Ozone-Wayland is an Intel project implementing native support for Google's Chrome/Chromium web-browser on Wayland.

Ozone-Wayland Linux & Open-Source News

Chrome Is Reaching The Point Of Good X11 + Wayland Support In Same Build   Google   2020-05-31
Igalia Continues Working On Wayland & Accelerated Media Decode In Chromium On Linux   Wayland   2018-05-26
Igalia's Battle Getting Chromium Running Nicely On Wayland   Wayland   2018-02-04
Google Chrome 50 Released With Wayland Support   Google   2016-04-13
Chromium Browser Support On Wayland Continues To Be Developed   Wayland   2015-10-29
X.Org & Wayland Can Both Co-Exist & Continue Marching Forward   Wayland   2014-12-28
Ozone-Wayland Release Adds Virtual Keyboard, Touch Support   Wayland   2014-03-26
RadeonSI Gets Fixed Up For XWayland With WLGLAMOR   Wayland   2014-03-18
Chromium Ported To Mir Display Server, Based On Wayland Code   Ubuntu   2014-03-04
Chromium On Wayland Keeps Advancing, Works On Tizen IVI   Google   2014-02-22
Chromium Browser Is Running Great On Wayland   Wayland   2014-02-07
Ozone-Wayland Continues Rising High   Google   2014-01-04
Wayland's Chrome "Ozone" Port Advances   Wayland   2013-12-03
Wayland-Based Chromium Browser Released   Intel   2013-11-11
Chromium On Wayland "Ozone" Continues   Wayland   2013-10-07
Chromium Ported To Wayland, Now Working   Wayland   2013-09-18