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Linus Torvalds Encourages Kernel Developers & Everyone To Get Vaccinated

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  • Originally posted by ZeroPointEnergy View Post

    Yes, but do they fake death cases or are they just mislabeling them? Do you not see that it is completely irrelevant how those cases got labeled if you have numbers that are completely independent from anything related to covid that show that a lot more people are dying than normally over the year, and I mean A LOT. That anomaly alone can be used to get an idea about the mortality rate of covid, no labeling of doctors required.
    To me its very relevant.

    Because it determines. if there is a pandemic, or that the same people die as usual per year.

    If you look at the numbers you see a bit a wave pattern. One years its relative low, then the next year relative high.

    2018 or 2019 had a higher number of people dying. This year the flue seems to have almost disappeared.

    Has the flue gone or is somebody messing with the numbers ?

    Like the main stream media, calling a positive pcr test an infection.


    • Originally posted by aht0 View Post
      Covid mortality rate is highly variable. ...
      Let us say COVID had a 100% survival rate. So does a broken leg. But do you want it?! ... Fuck, no!

      Anti-vaxers rather break a leg than to walk carefully, because they have no experience, they only run, and now they hear that somebody who walked carefully got hit by a bus!

      What is also funny is that they can imagine the worst in vaccines, how big pharma and the state is behind it, but they cannot imagine the worst from a virus! To them is the virus something completely natural, never ever did it come from a lab, nor was it a government plot (they think they know this much...), but vaccines come from a lab! So vaccines must be evil and have to be a government plot!

      If this is not comedy, then what is it?


      • Originally posted by sdack View Post
        Let us say COVID had a 100% survival rate. So does a broken leg. (...)
        Fun fact, a broken leg can actually kill people. There is a chance of high blood loss and also for a so called fat embolism. If somebody has an open fracture and he refuses tetanus vaccination (i.e. bc it's evil and comes from big pharma), there is even the possibility of an extremely slow and painful death.


        • Originally posted by sdack View Post
          The virus can also only cause you to lose your sense of taste for months or permanently. You think a life without tasting drink and food is worth it?
          It might help against obesity since there'd be no need to chug gallons of sugar per month.


          • Originally posted by GinDiamond View Post
            Pretty sure Linus is a programmer, not a doctor. I am a programmer, not a doctor. We should not be bringing up "mRNA" or stuff like that in any argument, as it is 100% regurgitated by some talking head on the TV, who is also probably not a doctor. If we are to "trust the science", lets listen to actual scientists and not neckbeards like us.
            Doctor is an academic title, it has nothing to do with studying medicine or not, you could be a doctor in computer science, and in this case Linux actually does have honorary Doctor status.
            I do agree about your goal though, but since it's about facts/knowledge, I believe it should be properly stated.


            • Originally posted by sdack View Post
              Let us say COVID had a 100% survival rate. So does a broken leg. But do you want it?! ... Fuck, no!
              A broken leg doesn’t have a 100% survival rate…

              We happen to have treatment that fixes that. The best we have for treatment after you get covid is ventilators and Hydroxychloroquine and others listed above by Qaridarium

              Originally posted by sdack View Post
              Anti-vaxers rather break a leg than to walk carefully, because they have no experience, they only run, and now they hear that somebody who walked carefully got hit by a bus!
              That analogy doesn’t really work. The vaccine would be like a “getting hit by the bus simulator” that trains your immune system to spot a bus.

              Walking carefully may reduce your chances of getting hit by a bus, but it doesn’t remove it 100% from the realm of possibility.

              Anyways, people are antivaxers for different reasons.

              • Some people think the vaccine is harmful/untested/causes autism. Those people particularly are silly because “harmful” doesn’t compare it to anything else, like say the actual virus. Vaccines are infinitely less harmful than the virus that it is giving you immunity to.

              • Some people are antivaxxers/antimaskers because they don’t like being told what to do, regardless of how insignificant thing it is. These people, as annoying as they are, keep pressure on the government in other areas which I can at least somewhat appreciate. They’re exercising their freedoms and that’s fine.

              And I’m sure there are others.


              Regardless, I’ve already done the math weeks ago in regards to how many people have covid immunity. If we take the number of dead, divide by 0.01, and add the number vaccinated, the USA is over 66% immune which is within the range for covid (60-75%)

              So I’m very unconcerned in regards to antivaxxers. If they want to not wear a mask, let them.

              That being said, I’m very happy with the reduction in overall sickness due to people actually sanitizing things


              • Originally posted by ddriver View Post
                Yep, the government is altruistically dedicated to saving lives. Why is that so hard to get?

                That's why it allows the fast food industry to kill in excess of 500k Americans EVERY YEAR by means of processed foods that are freely available to buy everywhere, and parents shove down their kids throats..

                Again - every year, not this one time covid thing.

                Government save lives! Me so smart - just jab me with everything you've got to offer.
                I think this does a pretty good job of summarizing the hardcore anti-vax mindset. They don't trust government or big pharma, so they look for anything they can use as an excuse to reaffirm that mistrust. Even if I point out that processed food is a manageable risk and banning it would be politically impractical, people like ddriver would just move onto some other point.

                You can argue on the facts, but that's a losing battle. It really comes down to whatever their underlying reason is for rejecting them, in the first place.


                • Originally posted by microcode View Post
                  Well, the plan was to send them in the first place. The previous President ordered enough doses to vaccinate all the adults in the country, but the remaining capacity was explicitly meant for export.
                  No, he didn't. Under Operation Warp Speed, Trump ordered 50 million doses from each of 6 different producers (each two of which pursuing a different technology). Of those, only 2 received a green light from the FDA (Pfizer chose not to take part in Warp Speed). This wasn't a surprise, as the whole point of having such diversity of producers and technologies was to maximize the likelihood of a couple successes, given the relatively high chances of failure. So, the only way that we'd have close to enough vaccine for everyone is if all of them came through, which wasn't even expected.

                  Furthermore, when Pfizer approached the US and offered to pre-sell more doses, with payment contingent on successful delivery, the Trump administration declined the offer. This was different from the Operation Warp Speed doses, where producers got paid up front, regardless of whether they succeeded. They literally turned down a risk-free chance to secure more doses!

                  One of the first things that Biden had to do, upon entering office, was to frantically negotiate more supply. It was widely-reported. He also used the Defense Production Act to further accelerate production.

                  Edit: another thing Trump didn't do was join COVAX, which would have been the easy and obvious thing to do, if he were serious about providing doses to the developing world.

                  Originally posted by microcode View Post
                  As for vaccinating people who don't want to be vaccinated, there are literally millions of people here who will use force to resist that, myself included. The state has no right to do this, and will be met with force.
                  They've always said there will be no such Federal mandate, so relax. You have nothing to fear but the virus. And if you saw what's been happening in India, that should be more than enough.
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                  • Originally posted by piorunz View Post
                    here is the UK government source:

                    That's vaccines adverse reactions database for the UK. I've compiled some data from it for AstraZeneca vaccine:

                    AstraZeneca :695k reactions from 189k people, 831 fatalities
                    What you're missing is the baseline rate of those same effects, as many of them cannot be specifically attributed to the vaccine. You have to subtract off that baseline, before you can estimate the elevated risk.

                    These are the kinds of things experts look at, when doing risk assessments of new drugs and vaccines.

                    Originally posted by piorunz View Post
                    General disorders 222k (291 fatal)
                    Nervous system disorders 150k (146 fatal)
                    Muscle & tissue disorders 85k (1 fatal)
                    Gastrointestinal disorders 69k (11 fatal)
                    Skin disorders 42k (1 fatal)
                    Respiratory disorders 22.5k (107 fatal)
                    Infections 14700 (70 fatal)
                    Psychiatric disorders 14000 (3 fatal)
                    Eye disorders 11000 (0 fatal)
                    Vascular disorders 9500 (50 fatal)
                    Metabolic disorders 7700 (7 fatal)
                    Ear disorders 7200 (0 fatal)
                    Cardiac disorders 7200 (110 fatal)
                    Injuries 6200 (2 fatal)
                    Blood disorders 6000 (8 fatal)
                    (list goes on like this for

                    That's complications (and deaths) reported after taking an AstraZeneca vaccine. And remember, you have 99.9944% survival rate if you are in 30-39 age group. Read, and weight your risks.
                    But that's a double standard. Even excluding the issue of baseline risk, you're looking at adverse effects over all age ranges -- not just your demographic. You can't really judge the relative risks unless you look at the elevated risk of the vaccine, in your age range.

                    There are two other aspects you're overlooking:
                    • non-fatal, long-term complications of Covid-19
                    • the benefits of herd immunity -- I'm sure you'd rather not be a virus transmission vector, so that should carry some weight?


                    • Originally posted by microcode View Post
                      There are other ways to avoid being a viral vector,
                      Yes, like the ones many of us have been following. Unfortunately, most of the ant-vaxers also seem to be anti-maskers, and don't seem to be terribly fond of social distancing.