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EGMDE Linux News

EGMDE Is Still Being Hacked On As A Lightweight Mir...   Ubuntu   26 Jun 2020
Mir Made Good Progress Over The Holidays With Porting...   Ubuntu   11 Jan 2019
Mir 1.1 Released With EGLStreams KMS Support To Work...   Ubuntu   18 Dec 2018
Ubuntu Mir's EGMDE Desktop Getting Experimental...   Ubuntu   17 Nov 2018
Mir Is Back To Running On Phones, Thanks To UBports   Ubuntu   08 Sep 2018
Mir's EGMDE "Edge" Now Has Experimental X11...   Ubuntu   28 Aug 2018
Mir's EGMDE Desktop Is Now Available From The Snap...   Ubuntu   07 Aug 2018
Mir 0.32 Released With Much-Improved Wayland Support   Ubuntu   29 Jun 2018
Mir 0.32 Is Inching Close To Release With Many...   Ubuntu   15 Jun 2018
Mir Is Running On Arch Linux; Mir Also Progressing...   Ubuntu   26 May 2018
Logind Support For Mir Is Getting Closer To Working   Ubuntu   11 May 2018
Mir's EGMDE Example Desktop Is Becoming A Bit More...   Ubuntu   03 May 2018
Hacking With Mir's EGMDE Desktop To Support Different...   Ubuntu   15 Apr 2018
Mir Wayland Cut/Copy/Paste Support Being Worked On   Wayland   09 Apr 2018
EGMDE: The Example Mir Desktop Environment   Ubuntu   31 Mar 2018