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Google Devs Call Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Unstable, Nouveau Blacklisted By Chrome

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    Originally posted by linner View Post
    Nouveau and all of the AMD drivers suck hard-core, practically unusable. The nVIdia proprietary driver is not perfect but it's the best thing out there and always has been.
    not when you want to put linux on 4 year old pc, with equally old nvidia card. it works well on windows, because nvidia driver still works there. nouveau is just too slow even on nvidia hardware that old.


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      Good job, I hope others will do the same. Nouveau has caused many problems on multiple NV108 (GK208) and one NV138 (GP108) card. The cards are mostly used for web browsing and coding. I blacklisted nouveau in favour of software rendering for all the systems. No more system crashes was experienced, but not exactly smooth sailing due to software rendering being painfully slow in some cases. Buying cheap resulted in being expensive to maintain, I won't make this mistake again.

      I have not had any problems the past 4 years with open source AMD and Intel drivers. No problems with proprietary drivers in Windows for AMD and Nvidia either. I was lucky enough to miss Nvidia Driver 364.47 update that effected some people I know.

      Google's top suggestion/autocomplete to "modprobe blacklist" is "modprobe blacklist nouveau"


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        Originally posted by Anvil View Post
        it'll alwaysd be unstable, so will the opensource ATI driver but then i could go further, the closed source drivers will always be unstable to,

        You have no idea what you're talking about, AMDGPU has been solid.
        I have a Radeon Pro WX 5100, in my Fedora workstation, and it's been pretty awesome.
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          Originally posted by ihatemichael

          Others won't do the same mistake, and you are a fucking moron.
          Are you going through a difficult phase in life? Can I help you in anyway?