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Fedora Linux 40 Cleared For Release Next Week

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    I think I am becoming a Fedora convert after so many years with Ubuntu and Slackware before that. Even those early years, I had a dislike about Red Hat, that is why I went with Ubuntu. Ubuntu has been good, and I don't even remember now why I didn't like Red Hat.

    I think, I am on Fedora now. This is mainly because Fedora switched to GCC 14 and Plasma 6 before Ubuntu. I will be building my custom kernel on GCC 14 next. It is going to be fun.

    I must say, Plasma 6 is boring ... ly perfect. I knew it already though.


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      Originally posted by ezhan View Post
      When will be solved main Linux Deskrop problems as:



      You can't use CTRL-Shift and Alt-Shift for keyboard layout changing.
      As shortcuts in different languages do not work as well.
      GNOME: Alt+Shift is usable with extension "RX Input Layout Switcher" (for Ctrl+Shift see information here). I'd also recommend installing "Primary Input on LockScreen".
      KDE Plasma: wait for version 6.1 ("Enhance modifier-only shortcuts").


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        Originally posted by Malsabku View Post
        Also on Silverblue the addition of codecs is very problematic and can break the system.

        Fedora would be the perfect distro without these codec issues.
        More like "it can break updates". I remember not so long ago Fedora Workstation users reported about broken systems due to some version mismatches between RPMFusion and main repository packages. At that time I also had RPMFusion packages installed and didn't even noticed that (due to package conflicts image wasn't built and I just used some older version until it was fixed).
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          Well, it was not as hard as was afraid of. I will be using Fedora from now on.

          - More recent versions of Plasma and GCC. I hate building KDE or using Neon with older Ubuntu base.
          - Building custom kernel and making rpm packages were not that different than deb packages on Ubuntu. I am running the same kernel configuration I use on Ubuntu with just EFI_HANDOVER and RD_GZIP

          - Btrfs, which I replaced with ext4
          - default partitioning is a bit more complicated than just two partitions for EFI and root. I was able to make it simple like that without any problem.

          The rest is Linux as we all know, other than rpm vs. deb.


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            Originally posted by slalomsk8er View Post

            So, if somebody doesn't have the same tastes as you, and speak up, they're callous people without talent?

            The use of perspective alone would send my last art teacher on an epic rant
            BTW, this doesn't mean, you're not allowed to like it.
            Then make your best alternate version of wallpaper, post here and let the viewers criticize. Deal?


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              Fedora = Bring new broken stuff + Remove stuff people like it + Fix issues people hate it + Introduce a lot of new issues to keep themselves busy


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                BTW. I like new Fedora wallpaper.


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                  Lots of updates today. I didn't expect it when the release is around the corner.


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                    Originally posted by cynic View Post

                    It's not like you're imposed to use a particolar distro with a particular DE.
                    Moreover, freedom of choice is for developers too: they should be free to develop what they want in the way they want
                    This seems obvious to me, but they were talking about how stupid it is for some to put icons on the desktop and I gave my point of view. Gnome is free to make its own choices and I'm free to use anything else. But don't make users who don't appreciate Gnome guidelines look stupid.‚Äč


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                      Originally posted by mrg666 View Post
                      I think I am becoming a Fedora convert after so many years with ...
                      Same here. I'm distro hopping like hell. Ubuntu, Arch, Catchy, FreeBSD, etc. etc. But I've never tried Fedora (at least I don't remember) until recently. F39 is actually nice and totally usable. I expect the same from F40.