ZFS On Linux With Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 27 June 2012. Page 2 of 4. 41 Comments

The first test is of the Flexible I/O Tester. This testing is mainly for the SSD since from the HDD the test was taking dramatically longer to complete. For FIO, the fastest file-system was actually LLNL's ZFS! However, by the margins that ZFS was faster, one would have to wonder whether it is properly synchronizing to the disk. ZFS took just 70 seconds to complete the test while EXT4 required 300 seconds and Btrfs was up at 676 seconds for the OCZ solid-state drive.

When running FS-Mark with 1000 files of 1MB size, the numbers are more appropriate for both the HDD and SSD. For the solid-state drive on the Intel Ivy Bridge system the ZFS file-system was faster than Btrfs (36 Files/s vs. 27 Files/s) while EXT4 was the fastest at 59 Files/s. For the HDD, however, ZFS was the fastest achieving 20 Files/s ahead of the 13~15 Files/s of the native Linux file-systems.

When it came to running FS-Mark with four threads from the two single-disk configurations, LLNL's ZFS was the slowest for the SSD and nearly the slowest for the HDD.

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