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DebConf 12 Articles & Reviews

DebConf 12: Linux Gaming, Mobile, 64-bit ARMv8 Planning   Events   2012-07-15

DebConf 12 Linux & Open-Source News

Debian Launches A Diversity Sponsorship Travel Program   Debian   2015-06-17
AArch64/ARM64 Linux Kernel Work Still Ongoing   Linux Kernel   2012-08-16
Debian 8.0 Is Codenamed "Jessie"   Debian   2012-07-30
Debian Wants To Play In The Mobile Space Too   Debian   2012-07-14
Debian Looks To Improve Linux Gaming   Debian   2012-07-13
Debian Wants To Work With Its Offspring (Ubuntu)   Debian   2012-07-13
Decoupling GCC From Debian By Using LLVM/Clang   Debian   2012-07-11
Debian Wheezy To Take Up 73 CDs Or 11 DVDs   Debian   2012-07-10
Debian Developers Discuss UEFI SecureBoot Plans   Debian   2012-07-09
Debian Team Still Deciding On Wheezy Successor   Debian   2012-07-09