Cincoze GM-1000 - A Rugged, GPU-Focused, Fan-Less Industrial Computer
Written by Michael Larabel in Computers on 3 November 2020. Page 2 of 4. 18 Comments

The Cincoze GM-1000 arrived pre-loaded with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and no Linux hardware compatibility troubles were hit, which isn't much of a surprise though considering the older Intel Coffee Lake platform and making use of the NVIDIA proprietary graphics driver. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS was running well on the hardware but for the purposes of our performance comparison we opted to move it ahead to Ubuntu 20.10 for a bleeding-edge Linux experience with this Taiwanese industrial PC. Ubuntu 20.10 with Linux 5.8 had no issues on the system and was running well.

For gauging the overall system and thermal performance of the Cincoze GM-1000, some benchmarks were run against a few other industrial PCs in our lab including the OnLogic Karbon 700, CompuLab Airtop, and CompuLab Airtop 3.

All four of these industrial, fan-less PCs were running Ubuntu 20.10 with the Linux 5.8 kernel. Nearly 200 benchmarks (193 to be exact) were run on the four systems for looking at their performance. During the benchmarking process the CPU temperature was also being monitored for a look at how well these different setups.

First up were some Vulkan compute tests looking at the performance for the deep learning tests using the NCNN framework. The GM-1000 with the Quadro P2000 Pascal GPU performed in line with what was expected. The Airtop 3 to no surprise was delivering much stronger performance with its Quadro RTX 4000.

In CPU-based benchmarks the GM-1000 came roughly in line with the OnLogic Karbon 700 with its Xeon E-2278GEL. The Airtop 3 with the Xeon E-2288G with 8 cores / 16 threads was leading the race. Granted, keep in mind the Karbon 700 and GM-1000 can also be configured with higher-end processors as well, so take these results for reference purposes. The original Airtop with Broadwell CPU is intended for reference purposes.

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