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GNOME Improving Integration With systemd-homed, Mockups For An OS Installer

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    I need screen-sharing and prefer Gnome due to its integration with freerdp.

    RDP is miles ahead in Gnome. With Gnome 46 you are now able to even log in headless as the integration was pushed to the GDM level.

    Moreover, remote audio "just works" (including microphone)...


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      Originally posted by byteabit View Post

      I don't understand the argumentation. Windows 8 has nothing to do with GNOME on Linux...
      I think he meant the bullshit mobile interface shoved down everyone’s throats, same as gnome is doing.


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        Originally posted by uscracks94 View Post
        I the only problem for me is that it's Wayland only, I don't know how it's going to affect gaming performance on Nvidia gpu, but I am sure that System76 will figure something out
        Why does this f*** company keeps getting free passes like this?

        Ngreedia is one of the major reasons why Wayland is where it is, yet the damned cult members keep blaming everyone else but them.

        Yes, Wayland is not perfect, but cmon, stop making excuses for Ngreedia.


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          Meanwhile, me, happily runs gnome 46 on my 13 yo Atom N450, singlecore with 4GB RAM Laptop with touch input.

          I'm pretty happy about systemd-homed integration. I dont really care about the installer.


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            KDE news comment section:
            Normal talk about KDE quirks between KDE users.

            GNOME news comment section:
            Users trolling about a DE they don't use.


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              bcachefs news comment section:
              Users trolling about a FS they don't use.
              Fixed it for you


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                Originally posted by qarium View Post
                why do i even talk about my mother? very simple she is old and in pension now and if your shiny super beautiful desktop environment like gnome fails with these people then something is wrong.
                GNOME looks at different concerts from different operating systems. Most of all, GNOME seems to be inspired by Mac and Android, although they always have their own thoughts. I would say that someone who only knows smartphones and is sitting in front of a desktop PC for the first time would get along better with Gnome than with other systems and this trend will continue in the future, as the normal user will increasingly only know the smartphone. And that doesn't have to be a bad thing, mobile operating systems have the advantage that they don't have to carry around a lot of legacy systems that many users have got used to and are therefore much freer to implement new, better concepts


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                  Originally posted by Julien Bear View Post
                  Well it is fine that Gnome is usable after years. And good to know that it runs fine on your 64GB RAM high end PCs. However if COSMIC holds its promises, there is no reason to ever touch it again. That is a shame, because Gnome did a lot of bootstrapping work e.g. in the 3D acceleration and Wayland space, but so did Pulseaudio in the audio space and now it is replaced by Pipewire.
                  But the Linux Desktop in general is years behind Windows and MacOS in terms of "new" desktop features.

                  I don´t see a problem in flatpack, it is the logical conclusion that the application development in Linux is almost non existent, albeit there are some OS projects or server solutions. The reason is the fragmentation and only one decent GUI-kit (qt).
                  At work I also have to use Windows. TBH gnome is far ahead of new features. Batch renaming of multiple files? windows no, gnome sure (ok its nautilus I know but it is shipped with gnome and belongs to the gnome experience). Multiple workspace handling + proper tilling (gnome + auttotilling) yes. windows nai...

                  Im almost considering that you are a troll or you have never really used a most recent Gnome environment.
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                    Originally posted by hf_139 View Post

                    I wouldn't call whatever GNOME advertises as "proper desktop apps".
                    Their music player Amberol is literally a rip-off from the mobile app AIMP, but with less features.
                    And you aren't allowed to question their decisions. You shouldn't even try to use your own custom design or use them in any way that isn't their approved narrow fake-mobile environment, because: "Please don't theme our Apps".
                    I don't want to have an app anyway, i want to have an application.

                    GNOME is stuck in the outdated Windows 8 mindset. It just is like that.

                    No, flat design isn't modern. Flat design is more than a decade old and it was a temporary trend that got largely abandoned. GNOME is a decade behind everyone else.

                    KDE is not flat design and COSMIC is a middle thing. Not everything that has no shadows and no 3d shapes is automatically flat design.
                    Windows 8 is flat design. WIndows 10 not so much. GNOME is flat design.
                    I was using win 8 at that time and the only big difference to 7 was the startmenu and another theme.

                    Still dont get the analogy. By this measure KDE is still windows 95.

                    you remind me of some boomer folks who are getting confused by each windows increment win xp -> win 7...son where is the startmenu? cant find it.....damn why do they have to change everything with new versions?! its not usable anymore


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                      Originally posted by NeoMorpheus View Post

                      Why does this f*** company keeps getting free passes like this?

                      Ngreedia is one of the major reasons why Wayland is where it is, yet the damned cult members keep blaming everyone else but them.

                      Yes, Wayland is not perfect, but cmon, stop making excuses for Ngreedia.
                      underrated commt. Its so true.