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Come Play This New Linux-Native Game With Us!

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  • One for me too

    As a long time PC gamer I'd love to see more games with native linux clients, I still dual boot into XP to play games but I find that it is too much hassle, so lately I have been playing puzzle type games which run well under wine.


    • Beta key request

      I would love to try out this beta. I'm mad for supporting GNU/Linux titles and typically buy any native game i can get my hands on.

      I've recently bought:

      All penumbra series (long before the discounts, dang)

      Of course i want to continue building up my native game collection. Having to make stuff work in Wine can be a pain.

      I've experience giving feedback on game performance from the many MMO titles i've Beta'd as well. Looking forward to trying this game, beta or release version.


      • I would like to request a beta key so I can try out this new game.


        • Fire one off to me Michael if you can.


          • Beta key request

            Originally posted by phoronix View Post
            Phoronix: Come Play This New Linux-Native Game With Us!

            S2 Games may not be as well known as id Software or Epic Games, but what distinguishes them from most of the other game companies is that they actually support Linux. With S2 Games' Savage 2, for example they provide a Linux-native game client...

            I would love to get a beta key for this game. I live far away (Singapore), I'm unemployed and I have no friends. So, plenty of time to play!



            • Trying this game would be nice Please send me a beta key

              And with this time we get the native Linux version at the same time like the Win guys!!!

              Don't want to pay 45$ for a 2 year old game, e.g. for the recently ported games like Sacred.


              • I would love a beta key.


                • Long time reader here, finally pulled out my finger and registered.
                  Thanks first for the Test suite and so many interesting articles, and second for this fantastic offer.

                  I really enjoyed savage 1 and spent a good while playing it before the second was released. Unfortunately university got in the way of trying the sequel, but its still on my list of things to do.

                  Really excited about this, I really enjoy RTS and with 0A.D. and now this it looks to be a good year for Linux in this respect.

                  So finally can I have a beta key please? It could well be the intensive I need to get the ATI drivers set up properly.

                  Many thanks,


                  • I would like a Beta Key

                    I would like a beta key please. I think its great were finally getting more games native to linux - does anyone know if this game will have product activation?


                    • I played DotA for years, and I was waiting for a game like this for almost 3 years (wc3tft/DotA isn't so much fun using wine and fglrx)
                      I'd like to give you some usefull feedback and I allready enyoed playing savage 2 :-P