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OpenBLAS Deciding Whether To Drop Support For Russia's Elbrus CPUs

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    Originally posted by caligula View Post
    I can only tell the world was less global those days. Our family didn't travel by plane (we didn't even have passports or international credit cards). I didn't have internet access at home in 1990s. Newspapers didn't write much about foreign politics. The regional newspaper had like 1-2 pages worth of content about the state of the whole world. Now compare that to 2022. I can't easily find any place where the (social) media doesn't cover this topic. Even when browsing porn or cat pictures, you'll encounter pics of slaughtered people, explosions, and tanks. Kids who just started going to school last fall wonder if the bodies in Tiktok videos are really dead.

    Let's be honest, most people consider those to be ultimate shit hole countries. Low GDP, you rarely see tourism originating from those countries, the people look ugly and poor, don't have cell phones or computers. Really hard to relate to anyone living on the other side of the globe. Due to all these conflicts it's not even safe to travel there. I could imagine Georgia attending the Eurovision song contest, but I don't watch television, barely know some ABBAs songs from 1970s.
    So lets bomb people from amazonia?
    Listen i bnelieve peopel in this forum are good folks, i honestly do, but as being mostly Ukranian/Russian i see things from perspective of Russian who grew up and matured outside of Russia. lets jsut say, i dont like this war. hate it every day. But i understand WHY it happened. I dont justify Putin but i am tired of self righteousness sand bullshit from west.


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      Originally posted by tuxd3v View Post
      This may very well can be the end of open-source as we know it..
      It won't, but I have wondered about whether people would start trying to block China from other open source projects. That'll just mean they fork off in their own direction.

      That's why I wouldn't support generic action against Russian or Chinese contributors. That this specific issue involves Russian military-oriented tech makes it hopefully something of a special case. Otherwise, we could indeed have more balkanization of the software ecosystem (to use a somewhat apt analogy).


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        Originally posted by coder View Post
        In the 19th and 20th Centuries, there were examples of this throughout the colonized world. There will always be some who, for various reasons, are willing to fight for their foreign occupiers. It doesn't mean the occupation is legitimate or just.
        I can only assume, but you were not in the "occupied" Crimea, and expresses your point of view only on the basis of information from the source you trust.

        Tell me, honestly, should the occupiers build houses? Should bridges be built? Should new roads be built? Builds of an electrical station in these occupied territories? Create an infrastructure for people who have been "occupied"? Do you have the opportunity to compare, based on your experience, how it was before the occupation and how it became after? Did you personally communicate with people before the occupation and the territory and after? Or are you impressed only from your trusted sources of information?

        I really hope that you deeply studied the issue before drawing any conclusions.


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          Originally posted by dimko View Post
          And there are examples of EU and US calling people who fight for independence, who are not convenient to them, separatists, and who convenient, freedom fighters.
          I think the difference has a lot to do with the government in question. If it's democratically-elected and not perpetrating crimes against humanity, then they're likely to be seen as separatists, not freedom fighters.

          Originally posted by dimko View Post
          Point is, learn about history of ukrain from perspective of Russian Ukrainian, or better yet, from some one from Crimea. You will have some food for thoughts.
          I know a Russian-speaking guy from Odessa and I worked with another (but forget what part he's from). You think there aren't Ukrainians everywhere?

          For that matter, I work/worked with about a dozen Russian ex-pats.


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            Originally posted by dimko View Post
            But i understand WHY it happened.
            I think we all do.

            Originally posted by dimko View Post
            I dont justify Putin but i am tired of self righteousness sand bullshit from west.
            That's what they want. Label everyone else as hypocrites and then Putin can get away with whatever he wants.

            I mean, what's the alternative? Just have nobody say or do anything? You're not being realistic. Nobody in Europe wants this, not least because they see themselves somewhere further down the menu.


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              Originally posted by Danny3 View Post
              Just stop supporting any Russia based project!
              They chose to put a bad person as president and allowed him to invade another country and kill a lot of innocent people.
              Fuck Russia's war!
              Limiting this to Russia is somewhat double standards. Should be for every country. And who's "bad" should be decided by the United Nations General Assembly.


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                Originally posted by tuxd3v
                For what I understand they are not being rained, because Russian troops are not there to kill civilians.
                Russian troops went there to kill nazis( only the nazis..not civilians ).
                That's a fictional distinction. When everybody is trying to defend their home from an invading army, they all become the enemy.

                Originally posted by tuxd3v
                But this conflict is majority created by the neo-Nazis groups, and that's why Russia only want to target them.
                Russia is not interested in attack peaceful people in Ukraine..
                That's 100% not what's happening. Russia is intent on conquering it. All of it.


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                  Originally posted by coder View Post
                  They just took the messaging from NATO's actions against Serbia and superimposed it on Georgia. That doesn't make it true.

                  As for why they didn't manufacture an independence referendum, like they did in Crimea, I guess they hadn't yet become so bold.

                  Yes, Saudi Arabia has extremists, but that is a problem they "manage". The US has relations with Saudi Arabia going back a long ways, and I suppose the judgment was that the Saudi's were better-positioned to manage their own extremists, whereas if the US tried to do anything, it would create blow-back far worse than the original problem. At least, that's my read on the situation.

                  I can't really defend the US relationship with Saudi Arabia, to be honest. It's always been problematic, even long before MBS.

                  IMO, the best way to deal with the Saudi's is the same as how we should deal with Putin and climate change, and that's to transition off fossil fuels as fast as absolutely possible. These petty tyrants are nothing without their extractive industries. Oil wealth is what lets them punch above their weight.

                  If you truly wish the best for Ukrainians, then hope for a ceasefire. Otherwise, there won't be much left of Ukraine.

                  Did NATO get involved in any of Turkey's conflicts? No. So, it's not that automatic.
                  "As for why they didn't manufacture an independence referendum, like they did in Crimea, I guess they hadn't yet become so bold." -why not do it after or before Crimea. Abhazia is smaller, would be good testing ground.
                  "that's my read on the situation." -its correct. But you still went for sovereign country. How is russia different in this regards? Now two wrongs don't make it right, but one of my points, every time US fucks someone in middle east or someone friendly to Russia, what are they supposed to think? That their turn is not coming?

                  Ukrain will not be hard fucked by Russians. You don't fight to kill your younger smaller brother, even if he is stubborn one. Imagine Modern war between US and Canada. There will be minimal amount of atrocities and civilian deaths. (albeit you have to remember, this is not enclave of sheep hurders Russia fights, they fight more or less modern educated army, so shit will unavoidably happen)

                  I only hope that there can be diplomatic resolution before conclusion of this war. Russia wont hold Ukraine. That much i know. Partizans have good history in both countries since second world war.


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                    Originally posted by Old Nobody View Post
                    Limiting this to Russia is somewhat double standards. Should be for every country. And who's "bad" should be decided by the United Nations General Assembly.
                    I think you missed a nuance that it's not because it's Russian that they're proposing to remove it. It's because it's primarily Russian military tech, and they don't want to support what the Russian military doing.


                    • Originally posted by F.Ultra View Post
                      Neither EU nor the US invaded Yugoslavia.
                      ho yes they did..