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KDE Plasma 6.0 Ready For Release Next Week, Plasma 6.1 Seeing Early Feature Work

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    Originally posted by jeisom View Post

    That is for more common LCDs. CRTs supported that resolution in the 90s.
    We were rocking 19" Trinitron-tubed monitors (a mate scored a Digital second hand in add a few years to that) at 1080p in the nineties. I think I spent more on my new monitor than I did on the box.

    Back then, when you turned the monitor off, it was OFF. No half-lit room suspension crap.


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      Can't wait! I will celebrate this release with a full reinstall which is long overdue on my side.


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        Originally posted by V1tol View Post

        It is pointless for SMPlayer to migrate to Qt6 because it uses X11 embedding to spawn mpv process and display video inside its window. So simply saying, it works under XWayland. After long search I switched to QMPlay2 which uses libmpv directly and works perfectly under Wayland with Vulkan backend and stuff.
        I'm running smplayer just now with mpv and gpu-next, it's pure wayland, confirmed with xlsclients


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          Originally posted by stiiixy View Post
          The conflation of 'smart phone' to 'iPhone' and tablet/slate to 'iPad' is older than my 13 year old nephew who refuses to learn he utilises a mobile telephone and tablet/slate to conduct gameing sessions....

          The name game was lost on his mother's (my sister) generation in the naughties, because it's all their fault 😁

          Hyundai has a whole range of cars called (cringeingly) iWhatever, and amazingly weren't sued.

          In all fairness there's a company called iRobot that makes vacuums and in 2004, 3 years before the iPhone was released there was a movie called I, Robot staring Will Smith, where he went around slapping people that insulted his wife.

          The use of a product name in generic fashion predates iPhone by decades, I remember using Kleenex as a catchall for all tissue paper and Coke as a catchall for all sodas way back in the 70's.


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            Yeah, it can be a double edged sword whereby a product becomes common use, making it hard to defend its name rights because it was pushed so hard and became all-pervasive in everyday use.

            You forgot 'xerox' for photocopying 😁