AMD Phenom II X3 On Linux

Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 26 May 2009 at 07:29 AM EDT. Page 4 of 11. 28 Comments.

We started with a round of GraphicsMagick tests, which are very multi-threaded friendly thanks to the program's use of OpenMP. The stock Phenom II X3 710 was well in front of the AMD Phenom 9500 quad-core, but certainly behind the Intel Core i7 920. Only when overclocking the Phenom II X3 710 to 3.51GHz did it slightly outperform the stock Core i7 920 with the HWB Color Space conversion task. Overclocking the Core i7 920 even a modest amount would have led to a loss for the Heka processor.

At Local Adaptive Thresholding with GraphicsMagick, the Phenom II X3 710 never came close to outperforming the Intel Nehalem processor, even with overclocking. AMD really struggled in this task with the Phenom II X3 710 performing at the same speed as the older Phenom 9500.

The Intel quad-core CPU with Hyper Threading remained in front when it came to simple image resizing under GraphicsMagick. The Phenom II X3 710 was much faster than the quad-core Phenom 9500 and slowly crept up against the Nehalem when overclocking, but still was unable to knock away the Intel part.

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