though they're counter-points, but they're not.
                    Read the first paragraph of that article and it already shows you once again have reading comprehension issues. It's saying if your immune system isn't responsive enough, a mutation of the virus can still infect you. This isn't the same BS claim you're pulling out that vaccines cause mutations. Seriously, do you even listen to yourself? Do you understand the biological benefit of a virus that mutates? It's pretty much so it can avoid an immune system. It baffles me I have to even explain this.
                    But yet you make the statement that vaccinations reduce mutations, when science say that it's at least as likely if not more likely that it helps to create mutations. I can proof my statement with sources, of scientists saying that, you base your statements on nothing or "gut feeling" or a feeling, yet you get likes for fake news... and I get none... so... don't complain if people want to believe what they want to believe and are not open for good arguments, if you all are exactly the same.
                    I really can't believe you're that dense. If everyone vaccinates now, the virus doesn't get a chance to mutate any further. Mutations don't happen immediately. Y'know how evolution works, right? The fact we've already seen multiple covid mutations in less than 2 years is alarming. So far, the mRNA vaccines are shown to fight all variants, but that isn't guaranteed to remain true and it isn't yet known the effectiveness is against all existing variants. Now let me spell it out for you where hopefully it'll click and you realize how ignorant you're being:
                    Every time the virus gets to spread, it has a chance to mutate. Not a high chance, but a significant non-0 chance.
                    Every time it mutates, there's a good probability it will be "incompatible" with at least one of the vaccines, or, with some people.
                    Should a virus bypass the vaccine, that means its genes are "stronger" than the others, where it has a greater chance of multiplying and spreading to other people.
                    As the virus continues to spread, it will still have a chance of mutating, where it can then have a higher probability of infecting other people who were previously immune.
                    Then the cycle goes on repeat.
                    So get this concept through your thick head: the only way to prevent the cycle from continuing is to stop it while it's still relatively early. The only way to do that is if everyone agrees to vaccinate now. We're currently at a good point where ostensibly, most variants can be stopped by most vaccinated people. 100% certainty isn't possible, but we don't need 100%. Whether vaccinated or not, if you are the only one infected surrounded by people who are immune, the virus won't spread.
                    But don't just take my word for it - look at infection rates of places where 50% or more of the population has been fully vaccinated, and you'll find a very steep drop from the beginning of the year. Seems to me that even just a single dose was enough to cause a significant decline. Should these places pull a New Zealand and lock their borders as soon as there are no more infections, we can consider the vaccine a success for that region.
                    Your whole identity is to be a vaccinator and to hate anti-vaccinators it's a sports club for you, but that is not how science work...
                    Says the one who insists I said something different, because it allows you to get in a hissy fit, and then you misinterpret what actual scientists say, because it suits your narrative...
                    Let me guess, you also believe Earth is flat and that the Moon landing was a hoax? Because to be an anti-vaxxer is no different than those. To be an anti-vaxxer is to be anti-science. As I've stated before, it's okay to be hesitant, because there is nothing irrational about waiting for more testing. Granted, we have finite time, so the wait is actually hurting progress, but again, it's not irrational. What is irrational (or at least selfish or malicious) is avoiding it regardless of wanting more data. I actually look at the numbers and charts. I follow the logic of the people who actually research this stuff. That includes the people who you linked to, because they're not wrong, you just misinterpreted what they're saying.
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                    • Originally posted by sdack View Post
                      If you cannot laugh and find nothing funny anymore then chances are you are depressed and the pandemic got to you. Laughing is medicine and laughing at fools for being foolish is not a "mental condition". You want to check yourself and might want to get some help for yourself.
                      So you are all set then, you can spend your life looking at a blank wall and laughing about it.

                      I didn't say anything about not being able to laugh at or not finding anything funny, just that a dangerous and deadly pandemic isn't. But way to sneak in an insinuation that I might be depressed to project your mental illness onto someone else for the sake of your oblivion, making you the most obvious case of mental issues I've seen in a while. You are literally by the book.

                      Life is more than just sitting in the basement and being afraid of the world.
                      Spoken like a true basement dweller. Project much? That's 3 hits in that one post...
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