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Come Play This New Linux-Native Game With Us!

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  • Hi,

    I'd like to ask for three keys if possible. One will be used by me. My only native (VirtualBox with Win for testing platform independant apps I develop) Windows-installation is for games. The less I boot that, the better. The other two keys would be for two friends I play a lot with. One is almost converted ;-).

    Thank you Phoronix for bringing this to us. And thank you S2 for offering Linux-Games! Oh, and thanks for the beta of course ;-)


    • Keys sent out... Plenty of keys still left... Well, for as far as I know, an infinite number of keys are available to Linux users.
      Michael Larabel


      • Hello. Been following Phoronix for a while. Curious to see if/how it works with my r500 ati card under Ubuntu karmic (2.6.31), will compare to fglrx performance whenever that comes out for this kernel.

        I was thinking of trying to install Dungeon Siege 2 through wine, but this sounds more fun and much more linux-friendly Good luck to the developers and eventually on sales!


        • I would love to have a beta key as well. it's always nice to see NEW games with linux native clients!!


          • key request

            Hey, I can't say enough good things about S2 games. Savage 2 is a fun game and they seem to be still actively working on it. Game updates and balance mods seem to come on an almost strict schedule.

            I am also a fan of DoTA and can't wait to see what they've done with this game. So how about it, can I have a key?


            • Key please

              It's really nice to see a company give Linux real support! I was wondering recently what it would take for game companies to start making first class Linux versions of their software. What if a company with a large, rabid following like, say, Blizzard or Valve released a Linux version of their next game? I imagine a lot of other companies would follow. I'm not really sure why Blizzard is willing to consistently spend the development effort required to make Mac versions of their games (released at the same time, no less..) but they won't bother with Linux.

              But enough about them..

              Thanks for taking us seriously S2! Oh, and i'd like a key please.


              • I'd like a key aswell.


                • Hm... Strategy?

                  I don't like strategy games very much (Bring me ACTION babe!! mwahahahah!)
                  But, I would like to give this one a try. (Native Linux Client w00t )
                  I've signed up an account in phoronix just for this
                  Send me a key pleeeeeeeease?


                  • another lame request for a game key

                    I'd like to chime in and apply for one of those precious beta keys for the famous upcoming game from S2. Its been a while since there was a native Linux game of intrest to me but as a fan of magic and fantasy this one definitely is.
                    As an experienced member of the GNOME bugsquad team I'd be happy to honour S2 with good bug reports on the 64bit Linux platform.


                    • Sweet, finally some game studios are getting the hint. I love playing games, but have to always use windows, sadly slower than its free counterpart.

                      I'd love to have a key to play this game and help support gaming on linux.