ASUS Blitz Extreme
Written by Michael Larabel in Motherboards on 1 October 2007. Page 4 of 9. Add A Comment


To no real surprise, ASUS had loaded up an American Megatrends Inc (AMI) BIOS on the Blitz Extreme. Found inside the AMI BIOS are all of the standard and advance settings that gamers and enthusiasts have come to expect from ASUS, especially with this being a Republic of Gamers motherboard. The ASUS Extreme Tweaker options include AI overclocking, CPU ratio control, CPU level up, FSB strap to northbridge, DRAM frequency, DRAM command rate, DRAM timing control, DRAM static read control, DRAM dynamic write control, and transaction booster. The CPU voltage on the Blitz Extreme can be pushed all the way up to 1.9V while the DDR3 memory can hit 3.04V.

The hardware monitor area of the BIOS supports monitoring the CPU, motherboard, northbridge, and southbridge temperatures as well as the OPT1 temperature if attached. There is also protection against northbridge and southbridge overheating. Last but not least, there is monitoring support for the fans and voltage rails.

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