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Hardware Feedback Interface Linux & Open-Source News

Intel HFI Driver Will Quit Wasting CPU Cycles With Linux 6.10   Intel   2024-04-01
Intel HFI Driver Can "Save Tons Of CPU Cycles" By Only Enabling Itself When Needed   Intel   2024-02-27
Intel Posts Big Linux Patch Set For "Classes of Tasks" On Hybrid CPUs, Thread Director   Intel   2022-09-10
Linux 5.18 Preparing For Release - Especially Heavy With Many Intel & AMD Changes   Linux Kernel   2022-05-20
Linux 5.18 Power Management Brings Improvements For Both Intel & AMD   Linux Kernel   2022-03-28
Intel Hardware Feedback Interface "HFI" Driver Submitted For Linux 5.18   Intel   2022-03-21
Linux 5.18 To Bring New Intel Drivers, Optimization For AMD EPYC, C11 & Much More   Linux Kernel   2022-03-11
Intel PECI Code To Be Mainlined With Linux 5.18   Intel   2022-02-10
Intel Core i9 12900K "Alder Lake" Continues Moving In Right Direction With Linux 5.17   Intel   2022-02-08
Intel HFI To Premiere In Linux 5.18 For Improving Hybrid CPU Performance/Efficiency   Intel   2022-02-06
Intel HFI Code Revised For Improving Alder Lake's Hybrid Support On Linux   Intel   2021-12-30
Intel Preparing Linear Address Masking Support (LAM)   Intel   2020-12-24
GCC Getting Wired Up For Intel's Key Locker, UINTR, HRESET, AVX-VNNI   Intel   2020-10-14
Intel Discloses New CPU Instructions, Enhanced Hardware Feedback Interface (EHFI)   Intel   2020-10-03