What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 2]
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 30 October 2011. Page 2 of 10. 15 Comments

1101: When I first used the Gnomeshell, its not easy to get in to that. So I moved to Unity and I felt something ease but not in terms of Design. I appreciate the Gnomeshell design&polish but not user friendly.

1102: 1) Bring Aero-snap like functionality to the 2.x branch!
2) Add option to GDM *NOT* to list the users' names, but instead leave a blank field to type in
3) Add easy way to sanely move horizontal panels to vertical edges, without weird UI results (has anyone got it that most screens are WIDE nowadays?)

Why some much time and effort in developing a great tablet GUI for use on desktop computers? Microsoft is doing something like it with Win8, Canonical has done it with Unity...has everyone become insane all of a sudden? Could we please *please* have a decent desktop GUI, you know, for use with mouse and keyboard?

1103: multi-screen like in 2.x not the crap that it is now

listen and pay attention to your users

1104: - Switching applications without invalidating the whole screen so the brain needs to: "window --rescan whole desktop--> window overview -> window"
- So get back a real panel, PLEASE!
- Get back applets e.g. cpu monitor

In Gnome 3.x I use the window overview for switching between applications. It's absolutely horrible and a usability catastrophe, that just for switching from one application to another there is this extreme movement of windows forcing you brain to revalidate the whole desktop.

1105: The default applications
The launcher menu
More bling required

All the best

1106: accessibility of configuration tools, which are lost due to change to gnome 3.

possibility to use advanced settings, which were available in gnome2, but lost in gnome3

re-enable advanced settings like gnome2.x had

offer possibility using gnome as a desktop, gnome3.x feels like a mobile OS thus far, what I don't want on an pc or laptop

otherwise improve the "legacy mode" hard, so it's au pair to gnome2.x.

1107: All my three suggestions could be synthetized as:
"More options to configure it"
I know you want to keep it clear, but an "advanced options" button would be nice, at least you could put beside it the not userfriendly but necessary options, like setting the screen DPI or let the dock not vanish and so on.. :P

1108: Fork Gnome 2.x and go on
Kill Unity

Who needs Gnome 3 ? Users are much more conservative than you possibly imagine!

1109: 1) Better Alt+Tab functionality
2) More config options in Control Panel
3) Good On-screen keyboard

I have never been so happy with a linux desktop environment as I am with GNOME 3. It seems complete, intuitive, elegant and fun to use. Please keep up the awesome work and always remember that "Less > More".

1110: Please a dock that works and/or some sort of taskbar, look to avant window navigator for that.
Working color calibration settings would be nice, too.

1111: GNOME 3.0 looks really clean with rounded corners, fonts, colors, etc.

1112: epiphany should not jump to the other screen in a dual head setup.

better windowmanagement (but I expect that may come with gnome3)

1113: - improving "driving by keyboard". Especially on a laptop it's pretty annoying when you're used to use shortcuts to navigate, and suddenly you're forced to use a tiny touchpad to get focus on a desired item
- easy way to customize the panel
- improving the applications menu. Maybe it's fine on a touchpad, but it's a pain in the ass on a standard PC

Keep up the good work, Gnome 3 has much potential!

1114: GNOME 2.x some performance updates would be nice
GNOME 3.0 A return of the task bar for Desktop use, old style menu would also be nice

Please consider two paters in gnome 3 Desktop and Tablet and bring the feel of Desktop back to Ganome 2.
Oh and i love wot you did on the back end keep up the good work with that.

1115: Too much mouse moving when in "activities" screen

1116: Smaller Task/Statusbar
Tiling Windows support

1117: Better accessibility.

Thank you for the hard work.

1118: Just say no to unity ;-)

1119: Please don't be to heavy in future years. Keep an eye on not so powerful systems.

1120: A more advanced file manager - like Directory Opus on the Amiga or Total Commander on Windows.

Make panels work better vertically on my low but wide screen PC.

Please do not change the basics just for the sake of change. Like Ubuntu just did with Unity. You have a good thing going.

1121: Reconsider GNOME 3.

1122: GUI philosophy. Light, simple, configurable, applets friendly

What is the replacement for gnome-applets on bars at the bottom and top of the screen? Those applets are very useful.
Gnome is also loosing its speed, which some time ago was main advantage over KDE (for me).

1123: 1. Restore desktop functionality
2. Fork the "tablet" into a separate release
3. Deep thought about why the change from 2.x was so radical

Stop killing a successful DE. Gnome 2 was done right, 3 shouldn't be what it is. It's just wrong.

1124: More settings.
More GUI system tools.
I have a desktop pc, not a 17'' tablet pc.

I appreciate your work, Gnome 3 is a good, pretty and stable desktop environment. But has some major shortcomings that should be basic in a desktop environment. Poor customization, more time (clicks) to find an application, hidden options.

1125: Keep gnome2 alive.
Keep gnome2 alive.

Gnome3 is pure garbage and I will never use it

1126: Add tiling window management in Gnome.

1127: The attitude and the attitude and the attitude

See above

1128: 1. Version 3 is too much of a resource hog.

2. Version 3 values form over substance-it takes more clicks to get work done.

3. I like to put menus and application launcher icons on the bottom panel, with clock/volume/calendar and open programs on the top panel. I also considered the Applications/Places/System menu in Gnome 2 to be the best way of organizing menus I've used.

Return to version 2.

I intend to avoid Gnome 3 and on my home desktop have switched to XFCE. My work computers still run Gnome 2.

1129: Nice Job! Keep it up!

1130: 1. Configuration
2. More flexibility (not only "default" config, but user created too)
3. Somehow package extensions into one file (maybe gzipped or something?)

Please let users use GNOME as they want (i.e. horrible thing with deleting files [nearly no trash]). It is important for me to be able to remove and add icons to top bar in GNOME 3.x (i.e. I don't need accesibility icon, but monitor manager icon is needed [from extension]). I hope that GNOME will mature, keep your good work ;)


1132: - theming should be part of system settings, with a real interface to change it (not the barebone gnome-tweak-tool)
- gnome-tweak-tool must either be integrated in system-settings or be gone
- panels should be more configurable (e.g. what corner activate the bottom panel, or having panels on a second monitor too)

Keep up the good work

1133: 1. Low hardware requirements.
2. Easily accessible configuration and modification for desktop environment.
3. Easy to use for novice, but don't hide/remove options for advance users.

People asked and asked for 3.0 and funny (strange) what you get after releasing GNOME 3.

1134: 1) Bring back the now lost V2.0 functionality. Gnome shell does not cut my cake.
2) Substitute all of the gnome VFS "mounts" with real fs mounts that can be accessed by any software.
3) Add pervasive "undo functionality" to everything

Drop the shell, or at least the attitude that comes with it.

1135: - More configuration and customization options. Different people really do have different needs.

- Bring back the DPI setting. Most displays in reality do not actually have a 96DPI panel, and subpixel font rendering without the ability to actually configure it to correct DPI for your display is not going to work correctly.

- Quick shortcuts for programs inn the dash panel, or a way to access your programs with less mouse-clicking all over the screen. While searching for programs is nice, it's also nice to be able to access all of them with two mouse clicks like the application menu on Gnome 2 allowed you to do.

You are still developing the best desktop environment on any OS. Keep up the good work. :)

...and really, it *is* possible to have a clean and simple default desktop while at the same time maintaining the flexibility for people to customize it to better fit with the ways how they prefer to work. Although I'm sure you'll add more of that in the future, right? ;)

1136: Make nautilus and rhythmbox faster (startup, responsetime, and all)
Nothing more I can think of, I'm pretty happy with gnome 2 :)

More focus on responivness (snapiness) of gnome-applications.

1137: - Fewer clicks to get to applications

- Keep up the good work !
- One of the reasons I started using Gnome was for the TV tuner programs not loosing signal after a few minutes, like it happens on KDE. ;)

1138: Reliability and compatibility of the GNOME Shell stuff
More settings directly exposed
Cloud integration w/o pulling in Evolution

1139: 1) In Gnome 3, bring back all the settings such as font size and DPI selection, themes, that were available in gnome 2.
2) Create a way to easily switch windows so you can visually select and click the window you want to bring to the top like the gnome 2 bottom bar allowed.
3) bring back minimize and maximize buttons in titlebar

Please ensure that a fully featured fallback to gnome2 style layout is available going forward in gnome 3. Things like being able to select font size and DPI are fundamentally important and make gnome unusable on some screens.

1140: - Get rid of Mono and anything related
- Re-add the old-style visible scrollbars
- Fix panel applets regularly appearing in the wrong order

While one kernel for anything from phones to supercomputers may work, maybe one desktop environment for tablets, laptops and workstations is not such a good idea.

1141: 1) Use Maximus by default for most windows, or at least merge the window title with the top bar (where the date/time is)

2) Do not automatically close the wireless menu whenever a wireless event occurs (makes selecting an access point out of a big list, a nightmare)

3) Start new wifi scan immediately everytime the wireless accesspoint list is opened (Network Manager)

1142: 1. Show more settings

2. Better application switching without keyboard

3. More flexible customisability

1143: More customization/configuration options. Better multi-monitor support. Spend some more time on enhancing Nautilus (look at Nautilus Elementary/Marlin).

Evolution needs to be lighter and provide better support for MS Exchange or is should be dropped.

I'll be sticking with Unity as my GUI but I like the GNOME3 work that has gone on so far - keep going!

1144: 1. Take back Gnome Shell
2. Again: Take back Gnome Shell
3. And again: Take back Gnome Shell

GNOME had been a very nice desktop environnment. One of its most sympathetic features had been reliability. But all of that is destroyed, GNOME now is a battle field. With GNOME 3 you went from sophisticated to unusable. You ruined GNOME.

1145: 1. Gnome 3.2 is remarkably slower then 3.0, so 'speed up Gnome'
2. Make more options GUI-configurable
3. Keep up the direction you've taken on - can't wait for gnome 3.x to land in Debian stable (my office environment)

I suppose it's not easy deciding whether to force decisions onto the users or accepting user-input before making certain decicions. I have never felt the need to get into contact with the devs, but I have seen a lack of communication from dev to users (discussions in ML don't count as communication). A simple blog with 1 relatively small post a week could make a big difference...

1146: 1) Bring back some missing and important configuration options from Gnome 2.x series to 3.x

2 / 3) Nothing more.

1147: I like it as it is. Gnome 2.

Make the Gnome 3 fallback a stable version of Gnome 2.

1148: Invest more work in the GNOME3 fall back mode.
Make fallback mode easier to find for those who prefer the old way of working.
Easier to find tasks to help with GNOME. (EG Proof reading documents, Writing documentation, Bug triaging etc)

Invest more work in the GNOME3 fall back mode and make it more visable. I would like the choice of a mature, stable, supported GNOME2 style interface with the benefits of GTK3 etc.

1149: -a more useful 'top panel', except for the date/time, Activities, sound and wireless all this space is 'dead' for me.
- an 'anti system overload' mechanism : if for e.g. I make a video with pitivi, all the system resources are used by it, and, for e.g., my firefox browser is crawling... especially with the ugly Flash Player. A better balanced usage of the resources could be a plus !
- a super 'anti freeze' : sometimes by desktop is freezing (for e.g. with phoronix test suite and the sensor test), some kind of mechanism (ctrl+alt+del ?) should be available to unfreeze everything, open a terminal or something to kill the offending application.

1150: Stop breaking the standard desktop experience everyone is used to. If I need a media center, I will use some media center app.

1151: For Gnome 3 :
- the applications icons are really messy, although they can be classified by type
- a better tweaking interface, it's a bit tricky to customize everything
- Nautilus didn't really evolve (and I lost one great feature, the rollover preview on mp3 files !)

I love Gnome 3 ! It's a really great evolution.
I was a Gnome 2 user, and the transition was easier than I thought.

Keep up the good work !

1152: Don't be so afraid of Canonical, Ayatana is a good thing.

1153: more costumizable for powerusers.
solid default is fine but more advanced options would really be a win.
gnome3 seems to have a powerfull foundation, why not be more open with it to users? (advanced theming..)

keep up the great work.
but why must beginners desktop exclude powerusers? gnome is a programm not a inflexible stone!

1154: Less integrated stuff, more optional and modular. Better Window Composing. Clean out cruft and optimize.

1155: disclaimer: haven't tried gnome 3.x yet (those might be fixed/done already)

- add ability to remove/reorder (some) indicators
- fix the preferences/settings mess
- add a way to easily tile windows. One way to do it is like in Windows 7: drag to the edge of the screen resizes the window to take half the screen. I'm open to other options, but having to move + resize, even with current keyboard shortcuts is a pain.

Keep the good stuff coming in, and don't force half-implemented features on users even if they will probably be great when they are completed (Canonical/Ubuntu does this a lot recently and I hate them for it)

1156: 1 - Gnome-shell: It should not be the default
it should rather be called "experimental tablet interface"

One size does NOT fit all!!!
Desktop users don't want a user interface designed for tablets

2 - The fallback experience should actually be usable

3 - Did you notice Brasero actually sucks more and more?

It may be news for you, but some people actually do use their linux desktop to perform some real work and not just dick around starring at the 3D bullshit.

Once you have lost enough users, can you please make the fallback experience feature equivalent to what was gnome2 and call it something like "Advanced desktop mode"?

Do you guys realize that a desktop environment's only purpose is to let the user do what he has to do and get out of the way?

1157: - Add a Zoom similar to compiz's
- More integration with Zeitgeist
- Get more compatibility with Mozilla products (more modular backend for web/email)

I am a developer but I still really like the direction that Gnome 3 is taking. The Javascript/HTML5 rendering backend will probably become one of the most important feature in Gnome 3. Give the ability to any GTK apps to run in a browser is a great way of attracting ISVs. I think the transition from Gnome 2 to Gnome 3 was a massive step for Usability and user friendliness. Sure it needs to be more polished and more tunable but all in all it is a great product. Keep up the good work.

1158: animation for desktop display

1159: Improve system-configure-printer-applet

1160: Bring back Gnome 2

Bring back Gnome 2 and focus on speed and memory usage

1161: If you drop a product from your desktop package, such as when you dropped Eye of Gnome in favour of Shotwell, then make sure that you have a migration procedure in place.

The Gnome website is very limited. I always find it hard to find things there, and there it feels really stale. It's as if things are intentionally missing to comply with useability standards or something, but it criples the site. It reminds me of auto-documenatation in development tools that create documentation based on code comments.

Please don't cripple configuration tools for the sake of useability guidelines. The monitor tool for example has become so basic that I can't really do anything with it apart from see some info about my setup. If there is one thing that still sucks on Gnome compared to Windows, it's _correct_ auto-detection of screens and the ability to control them through the Monitor config tool. Please integrate Xrandr controls into this tool so that I don't have to write 10 commands every time I connect a screen to my laptop either with HDMI.

Keep up the (in general) good work, but please work faster! Progress feels quite slow with Gnome, with the exception of the newly released version. Too many small changes, too infrequently.

1162: more configurable
get the old 2.x panel back for those who want it.

1163: Remove eye-candy to improve speed and reduce memory usage.
Add window tiling support which includes removal of window decoration.
Improve nautilus keyboard only usage.

Do not focus on tables and netbooks. This makes daily office work hard.

1164: Widgets- to use desktop area instead of leaving it empty and not used.

1165: Make alt-tab behave normal
Make it easy to customize to my kind of work.
Bring back the logic ...

I would like to have the desktop to adapt to me, not the other way around.
Call it GNOME Tablet or something like that, than people know not to use it on a laptop or desktop.

1166: More Qt/KDE friendly

Make it more integrated into Qt/KDE

1167: Better Plugin System
Debug strange Networkmanager behaveior (Always opens two dialogs when it can't connect two a wireless network. One for gnome-shell and one in gtk2 style.)
Weather App

Keep up the good work

1168: I have not yet switched to Gnome3 (waiting for 3.2 arriving in gentoo) but playing a bit with it on a Live CD. What I'm missing:
- Freely customizing the theme (such that also Qt Apps get it ;-) ); Maybe a xdg theme specification.
- Synchronization of computers in a LAN without using Internet (e.g. google) - So sharing the same addresses, password (naturally encrypted), ... on my desktop as well on my laptop (both will uses the same Gnome version). Nice would also be to share an address book with my wife.

1169: Attitude of developers

Listen to your long time users, I have been accused of trolling when I criticised gnome, then Linus Torvalds said the exact same thing...

1170: More customization options for advance users
better supports for touch input ...

keep up the good work ...

1171: 1. Monitor settings
2. More customize options
3. Easy customize

More documents and how-tos.

1172: 1. Bring back the tray and applets
2. Make things more accesible (I don't need 100 clicks to launch a program)
3. Put the user in control by giving access to more advanced configuration options

It seems you are going in a wrong direction with the new shell

1173: I really miss the default desktop, with the task bar at the bottom. I think I will soon change to xfce.

1174: GDM, it does its job, but i miss the configurability of the old one.
NetworkManager, wifi/wwan integration needs more effort in usability and stability.
Adopt a decent multimedia player.

Gnome now is a desktop environment, i would like to see future versions become more and more a complete operating system.

If you look a at MS Windows or Apple OSX you will see a level of consistency that is not available on open source platforms. I think the vision of the project should be to migrate from Windos, OSX and some random GNU/Linux distribution to Windows, OSX and Gnome.

1175: Better configuration of graphic tablets.

Less ugly interface.

No shoving tablet interfaces on desktop and laptop users.

Please don't remove configuration options that already exist in Gnome and that people depend on.

Please be polite and respectful (f.e. bug reports), trying to act like human beings would make a world of difference.

Please stop saying something would be to complex for users when the fact is you just don't have the time or the will to implement it yourselves, please accept when others implement them, even if it's not from you and you're to proud to even consider others can have different needs than you.

If it takes more steps to achieve than before, it's not an improvement.

If you can no more achieve what was possible before, it's not an improvement.

Even newbies have needs you don't have and can't foresee - please try to listen to your users. People need to do complex stuff not because they're power users, but because their work/occupation requires it - stop dismissing people needs as "power users needs".

1176: - Create a panel where applets/widgets can be docked
- Make desktops horizonal and its number customizeable
- Remove universal access buttons and online account thing

Listen to the community and provide methods to be customize the desktop environment. Innovation is good but I was glad that you are not behaving like Apple. I really tried Gnome shell but productivity decreased remarkably.

1177: Make it more keyboard friendly.
Make it more stable. (default OTB fedora experience sucks. I am aware this has nothing to do with the gnome team)
Make it lighter/less visual animations/bloat.

Change the default browser to something lighter.
Sort applications by category so that people who do not know the name of the application they are looking for can find it without actually having to look it up on Google.

1178: some tips for poweruser

1179: Add back features to gnome:
- easy way to make shortcuts for shell scripts/ non package manager installed binary applications
- enable nautilus handing desktop
- easy built-in support for gnome-shell extensions and themes

Gnome shell over time gets slower on ATI drivers - this can get serious sometimes (tested on f16 beta and ubuntu)

Please support more configuration options cia gnome-tweak-tool or something else, make it a requirement so its always present.

Please fix some graphical issues with default gnome-shell theme, for example icon fonts are too small, unreadable in 1600x1200 resolution.

1180: - a (not too) basic, functional and light image editor for uses less potent than Gimp, and without Mono (no Pinta).

- more options to configure, instead of being emprisoned by the choice of the developpers (as in pressing alt to be able to shutdown)

- Shell extensions, damn it!

1181: ability to sync settings across devices
elementary-like breadcrumbs in nautilus

GNOME is great!

1182: 1. Use HW acceleration not for fancy effects, but performance. Effects are OK where they do not degrade performance. E.g. I don't need this running desktop effect when switching between different workspaces, just give me the workspace as fast as you can. (that's one of the reasons I don't use compiz).

2. Why there is so much disk activity when screen is locked and blanked and I move my mouse to get the un-lock dialog?

3. Only single panel on top.

Great work! However, I cannot imagine migrating to GNOME 3 at the moment.

1183: Revert to traditional desktop metaphore

More support for advanced users to customize the experience

Less resource intensive/better performance (in particular giving full resources to full screen 3D games)

Your decision to switch desktop metaphore for GNOME 3.0 will almost certainly push me over to KDE

1184: - more Compiz stuff for Gnome3 (slightly wobbly windows + snapping ! PLEASE!)
- persistent/visible application list/overview in Gnome3 (e.g. like old school panel) to see all available hidden windows without the need to switch into overlay mode or ALT-TAB
- more transparent customization options ( Gnome3 requires "tweak" tool to set basic font size ... "Wie krank ist das denn ?" ... sick !)

Please stop simplification ! Gnome shouldn't try to align with lazy and incurious generation "Apple". Yes- a desktop has to work had has to be "simple", but it should be driven by wizards on it's own.
I'm still the person who want's to decide ...

1185: - Complete Integration of Thunderbird and its Calendar-Extension
- Get rid of the huge titlebar (allow to collapse the titlebar similar to Firefox on Windows)

Gnome 3 is a great an big step forward. Keep up this great work!

1186: 1.The list of the applications takes too much time to be displayed in the gnome-shell: in this aspect it appears slower than Unity (which is already slow in my taste)
2.The default theme wastes too much space, also in a 1366x768 monitor: the Gnome-Shell bar should be a bit smaller.
3.There should be an official and well done white variant of the gnome shell adwaita theme.

I feel the need of a better appearance customization tool for settings like fonts, icons, theme etc. Gnome-Tweaker is not comparable with what we used to have in the old Gnome 2...

1187: More customizable panel in 3.2 version.
Properly get the old setup & put in place for new desktop or make a migration tool (i had useful links at my old GNOME 2.x that i would like to easy put on GNOME 3.2)

Keep up improving the user experience, fixing user`s complaints and don`t forget to be able to user`s customizations. :)

1188: Documentation, Windows decorator, mailing-lists

Work on Epiphany, add extensions to it, make it better!

1189: * Easiest way to change/modify the default configuration (for exameple, adding a launcher for a personnal script in favorite applications)
* Possibility to run gnome without accelerated graphic card (I do not need shadow effect or other similar things)
* 2D virtual desktops (instead of 1D, only vertical)

It becomes really hard to personalize a little bit the gnome environment (adding a launcher for a personnal script for example). In fact, for me, now, gnome is an all or nothing environment. Either the default setup is ok for the people and then it works correctly. Or there are some things to adapt/modify but it becomes really harder at each new version. I think I will probably switch to lxce or kde after a long time with gnome (since it is the default environment in Debian). My current experiments with gnome3 (for about 5 days) is not successful at all. It is very nice, beautiful, but it is not adapted for my needs.

1190: lighter
less complex

1191: Better a11y and recover the shutdown button

1192: Add Miller columns to Nautilus
Do something about Nautilus being incredibly slow
Make config tools usable for more than changing desktop background (hint: check MacOS)

Listen to your users.

1193: Currently using XFCE since Gnome2 is dying. Please give us sane window controls / an app menu

1194: 1.Include a more developed classic session for desktops, and the Shell for touch devices.
2.More configuration options. (themes, disable blanking/screensaver)

Great software, but I feel it's continually "in development".

1195: Better communication towards nVidia AND ATI! Work as a team together to deliver a perfect working Desktop.

Better communication towards nVidia AND ATI! Work as a team together to deliver a perfect working Desktop.

1196: 1) Base it on something other than GTK+ (I hate C, love C++) maybe Qt would be cool.
2) More customization.
3) Main development System (Language with its IDE).

1197: 1. provide an 'advanced' or 'expert' mode for system preferences that allow access to *all* configuration options! Consider making this the default mode.

2. integration of zeitgeist and the activity journal! Support every opened file of every application (specifically including vim, eclipse).

3. document every and all dconf and gconf parameters that can be used to configure the desktop and applications! Extract that list automatically during the build process. Provide this documentation or a link to it in the "help" information of every application.

Continue your great work!

1198: - What are my open windows?
* I want to directly go to one of my open windows

- Bring back the old workspace
* Why should it be a drag and drop?
* It is an eye candy, but speed???

1199: * More customisation, i.e. allow the top panel to be more configurable in 3.x.

* Don't go backwards in terms of functionality/features, i.e. world clock has lost it's shadow map of the Earth... simple thing/example but important (for me at least).

* Don't force things on users, allow some kind of classic/semi classic behaviour.

* Fix the way bugs are handled... I submitted a full bug report + patch + another used posted a patch for a simple problem, nobody from GNOME ever said anything about it nor fixed it... why?


1200: 1. drag & drop support for activities!
I usually open my folder , open TOTEM, right click on the totem,set "always on top",select music, drag music into playlist.

better if open totem, open folder, select music, super-key, drop. that's the convenience of gnome2 with dock support!

ps : what if i want to open file without a mime type with gedit ? i cant simply double-click it

2. notification counter
sometimes i leave my pc for a toilet break, someone chat and i missed the notification. can't you create a notify tab (next to the program tab) in the menu ? add a number notification besides the activity button.

3. better suspend
my suspend ALWAYS broke down. the screen stays black for no reason. the solution? press the power button for shutdown, then on the pc again. It's annoying !3

documentation how to create extensions.
full documentation of GObject usage , with an example in javascript.

if the documentation are easy to read, i won't be bitching in question 22. i will make it myself !

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