NVIDIA's Jetson AGX Xavier Carmel Performance vs. Low-Power x86 Processors
Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 9 February 2019. Page 4 of 6. 23 Comments

In the GraphicsMagick operations that scale well with OpenMP, the Xavier came out in front but in the less thread-happy scenarios lost out to the Intel x86_64 U-series processors.

The Himeno pressure solver that benefits a lot from AVX extensions easily was the fastest on the tested U-series CPUs with AVX2.

But back in the case of 7-Zip where it will scale well to dozens of CPU cores, the NVIDIA Carmel CPUs on Xavier performed the best of the tested hardware. The older Jetson TX2 was in line with the Intel Celeron J3455 performance.

The hand-tuned Assembly asmFish chess benchmark also ran the fastest on Xavier of the tested platforms.

When it came to timing the LLVM compilation on each platform, the AGX Xavier's build performance was between the Core i7 4600U Haswell and Core i5 7500U Kabylake.

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