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Google Devs Call Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Unstable, Nouveau Blacklisted By Chrome

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    Originally posted by linner View Post

    I'm using it right now and there is a flickering checkerboard glitching square about 200x200 pixels on two of my monitors. This machine also has a nVIdia card driving two other monitors, everything perfect there.

    About 5 minutes ago a Windows VM using a passthrough AMD GPU just bluescreened running some simple OpenGL code I'm working on. I've rebooted the same machine with a nVidia card passed through, works great. AMD sucks.
    Section "Device"
    Identifier "AMD"
    Driver "amdgpu"
    Option "TearFree" "true"

    Give that a whirl.


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      Originally posted by Azrael5 View Post
      Nouveau stands still to 30 opengl. It's a shame!


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        Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

        Proprietary drivers sucks, you need to patch for new kernels or wait several weeks, no easy way to roll back, no X running while installing, no way to fix bugs by yourself. AMD open source drivers runs fine and beats nvidia blobs, see phoronix benchmarks.
        Sure, with AMD opensource driver you just need to wait several weeks, then to compile amd's wip kernel from developer's git and download some firmwares from unknown ftps and noone wil guide you during process. Looks like you have a memory of goldfish.


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          I guess this decision is based on outdated open source drivers used in the Google Linux distro used internally within the company.

          Sure Nouveau is unstable on some hardware, but then there are a lot of driver bug workarounds that they've added for Android, Windows, Mac OS etc. sometimes even for specific hardware and devices, specific driver versions. So it's not like they can't do that for Nouveau (or accept contributions for the same).


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            Originally posted by ThoreauHD View Post
            Watching a ChiCom at Google blacklist the only open source video driver platform is so deliciously fantastic that it might actually wake up a few lefties for once. How's that CoC taste now?
            Can you rephrase it with more racism?


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              Originally posted by linner View Post
              Is Wayland more stable that X? I'm running it on X and it glitches out all the time.
              Wayland as a protocol is stable and Gnome using it via toolkit. Only applications need take advantage of that protocol otherwise runs via xwayland. Firefox on Wayland of Fedora (also Nightly Firefox) from which I use runs smoothly with graphics compositing set to OpenGL instead of basic and fully supports touchscreen.

              For example I have to restart Firefox several times a day because the graphics start glitching all over the screen. My nVidia machines running the nVidia driver never have anything like that.
              It appears your graphic card is dying due to possibly overheating from mining and needs replacement.


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                Originally posted by sandy8925 View Post
                I guess this decision is based on outdated open source drivers used in the Google Linux distro used internally within the company.
                It is not it seems Just that some users are fine with corruptions, while others are not

                This issue has nothing to do with chromium as it happens all the time with any 3D gfx in a DE. This is not a new Nouveau issue and has been plaguing the OSS driver for many many many many years. Completely reproducible on a GTX460 and a GTX 750 Ti. Please remove the blacklist as all Nouveau users expect this corrupted behaviour. If at all possible it may be worthwhile to let users know it doesn’t have to be this bad if they flip to the binary driver. Perhaps a pop up letting them know?

                That sounds like - some users like vsync off tearing while other don't so we can't judge there or is this worse than that?. So seems here some like to ignore nouveau corruptions while some don't

                Some hate tearing, others hate stutter and then judder... I know some hate vsync because of possible stutter/judder...etc.

                But first time i see that some user is fine and expect corruptions. If he is developer then that would be OK, but user to be fine with corruptions i dunno...

                Well, not ALL nouveau users expect corruptions... some seems like to file bugs about that at wrong places
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                  by the time nouveau supports clock adjustment on maxwell, we'll already be using the rtx 5080 ti... so yeah, nouveau sucks. either open source the drivers completely or go back to binary drivers.


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                    Missing automatic power management on hardware which doesn't need signed firmware is my only gripe with nouveau. Why not finish PM support on these hardware? it would make a lot of nvidia gpu users happy for sure, not like everyone already migrated to maxwell+ gpus.


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                      Originally posted by ihatemichael View Post
                      Chromium is spyware made by fascists. I'll never use that crap again.
                      Google Chrome. What else are you going to use to watch youtubes vp8/vp9 codecs? H264ify does not cut it. Firefox can't handle youtube, unless you love stuttering. There is plenty to not like about Chrome but it has its uses.