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While fully built retail machines are not our main focus at Phoronix, after learning of a new contender in the Linux HTPC arena we decided to further investigate LIX Systems. Today we are looking at a moderately priced Home Theater PC that has everything pre-configured to hopefully begin a smooth Linux media experience. LIX Systems' mission is to provide customers with easy to setup, ready-to-run, Linux PC solutions while also maintaining support for Windows users. LIX Systems' sister site is Linux Tech Toys. The HTPC we have in our labs today is the LX8100-AM2BB-M2NPV. This system uses AMD's Socket AM2, ships in an exclusive Lx8100 enclosure, and comes with a Philips TV tuner and radio capture card.

LIX Systems is based out of California, United States but they do presently ship their products to 15 different countries (we will talk more on the pricing and shipping later on in the article). At the time of writing there are four distinct base models. Three of these are barebone systems while one of them is the complete system. LIX Systems will also have additional models coming out in the future, which we will discuss later on in this article with exclusive details. These systems are AMD-based (Socket 939 and AM2) and rely largely upon NVIDIA integrated graphics. All of these systems are built custom for the user and are not made elsewhere. At the time of purchasing, the user also has the ability to configure a number of components. Some of the available options include a wide variety of color acrylic frontplates (wood frontplates will be available soon), LCDs and VFDs, variety of remote control possibilities, and the usual array of CPU/HDD/DVD options.

Something interesting LIX Systems has done is begun to sponsor Linux media projects, such as those developing KnoppMyth and the Debian User Community Project. LIX Systems hopes to sponsor one LX8100 system per month. For more information, or to apply your project for sponsorship consideration, visit the LIX Systems website.

For clarification purposes, we had received the HTPC from LIX Systems free of charge; however, the processing of the unit was filed as any customer would. Those assembling and configuring the unit were not made aware that this unit would be used for review purposes.

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