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  • Did any of you tried `thermald` ( with GL720ZC? If yes what distribution and kernel you use, which modules are needed and what's your config?


    • Originally posted by tocsa View Post
      Could you elaborate on your solution about this vfio? What modules and packages do you use? Could you list some links?
      This one was pretty easy: i used YuriAlek's solution that he created and shared in reddit and gitlab.
      You can find my thread there at the end of the post.
      I've installed fresh antergos with both latest kernel and software and haven't made any special tuning.
      Solution worked flawlessly from kernel 4.19 to 4.20 and with Windows 10 ltsb 2016 as a guest.
      Latest check was made using software:
      Linux Distro: Antergos Linux
      Linux Kernel: 4.20.0
      QEMU version: 3.1.0-1
      OVMF version: r24601
      libvirt 4.9.0-1
      Originally posted by tocsa View Post
      Is it possible to underclock besides undervolt?
      That's what i want to find out.
      I know that we can do almost everything with our laptop in Windows (in a good and a bad way) and a disappointing part is that i haven't found a working solution to do the same in Linux. Even NBFC setup that i have used in windows gives me a bad results here.

      It's not a fair compare because in Windows i've downvolted and downclocked cpu to stable 1.6GHz with 0.625v at P0 state using AsusZenstates; downvolted gpu via MSI Afterburner with value -83mv and overclocked memory to 2050MHz; and downvolted memory to 0.8v via RyzenMaster. In idle state i had temperature below 40*, as low as ~30* for gpu. You can check my post in NotebookReview related thead.

      Finally, amdgpu strangely controls gpu fan - when i fully load gpu my cpu fan is working at around 40%-50% speed with fine-tuned curve via NBFC, but gpu fan is far below that value. I haven't tuned both cpu and gpu fans as my current setup was working fine in Windows and left them in asynchronous mode as i was able to control them independently - CPU fan via Notebook Fan Control and GPU fan via Asus Gaming Center. Now i can only dream about that.

      Is there a hope?


      • Originally posted by tocsa View Post

        Does Acer have any 17" laptop with desktop Ryzen 7? Sorry for the off-topic.
        Yes, there is Acer Predator Helios 500 with AMD Ryzen 7 2700 and AMD RX Vega 56


        • Originally posted by amdz3n View Post

          Yes, there is Acer Predator Helios 500 with AMD Ryzen 7 2700 and AMD RX Vega 56
          Suweeet! It's always good to have a backup plan.


          • Update on my RMA Repair Status:
            "Thanks for your inquiry! Your product is Out of Warranty or judged as customer induced damage(CID). It should be paid for repair. Service center will contact you with further quotation within 3 days."

            I didn't not include my SSD, because it's too valuable and I need it for my work every single day as a software engineer. I'm willing to pay extra. But the low-baller move seems to emerge: the repair center try to claim water damage. Now the problem is that I purchased this laptop as new from ExcaliberPC (my Clevo P570WM and my MSI GT80 Titan I both purchased used), so I can say it with 100% certainty I never spilled any drink on it. I never gave it to anyone else than me, and I know I never spilled.

            On one photo the 2.5" bay is visible. You can see the remainder of the adhesive which held the tracker device in. Although this laptop is less expensive than an SLI workstation laptop, 1.5 grand is still big money, worth a tracker. Obviously I removed the tracker before shipping.
            Another photo shows the heatpipe area. I'm not sure what's the point there, but if it's that the heat paste is overflowing a little, that should not be a problem. I intentionally ordered it from ExcaliberPC, because I knew for a memory upgrade you need to remove the whole heatpipe assembly. So ExcaliberPC did the upgrade to 32GB.
            There are two more photos. One shows a corner, that might be the other side of the HDD bay and there's more adhesive there? I don't see any water damage (it would be surprising anyway). And there's no electronics there either. Maybe it's that the M.2 is removed as well.
            Only one photo I can see maybe something and that's that connector. It seem like there some fading there. The repair center better not claim a water damage for that.

            I'm curious about opinions.
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            • Let me know if you don't see all the photos. I took some photos in advance (some when removing the SSD and the tracker before shipping, and some photos are after purchase when I added the tracker) BTW, because I was curious to see if there will be any mobo change or memory stays the same. Maybe these photos will be life saver with this CID shenanigan now. Also let me know if this is too off-topic and I should quit updates about it.
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              • Sorry to hear of your troubles with the GL702ZC. I know first hand that Asus support can be irritating. It might seem off topic, but I think your posts are relevant to current as well as prospective owners.

                I nearly bought this laptop, and I'm so glad I built a desktop instead. Linux issues, trackpad issues, freezes/reboots... I sure don't need those!


                • I had to RMA my laptop to Asus also and they also claimed it was user damaged even though the issue I had was widely reported on the Asus forums (fan never goes below 6k RPM even in the BIOS).

                  I paid anyway, or rather the insurance I got on it did, and when I got the laptop back they had used the wrong screws damaging the case and there's something rattling around inside the case now.

                  So now the laptop is on it's third trip back to Asus having been out of my possession since the start of the year...

                  I'd strongly recommend against buying any Asus laptop again. I sure never will again.


                  • tocsa, sure keep us informed.

                    TMM_, I am sorry to hear for your troubles.

                    The thing is all of those big companies simply do not care about the end customer's experience. They just switch customers unhappy from other companies. If you go to each brand's forums ... it is full of statements like "never again MSI", "no more Acer" etc.
                    You (and me) will not trust again Asus but next Asus buyers will be for example pissed Lenovo users and so on. It is really sad.

                    ASUS, release unlocked BIOS for GL702ZC with wide support of memory clocks and next gen Ryzen support. IS IT SO HARD TO SUPPORT YOUR OWN PRODUCT AND TO EARN LOYAL CUSTOMERS?

                    Recently, I got the idle state freezes (or reboots) like twice a day. It is so frustrating. I will be grateful if someone point me what kernel options to try exactly in order to end this?
                    Debian 4.19.13-1~mx17+1


                    • Originally posted by amdz3n View Post
                      ASUS, release unlocked BIOS for GL702ZC with wide support of memory clocks and next gen Ryzen support. IS IT SO HARD TO SUPPORT YOUR OWN PRODUCT AND TO EARN LOYAL CUSTOMERS?
                      I hope you get it, but I really wouldn't hold my breath.

                      I had an older Asus G series laptop with 2GB RAM. But the hardware supported 4GB RAM. I tried upgrading and 3GB were recognized in BIOS, but not 4GB. When I asked Asus support, they simply stated that my model had support for max 2GB RAM, as indicated in the product specification page. They didn't bother with making a BIOS, or updating it, to support the full capabilities of the model they sold, never mind unlocking new functionality... So I wouldn't get my hopes up.

                      I was always frustrated by that "missing" 1GB RAM that I could have been using, but at least it didn't have freezes or reboots.

                      Now I always brace for frustration when dealing with support from just about any company. The answers are typically the same.